Sunday, 10 January 2010

Najib's Imaginary Malaysia

Prime Minister Najib Razak today launched the 'Juara Rakyat' (Champion of the People) programme to show the people that Umno has received their signals that it needs to get back to the people after being rejected in the 12th general election. Malaysiakini reported

Prime Minister Najib Razak today reiterated that Umno is not a party that practised racism but had always upheld the principle of wanting to be fair to all. Malaysiakini reported

Najib stressed that Umno had never at any time intended to grab power for itself because besides following Allah's commandments, the party had always respected the roles and position of other races in the country.

Najib said,"Till today, we (Umno) are protecting the interests of the other races besides championing those of the Malays".


It is hard to believe. It is so very hard to swallow what Najib is telling Malaysians.

Try as we may, it is still hard for Malaysians to swallow even with 10 tons of salt what Najib is describing the state of the nation under UMNO-led BN Government in the last 30 years right up to the way UMNO handled the Allah controversty.

We must ask:
Has Najib just woken up from a long dream or that he takes Malaysians as a bunch of fools who have no memory of what happened to their beloved country over the last 30 years under the UMNO-led BN Government?
Najib said UMNO will get back to the people and listen to the people. Which PEOPLE??

Since when in the 50 years or even AFTER March 2008, UMNO listened to the MALAYSIAN people?

The ONLY people UMNO listened were UMNO-PEOPLE .... not Malaysian people.

Let's start with a simple case: The Perak constitutional crisis. UMNO initiated a virtual coup d'etat. UMNO was stone-deaf to Malaysians to call for fresh state Election.

Where was UMNO's interest for the MALAYSIAN people on:

  • the cowhead protest ,

  • the high-handedness of the Home Ministry that led to the latest Allah controversy,

  • the blatant attempt to coverup on the death in Kugan in police custody and the death of Teoh Beng Hock in MACC custody,

  • the unresolved mystery in the death of the Mongolian woman whose entry into Malaysia was erased by the Immigration Dept

  • the use of brute force by the police and the riot squad against MALAYSIANS ' (of all races, to boot) rally to abolish ISA and the use of police brutality against the Bersih Rally,

  • the racially divisive politics of UMNO's campaigns in the recent by-elections,

  • the cowardly support of those racist ultra Malay NGOs,

  • UMNO allowing and condoning its UMNO-owned mass media, Utusan Malaysia to spew racist articles and commentaries

  • ... and the list goes on.

Photo courtesy of Kerajaan Rakyat blog


  1. UMNO as Juara Rakyat ? Read as JUARA RAKYAT UMNO

  2. Najib only learnt that he and UMNO need to listen to the people from the Japanese, NOT from the voices of the Malaysian people.UMNO could not even take the cue from the results of the March 2008 election.

  3. It took Najib and UMNO close to TWO years (since the March 2008 election) to suddenly wake up to realise that UMNO was being rejected by the people and it was not listening to the MALAYSIAN people!!!

  4. Najib said,"There are also people who lobby to the extent that they are at the airport even at 2am (to greet the leaders)... I have been in politics for a long time, I know (what they want) just by shaking their hand". BUT WHAT HAS HE DONE SINCE HE BECAME DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER AND PRIME MINISTER TO GET RID OF THESE PARASITES IN UMNO?

  5. Najib described PAS's campaign as a negative tactic. He said, " We don't campaign in a negative manner. " Where was Najib when UMNO used racially divisive political rhetoric during the March 8 Election and during the recent by-elections. Was he in the country at all or was he on sabbatical during those by-elections?

  6. Najib said,"Umno and BN leaders should instead continue to struggle for the benefit of the people because the fate of the BN entirely depended on the wishes of the people." Malaysians have known for the last 30 years that UMNO has been struggling... for the benefit of the UMNO PEOPLE.

  7. Najib said, "We will also remember that in a parliamentary democracy, the power lies with the people who have the final say." For the last 30 years up to this day, UMNO only remembers that power lies with UMNO and NOT the people.

  8. Najib as Prime Minister UMNO is unable to neutralise and marginalise its racially divisive longest term Prime Minister from interfering with the affairs of the party and government.
For UMNO, it is TOO LITTLE and TOO LATE in the day. The train has left the station, so to speak.

UMNO' damage to the nation and to the social fabric of the country has been too extensive.

And UMNO has proven in last 30 years and even of late, that it CANNOT reform itself despite the opportunities available to the party from time to time.

There is only one road for UMNO to recover itself: That is for Malaysian voters to allow UMNO to spend time in the political wilderness for self-reflection and rejuvenation and to give UMNO sufficient time to rid itself of the evil ways of the last 50 years.

Malaysians must be reminded again and again that UMNO CANNOT reform itself while it is still governing the country.

It tried and it failed miserably.
-Malaysian Unplug


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  • Mr Prime Minister, I, as a Muslim, felt very humiliated by this uncivilised act. This is not the Islam that I embraced. A lot of damage has been done. Your supporters in Umno and your counterparts in other component parties in BN have totally failed to transform and reinvent themselves and their parties. Instead they continue peddling and playing on religious chauvinism and racial sentiments to perpetuate their hold on power and to covet corrupt money. Your outmoded but rewarding ways is at the expense of the nation and the people.

    What has happened is indeed a cause of grave concern to all Malaysians. The fact that it did happen, and was allowed to happen without proper precautionary and pre-emptive measures being taken, is a matter of great regret.

  • We have crossed the divide. This is a low point in our history as a nation.But this low point is especially significant. It strikes at the heart of religious freedom and our diverse society. It demonstrates the mob's total disregard for the rule of law and democracy. The government's action and inaction would have encouraged the extremists on the fringes of our society. A non-Muslim judge was vilified

  • We do not blame all the Muslims in this country. We want the authorities to apprehend the culprits involved in this act and to have them face the music quickly. We hope the authorities do not allow this simmering pot to boil over and cause more havoc. God gave us a blessed land with enough riches for everyone. Let us learn to enjoy the fruits of this blessed land.


Anonymous said...

ONE-malaysia !?? ONE = umno !

ktteokt said...

1 MALAYSIA? No, only 1 NAJIS!

Anonymous said...

Najib is adamant that "1Malaysia" is still intact. Everybody knows, unless he is a buffoon, that "1Malaysia" is about multibillion advertising contracts. Najis is indirectly correct, the gravy train will still go on. And who did he boast this fairy tale to? – to some 7,000 Umno supporters in Hulu Selangor.

But for the others: what the heck, if there is really a "1Malaysia", why were 3 churches being torched over a non-issue?

Anonymous said...

Ooops Rakayt Malaysia, AWAS!
The PM has launch another advertisement, "JUARA RAKAYT" all are half cook mission statement from the PM, during Paklah it's flip flop management, now Najib management it has become "statement more than action" all those KPI's and NKRA are all for show, nothing will materialize, soon another new advertisment will come out, 1 malaysia, 1 UMNO, 1MCA and 1 MIC and so on and lastly 1 Allah AND THEN 1 Najib

Anonymous said...

All slogan and no action...
Even the " 1 Malaysia" slogan is copied from property developer's name for their property development projects...
His "one-sided" comments on the protest in mosque is indirectly the cause of the attacks on the 4 churches...
so much for his concern for Malaysian...

ktteokt said...

And I thought only Sleepy Head AAB was dreaming!