Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Allah Issue: The Verbal Diarrhoea Continues....Read Below

Read here the continuing polemics of blogger "Sakmongkol AK47" on the Allah issue, "The Syllogism of Allah"

The Polemics
Ad Nauseum of Blogger "Sakmongkol AK47"
" Like I said before, the issue hasn't died down. There is even a new twist to describe those who oppose the ruling of the court of first instance. These people are now called the mob.

Anything associated with the mob, should be discounted. As in mob rule. As in mob referring to the gangster. The term mob, in general is always associated with bad things.

Malaysians don't like bad things.

NH Chan, the former judge has employed a subtle and clever use of Syllogism. Let me try to illustrate this method of argument and see whether it makes sense.

All Muslims believe in Allah

All Christians believe in Allah who has a son named Jesus

Therefore All Muslims believe in Jesus as son of Allah.

Now, even using this kind of syllogism, we can already see that the meaning of Allah as used by Christians is not the same as when Muslims used Allah.

The law professor, Azmi is right; we cannot use legal precepts in debating the Allah issue. We must go back to the Holy Scriptures. For us Muslims we go back to the Quran. But we don't read the Quran as we do a story book.

Let us go a little farther. When we, confident people, who are not at all affected when other people of differing faiths use Allah, pass on, the next generation has fused within the religious melting pot.

Why not we call the Sunday church affair as solat hajat hari Ahad?

Or now call the church no longer gereja but masjid ? the great Cathedral in Rome shall be called Rumah Allah or even Kaabah?

From next year, all Hajj pilgrimage will be diverted to Rome, where there is also another Kaabah? "

- "Sakmongkol AK47"

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