Friday 2 March 2007

MCA Cabinet Minister's Blow-Back at UMNO Youth on Issue of Bumiputra Graduates Driving Taxis

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Feb 1: UMNO YOUTH Public Complaints Bureau chairman Datuk Subahan Kamal said many Bumiputra graduates had resorted to driving taxis as they could not find employment in the private sector. He said the Human Resources Minsitry should enforce a 30 per cent quota for Bumiputeras at all levels in the PRIVATE SECTOR and ensure that locals were given preference over foreigners. Read here for more

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFeb 2: The Human Resources Minister, Fong Chan Onn said most of the students enrolled in retraining schemes are Bumiputeras. And Bumiputera youth also receive the HIGHEST number of retraining loans given out by the ministry’s Skills Development Fund."We don’t distinguish between Bumiputeras and others, but it so happens that the vast majority of those who take up our retraining programmes and loans are Malays," he said.

Fong Chan Onn said:

  • that about 50,000 people have attended retraining programmes in information technology, English proficiency and other skills since 2001, and 96 per cent were Malays.

  • Some 500,000 youths had received loans from the Skills Development Fund, of which 95 per cent were Malays.

  • And more than 90 per cent of applicants to the industrial training institutes each year are Malays.

  • At job fairs, the interviews organised for job-seekers are largely attended by Malays .
  • On Subahan’s call that the ministry impose a 30 per cent quota for Malays at all levels in the private sector, Fong said setting quotas did not come under the ministry’s purview.

    "It’s not our responsibility to impose quotas," he said, adding that although there was no policy on Bumiputera employment in the private sector, the vast majority of workers in places like hypermarkets were Bumiputera youths. Read here for more

    Commentary: by The Aisehman: Read here for more


    "... It would seem Subahan did not check his facts BEFORE he opened his mouth.

    This sort of unthinking and unfounded criticism more often than not backfires.

    Subahan looks pretty stupid now, doesn’t he?

    And please, tuan — drop the demand for Bumi quotas in the private sector.

    We Malays have to learn to assert ourselves by projecting our capabilities and our potential, NOT by throwing our political weight around.

    Cukup. Jangan bagi malu orang Melayu lagi.

    Maybe Subahan can offer some of them a job at KFC? And if some of them prefer to drive taxis, what can you do?

    I would rather have unemployed graduates become entrepreneurs, with the Government providing support in the form of access to training and capital. ..."

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