Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Muslim Blogger Appeal Drive Donates RM 8,467 to Fire-Bombed Metro Tabernacle Church

Blogger Dr Mohamed Rafick Khan presented a cheque of RM 8,467 today at a simple ceremony witnessed by Gombak police chief Zakaria Pagan to The Metro Tabernacle church.

Dr. Rafick Khan in white shirt
The church suffered more than RM1 million in damages when the premises were fire-bombed in an arson attack.

The money was collected after Rafick Khan posted an appeal on his Rights2Write BLOG, and 180 people responded. Among them were readers, friends and neighbours.

Dr Rafick Khan said one of the biggest donors was Marina Mahathir, daughter of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who chipped in RM 1,000. Marina blogs at HERE

He said the donation was not about the money but to show the spirit of the community.

Compare the goodwill outreach of blogger Dr Rafick Khan with another Muslim Blogger calling himself "Mahaguru58" (aka Zainol Abideen) who wears a devout Muslim label on his forehead but engages in Un-Islamic obnoxious behaviour in speech and in attitude.

Muslim Blogger "Mahaguru58" aka Zainol Abideen volunteered to be the hidden black hand of Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, JAKIM and several UMNO-bureacrats to bring together Muslim bloggers under the umbrella of newly-formed Muslim Bloggers Alliance (MBA) - the list of names of their members included in its website - to demonise the Catholic Church for wanting to pursue with the use of the word "Allah" in the Catholic church magazine "Herald".

Read here in Malaysia-Today his leaked email to MBA members on his secret meeting with Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

For more on this particular Sufi Muslim blogger who goes by the name of "Mahaguru58", read here and here and here in Malaysia-Today.

Church official Ebinezar John, who accepted the donation from Dr Rafick Khan (see photo above) , said plans have been made to rebuild the premises, pending clearance of the insurance claim.

“We don't have a fax machine or a phone right now, so we are operating out of our homes and using our personal mobile phones,” he said.

Another church official, Esther John, said services will continue at alternative venues, with the upcoming one at Wisma MCA.

The church also received RM500,000 from the government today. CIMB (a government-linked corporation) has also donated RM100,000.


Krishna said...

Zainol Abideen looks like a mamak. It is they who want to be more Malay than the Malays

Seraphina said...

Allah is the Arabic word for God. It is not religion specific, it is a language. Can't imagine how blind people are. The world will see God when we can stand together as ONE and believe that ONE God created ALL OF US, each one unique and alike. God unites. Not divides. It is religion that divides. Worship whom you will, but respect the fact that everybody who prays, does so to GOD. ONE GOD. OUR GOD. Respect each other for to love each other is to love GOD.

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wong said...

SO messin' with national security right now, man! You are FIRED tomorrow morning, I'm tellin' ya! I'll get the CIA and the FBI, you'll be workin' security at Toys R' Us! n we bring in the united nation...it time to call u n for intervention before these goons use the army on us

Anonymous said...

rm1000.00, ah ? how dare you !!