Monday 7 May 2012

UMNO's Gutter Politics: Using an Opposition Leader's Mother for Political Point-Scoring


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 Responding to the interview of his mother Che Tom Yahaya in Umno-linked TV channel TV3 over the weekend, PKR deputy president Azmin Ali wants Umno to stop dragging her into its dirty politics.

Unfazed by the onslaught against his personal life, Azmin (below) pledged to fight against the “ugly politics” nourished by Umno and its media.

azmin ali parliament pc 240609“I call on media not to disturb my mother and Umno not to drag my mother into Umno’s dirty and disgusting politics.Family institution including family relationships should be harmonised and not disgraced in the media,” he said in a statement today.

“I always love and care for my mother and father. I still pray that my mother always remains in the protection of Allah, receives His mercy and in good health.

“I still love and respect my mother. I am also thankful to be awarded a wife, Shida, who is loyal, and children who understand this noble struggle,” he said.

Despite the slander from Umno, Azmin stressed that he will focus on his duty as PKR’s election director to face the 13th general election.

In the past one week, Azmin has been the target of character assassination by Umno’s media.

One FB-owner commented:

 A dastardly act by an UMNO-owned TV. It is simply unbelievable that this UMNO-led Govt could even allow itself to STOOP SO LOW to bring a MOTHER of an Opposition MP to front the TV to score political points. Any decent Malaysian who values the integrity of the family-institution will find this action as UNACCEPTABLE on ANY account.

PM Najib and Rais Yatim must stand fully responsible for this unacceptable behavior. This is a ruling party which had been in Govt for over 50 years and acted without a decent conscience. Truly, THIS Govt is scrapping the bottom of the barrel to remain in power.

Surely, it remains to be asked: Do the ruling parties of the day deserve to be still in Govt- for bringing in the mother of a Opposition political leader to score political points? I just can't believe it, for a Govt which aims to be a civilised and developed nation by 2020 among the international community, to allow this to happen at all.

Disgusting, to say the least!!!!!

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