Friday, 8 January 2010

Fire Bombings of Churches is An Act of Desperation by UMNO

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Christian Pastor Manhandled in Ampang
A pastor was manhandled by four men before they vandalised a church in Ampang at around 6.30pm on Friday. The men entered the Agape Revival Church located in a shoplot at Pandan Indah, Ampang and manhandled the priest before shoving him to the ground. The assailants then proceeded to damage a microphone before tearing down posters in the church and leaving.The police lodged a report on behalf of the pastor at the Pandan Indah police station.

Quran Handed to Caretaker in Kuala Selangor Christian Chapel
Meanwhile, in Kuala Selangor an unidentified man walked into a chapel near Asam Jawa and advised the caretaker to be wary during this tense period before handing him a copy of the Quran.It is learnt the incident occurred at about 6pm when the man met the Chapel Of Our Lady Of Good Health’s caretaker and passed him some advice meant for the parish priest.He advised the chapel's parish priest to take precautions as it was possible the chapel could become a victim of attacks similar to churches in Kuala Lumpur.Alan Pereira, the parish priest, said he took the man’s action in good faith and as a sign of friendship because the man had advised them to lock their gates and windows following the attacks made on other churches.“This shows that not everyone is against us,” he added. Read here for more

First, the carried a cow’s head in protesting the building of a Temple in Shah Alam.

Now they’re fire-bombing churches.

All in their desperate move to incite racial and religious tension among Malays.

UMNO is a bankrupt party. They have nothing to offer. They need sensitive issues like this just to remain relevant among the Malays. They also depend on sensitive issues such as these to prevent their own party from disintegrating.

The infighting in UMNO does not quell. It goes on and on and never stops. So, issues like these helps them to unite the party in the time of need. They are divided because each and every faction within UMNO needs to have a bigger bite at the country’s wealth. Therefore, their infighting will never cease, ever.

Inciting race riots in Malaysia has always been UMNO’s last resort.

They have been rejected in the last election and saved only by votes from rural Malays. And even then rural Malays voted BN because of the high prices of commodities i.e. rubber and palm-oil, not really because the rural Malays loved UMNO so much.

Now, their support among rural Malays have also dwindled. The price of commodity has gone down due to falling demand caused by the implosion of the US Economy. And UMNO knows that their rural malay ground is gradually shrinking.

So, in desperation they have resorted to making an issue out of the High Court’s recent decision to allow usage of the term “Allah” in The Herald’s publication. Yet, it is the same UMNO that has supported unislamic activities in Malaysia like gambling and liquor despite objections even from the Non Muslim communities.

UMNO’s constant accusation that Anwar has committed “buggery” is categorized by Islam as one of the “Major Sins”(akin to the 7 deadly sins). Is this the sign of a party that cares about Islam?

UMNO is not interested in preserving Islam.UMNO is only interested in preserving their grasp on the country’s wealth. The “Allah Name” controversy is just their means to that goal.

Their attempt to use PAS has also failed. PAS has unequivocally rejected UMNO’s call to arms and decided to adopt a more moderate and tolerant stand.

They have instead requested a meeting with the KL’s Archbishop to work out a compromise. And PAS’s disagreement to the High Court’s decision is proven by the fire-bombings of churches incidences.
PAS feels that the time is not right for the decision since UMNO will always take advantage of the issue to prop up their dwindling support. PAS’s disagreement is more on the timing of the issue rather on it’s validity.

I dare UMNO to go to Al Azhar and protest Al Azhar’s non-rejection of Egypt’s Coptic’s Church practice of using the “Allah”’s word for the last 1000 years.

If Al Azhar is quiet about it, who is UMNO to protest? Is UMNO saying they are more credible than 1000 years of Al Azhar’s scholarships? I think not.

I personally believe that the timing is not right and “The Herald” should withdraw or let the appeal win. After all, with or without a court’s decision, the Christians in Sabah and Sarawak will continue using the word Allah. Especially in Sarawak, UMNO cannot stop millions of Christians from using the word Allah.

My advice to all non Malays in Kuala Lumpur, I think for the next 3 days, you should just remain at home and do not go outside.

I cannot imagine what plan the UMNO thugs are hatching to capitalize on the issue.

It’s safer for you to remain indoors and for Christian churches to suspend mass for the weekend.

I mean, the Church in Desa Melawati doesn’t even belong to the Catholic Church.

It’s of a different denomination and they do not use the word “Allah” in their acts of worship.

Why have they been victimized?

It only shows the stupidity of the UMNO thugs not being able to differentiate between the many Christian denomination.

-Tulang Besi


Anonymous said...

cars with rosaries & christian articles r being smashed NOW !

Anonymous said...

They are all uneducated morons whom UMNO exploit for it's own survival. There are already UMNO leaders blacklisted as terrorists and refused entry to US and in no time Malaysia will be branded as a centre producing terrorists.

ktteokt said...

If Anwar really committed SODOMY, and if he is the SODOMER, who is the SODOMEE? Saiful claims to have been sodomized, so shouldn't he be charged as well? Saiful MUST have consented to being sodomized, otherwise, do you think it is so easy to gain ENTRY!

So, in SODOMY I, the police carried that stupid mattress up and down from Court. Are they going to carry SAIFUL's ARSE up and down the High Court this time and make sure newspaper reporters snap pictures of it and publish it in the newspapers?

felix said...

Dont those MORONS realise that they are burning the House Of God/Allah because there is only one GOD the Almighty.