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NO One Including Malay-Muslims Put Any Value to ALLAH ’s Name.

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Is there any value in swearing an oath in Allah’s name?

The Malays are fighting to retain exclusivity to the usage of the name (of Allah).

In the OLD DAYS , you swear in Allah’s name and the benefit of the doubt is given to you.

Today, Allah’s name has NO weight. NO ONE puts any value to Allah’s name.

(But) when you invoke, everyone will laugh till they pee in the pants and then send you to jail.

While the country is up in arms about the use of the word Allah by the non-Muslims (not only the Christians but the Sikhs have also been using the Allah word for a long, long time), the Allah word found another very useful purpose.

Anwar Ibrahim Swears in the Name of Allah

Anwar Ibrahim swore in Allah’s name that he never sodomised Azizan while Azizan testified under oath (in Allah’s name) THREE TIMES during the trial that Anwar did not sodomise him. Yet the court found Anwar guilty and sentenced him to more than 15 years jail on two charges.

Sukma Swears in the Name of Allah

Sukma swore that Anwar never sodomised him and the doctor who examined him said that Sukma suffers from piles. He has problems emptying his bowels, let alone allow something to penetrate his anus. Yet Sukma was found guilty and together with Dr Munawar was sent to jail for six months for ‘allowing’ Anwar to sodomise him -- even when the doctor said it was impossible to have happened and even though the accused invoked Allah’s name to swear innocence.

Saiful Swears in the Name of Allah

Saiful swore in the name of Allah (in a mosque on top of that) that Anwar sodomised him but the doctor who examined Saiful said that there is no evidence to show the young man had been sodomised.

Najib Swears in the Name of Allah

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak swore in Allah’s name that he never met ‘that Mongolian woman’ although the Honorary Mongolian Consul to Malaysia said many times that he has seen a photograph of Razak, Najib and Altantuya taken together and has in fact handed the photograph to the IGP. Syed Rahman has told many people this story including Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and many other top Umno leaders.

It looks like, based on what we have seen thus far, swearing an oath in Allah’s name has absolutely no value whatsoever (they still send you to jail like in Anwar’s, Sukma’s, Dr Munawar’s, etc., cases) although the Quran does say that if you are accused of sexual misconduct and if you swear four times in the name of Allah that you are innocent (three times in lieu of witnesses and the fourth time to invite Allah’s wrath in the event you are lying) then you are to be presumed innocent and no action can be taken against you.

Nik Sapaeia Nik Yusof Swears in the Name of Allah

Harakah Daily (16 January 2010) reported that Datuk Nik Sapeia Nik Yusof swore in Allah's name that he did not spray Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad with a mace at the Kota Bharu airport a couple of years ago.

Based on eyewitnesses’ testimonies during the trial, the court found Nik guilty and sentenced him to six months jail. He is of course appealing the verdict and will only start serving his sentence once he exhausts all avenues to get his verdict set aside, which could take another couple of years.

I was there with my wife when the incident happened. And although we were standing quite a distance away when it happened, we still felt the effects of the spray. Those closer to the scene were gasping for breath and looked like they were suffering a heart attack.

We were at the airport probably an hour or so before Dr Mahathir’s private jet arrived. Sufi, Dr Mahathir’s personal assistant, was also there, together with many other supporters.

Nik Sapeia zoomed in with a bunch of tough looking Malays, who we later found out were army personnel, and surrounded Sufi. It looked like there was going to be a fight and we came forward to see what assistance we could offer Sufi. I feared that heads were about to be broken and poor Sufi was very pale and looked extremely scared. I resigned myself to the fact that we may have to swing fists to extricate Sufi from what was about to become a very bloody skirmish.

Ibrahim Ali stood at a distance, busy sending text messages on his mobile phone. I walked up to him to ask what was going on and he replied that Nik is a local gangster and he wants to ‘hijack’ Dr Mahathir.

It seems Nik resented the fact that Ibrahim Ali was ‘in-charge’ whereas he (Nik) was the local warlord and should instead be the one ‘hosting’ Dr Mahathir.Harakah Daily news item above, he swore in the name of Allah that he did not spray Dr Mahathir.

That may be true because I doubt any Muslim would dare swear in the name of Allah he is innocent if he is really guilty. Malays are good Muslims and never would any Muslim dare use Allah’s name in vain.

I can’t swear in the name of Allah whether the spray was in Nik’s hand or the hands of one of those army commandos who were with him. But I can swear that they all surrounded Dr Mahathir and one of them certainly did spray Dr Mahathir.

I also can’t swear in the name of Allah whether if one of the army commandos, instead of Nik, sprayed Dr Mahathir, that it was done with or without Nik’s knowledge or instruction.

But I can swear that they all arrived together in the same convoy and kept a very tight formation when they surrounded Sufi -- and later surrounded Dr Mahathir when he arrived. I can also swear that Nik was 'commanding' the tough looking commandos and they were not ‘independent’ but working as a unit and appeared to take instructions from Nik and treated him like their ‘commander’.

This is what I saw and I can swear to that. But only Nik was hauled in while the gang of commandos 'disappeared' and were never seen again.

And how many times Nik may swear in the name of Allah that he is innocent, this still does not explain the presence of that bunch of army personnel who were part of his gang and it does not explain why they were 'untouched' and only Nik is going to be sent to jail.

In a criminal act perpetuated by a gang, is it not normal for the entire gang to face the law?
-Raja Petra Kamarudin

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