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  February 3, 2014


Fabio Flor De Azavedo, a professional footballer for T-Team, today lodged a police report against the Johor FA president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim for allegedly threatening to kill him during the half-time break in the match between Johor JDT and T-Team last weekend at the Larkin Stadium, in Johor.

In the police report lodged at the Kuala Terengganu police station this morning, the 33-year-old defender from Brazil said Tunku Ismail approached him during the interval of the match and threatened to kill the defender.

 “As I was walking with my teammates during the break to the changing room, the Johor FA president came and said f*** you Brazil, I’ll kill you, this is my country,” he said in the police report.

 Azadevo claimed that he replied by saying: “Why do you want to kill me, I come to play football”.

At this juncture T-Team CEO Abdul Rasid Jusoh intervened and pulled Fabio away into the dressing room, he stated in the police report. According to earlier news reports, Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) head coach Cesar Jimenez had a spat with one of T-Team coaching staff.

The argument continued and players and staff from both teams stepped in and the argument continued inside the tunnel leading to the changing rooms. T-Team refused to take the pitch, after the interval, in fear of safety and the match was eventually abandoned. Terengganu police are mum on the police report.

The second round FA Cup match between the two teams at the Tan Sri Hassan Yunos Stadium in Larkin tonight has been postponed to a later date. Match commissioner Zainal Mukri said the decision was taken after T-Team refused to continue playing the second half for safety reasons.

JDT was leading 2-1 in the first half, thanks to the goals scored by their Argentine striker, Luciano Figueroa in the 15th and 20th minute. T-Team also known as the Titans managed to reduce the goal deficit through a free-kick scored by the team captain, Marzuki Yusoff.

Two more assaulted 

 Meanwhile, FMT also managed to obtain a report by the T-Team management on the incident

A state government source said that the report was supposed to be included with an official police report but was later withdrawn for unknown reasons.

In the report, T-Team management officials said that T-Team forward Evaldo Rodrigues Goncalves Cardoso was punched in the face by the Johor FA President while T-Team’s fitness coach Stefano Impagliazzo was kicked in the groin by one of the president’s bodyguards.

 “At about 9.40pm during the break, at the tunnel Evaldo was punched in the face by Johor FA President while our fitness coach was kicked in the groin by one of his bodyguards. 

“The incident left Evaldo with a bleeding nose and a bruised eye. Stefano sustained severe pain at his groin.

“Due to the unwanted incident we decided not to go on with the second half match,” said the officials in the report.


Anonymous said...

conduct unbecoming?

Anonymous said...

Constitutional Monarchy? Feudal Sultanate? Pirate Kingdom?

Unknown said...

Once a while, the keturunan Bugis Lanun, will surface in this Johore royalty (reminiscent of his Datuk) leading to the Immunity Act of 1993. then a man died being shot that went uncharged/unpunished during the former Sultan Tngku Bendahara stint. Then another was beaten with a golf stick in KL, when he was an Agong!
No fear, such acts can be sued and charged in court for compensation etc - as the Act has yet to be tested!
This IS NO longer feudal Malaysia! The Crown Prince is nothing just a normal and powerless man

Anonymous said...

FAM must take action against the Johor Crown Prince. Ban for life! No more football for him. Also all royalties should stay out of any organization if they cannot be criticized.

Anonymous said...

Berani kerana ada bodyguard. Kalau sendiri belum tahu. Agak hairan kerana the mother seems to be very good lady n writes well.

Anonymous said...

Berani kerana ada bodyguard. Kalau sendiri belum tahu. Agak hairan kerana the mother seems to be very good lady n writes well.

Anonymous said...

Ban the samsengs from the game. Especially the taiko samseng.

sri hartamas

Anonymous said...

Are we a feudal state or a constitutional monarchy?