Monday, 25 January 2010

We Agree, Zulkifli Noordin MUST be Sacked from Pakatan Rakyat Right Now

Sack Zulkifli Nordin, says Zaid Ibrahim

We Have Said in Previous Postings:

  • On 21 August, 2008, we wrote THIS (READ HERE) when Zulkifli Noordin said he was Muslim first and an MP second.
    "We say to Zulkifli Noordin: When voters in Kulim-Bandar Baru, especially the NON-Malays/ Non-Muslims, voted for you on March 8, 2008, they voted you to be a Member of Parliament FIRST, and to represent ALL Malaysians, and NOT for you to be in Parliament as a MUSLIM FIRST.

    When you displayed your abusive and irresponsible behaviour at the Bar Council forum protest, YOU disgraced the people who voted for you..."

  • On 4 September, 2008, WE said: (Read here):
    "...PKR and Anwar Ibrahim as the party's leader, MUST address and act , as promised, against the uncalled-for and offensive behaviour of its MP for Kulim-Bandar Baharu, Zulkifli Noordin, during the Bar Council Forum protest.

    It is NOT good enough for Azmin Ali to say that PKR understood Zulkifli Noordin's position.

    Decent-minded Malaysians will NOT understand Zulkifli Noordin as an elected representative of the people, when he said that he is a Muslim FIRST and a Member of Parliament SECOND...and that he as a Muslim first and a PKR member second.

    If that is Zulkifli Noordin's stand, he should be sacked from PKR or asked to resign so that the next MP will be one who is willing to be an MP FIRST and a Muslim second.

    Voters did NOT elect Zulkifli Noordin to be in Parliament as a Muslim FIRST, but instead to act and behave as a Member of Parliament FIRST..."

  • On 13 September 2009, WE posted the following article : (READ HERE )PKR MP Zulkifli Noordin: A Former PAS REJECT in 2004 Who Hoodwinked Anwar Ibrahim and PKR in 2008

  • On 12 January, 2010, WE said this (Read Here):
    Why is Anwar/PKR so scared and weak kneed to get rid of Zulkifli Noordin from PKR after countless times of his transgressions of party discipline?

    Zulkifli Noordin's politics is substantially at tangent and is diametrically opposed to Pakatan Rakyat's Manifesto which was presented to Malaysian voters by Anwar Ibrahim at the March 2008 Election.Zulkifli Noordin is a scourge to Pakatan Rakyat. He continues to destabilise the coalition parties at every crisis faced by Pakatan Rakyat.

    He has in fact diminished PKR by his racially divisive attacks and his religious fundamentalist views. Patience of Pakatan Rakyat voters and supporters is wearing thin by the day with Zulkifli Noordin's antics of destabilisation of his own party and the Pakatan Rakyat coalition parties.

    Anwar must act forcefully against Zulkifli Noordin in order to retain Pakatan Rakyat's relevance to Malaysian voters for the Coming GE 13.."

    -Malaysian Unplug

(First posted on 21 August 2008)

Read here for more in Malaysiakini

Pakatan Rakyat stalwart Zaid Ibrahim has called for the sacking of PKR's outspoken Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Noordin.

The PKR supreme council member was responding to the police report filed by Zulkifli against PAS Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for calling for the amendment of a Selangor religious enactment.

According to him, Pakatan cannot afford to have MPs who go against reform.

Zaid told a press conference:
"If you say the (amendment) of the law is wrong, that's okay. But don't lodge police reports as this is a form of intimidation.

Pakatan's image as a champion of democracy would be affected if the coalition did not act against Zulkifli.

The time has come for PKR to look at itself and ask what kind of people it wants.

It will not be enough to suspend Zulkifli's membership, as this is not the first time the controversial MP has tainted the party's image.

If not 'Middle Malaysia' will ask what we stand for and our party will become a laughing stock. We are not Umno or BN.

He can join any party he wants, but if you keep Zulkifli, others may leave.

I cannot speak for others but the lack of stern action speaks volumes.
He was also unperturbed by the idea of Zulkifli joining Umno, if sacked.

Last November, Zulkifli made headlines by challenging PKR vice-president R Sivarasa to quit and battle him for the post, exposing internal conflicts within the party.

The MP is also infamous for holding a protest against the Bar Council's forum on 'Conversion to Islam' in 2008.

The latest incident, he said, was reflective of an unhealthy trend of MPs "ganging up" against each other.

"MPs should uphold the law, and be careful not to inflame or aggravate a problem. If not, people will have no respect for them and the whole system will be viewed negatively," he added.

Commenting on the Allah issue, Zaid said: "We will be safe if we follow the constitution, but not if we leave it to politicians."

The issue, he added, is not about conversion, but about the usage of the word 'Allah' by Christians while practicing their religion, which is protected by the constitution.

"We cannot control what they say in their prayers. But if there is an evangelical church that is working underground to convert Muslims, then we can take action against them because that goes against the constitution," he said.

As such, Zaid said political leaders like Zulkifli should take charge and clarify the matter, and not confuse the public further.

He added that the enactment pertaining to the usage of several words, including 'Allah' by non-Muslims is not new, and that as a lawyer, Zulkifli should understand this.

He noted that the issue is raised today is due to the Home Ministry's ban on the Herald, which was a direct consequence of the publication's involvement in the Bersih movement.

Their support for the movement for clean and fair elections made the Herald appear like supporters of the opposition, he added.

Responding to a question about the coalition's direction, Zaid said that he is confident that Pakatan Rakyat is moving positively towards reaching their goals.

He, however, conceded that there are issues, particularly involving PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim's pending court case.

"But the party is not just Anwar. We, the leaders must work harder to bring in initiatives and provide direction to the party," he said.


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If we have more MPs like Zul with his mindset, I would choose Zimbabwe as my coutry of domicile if I have the luxury of that option. Surely this speaks volume of Zul. No more need be said.

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Just get rid of this IDIOT who cannot abide by his own principles!

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Rakyat perception is 2 get rid of useless Zul. Sack him at the last resort!!!

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This man shouldn't have been a member in the first instance. He should have been dealth with immediately after his once or twice deviations from party lines. The electorates do not need this kind of character to be their representative