Sunday, 31 December 2006


Is it to win the Federal Election OR to Fight for Islam ?

Read HERE challenge-article to PAS by Raja Petra Kamarudin and HERE

Following is the response from Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad, Director, PAS Research Centre

Raja Petra,

In response to your article posted in your blog "Can PAS Please Respond?" (Raja Petra), I am taking this initiative, on behalf of some members of the party's think-tank, to convey the followings:

i. We would like to thank Raja Petra for taking this proactive effort and for proposing that PAS has a dialgue with the Malaysia-Today's cyber community.

ii. Reading through the varied and diverging opinions expressed in many blogs about PAS and Islam, we have always been wanting, willing and ready to engage directly, with any bloggers' community in a mutually beneficial and intellectually rewarding discourse.

Finally, in consonant with our current leadership policy of "Engagement for the Betterment of the Nation", we are quite sure that the party leadership will be willing and committed to endorse this dialogue at a place and time to be mutually agreed upon, hopefully BEFORE the end of January 2007.

Although the proposed theme revolves around "Articulating the Islamic State Concept in Contemporary Democracy", we would to broaden the scope to cover the entire range of issues witnessed both at the national arena and those with geo-political and strategic concern.

With All Best Wishes and Kind Regards for Eidhul Adha and A Prosperous New Year.

Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad
Director, PAS Research Centre

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