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Selangor Sultan Scolds PAS Youth for Taliban-like Attitude on Concerts


From Malaysiakini

PAS Youth backed off after the Sultan of Selangor was visibly angered by PAS Youth's threat to demonstrate at the football stadium hosting a match between Selangor and Singapore. Read here for more.
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PhotobucketThe Sultan of Selangor has threatened to cancel a football tournament after the Islamic opposition party PAS objected to the entertainers performing at the event, a report said today.

PAS Youth threatened to demonstrate at the stadium if the women were allowed to perform.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah (said) the protest (by PAS Youth) over the two women - rock singer Ella and Mas Idayu, who performs the hip-swivelling dangdut dance - was "hypocritical" and "trivial".

The Sultan said Selangor was not made up of "just PAS and Muslims" and that in any case the two performers were suitable for families.

Note: Sultans are traditional guardians of Islam in the states they rule.
Read here for more in Malaysiakini

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  • Good check and balance by the Sultan. Ain't we glad we have a wise man in our Sultan. Daulat Tuanku 3x!

  • (The Sultan) said that Selangor's residents were not 'just PAS and Muslims'. I can't agree more to that. Wise word indeed from a respectable man.

  • HRH Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah's stand on the Ella and Mas Idayu concert is indeed very commendable and should be supported by all. Being the head of Islam, HRH definitely knows what is good and bad for his subjects. He again demonstrates his sincere concern for all irrespective of race. HRH's stand should serve as a lesson to all, particularly religious fanatics, who would want to impose their ways and practices on others. Long live the sultan of Selangor.

  • Pemuda PAS SUDAH Menderhaka terhadap SULTAN SELANGOR. MESTI MINTA AMPUN sekarang jugak...TO PAS we don't need such monkey in your youth.

  • The Selangor sultan has said that Selangor did not comprise of ‘just PAS and Muslims’ adding that the state had many political parties and people of other races and faith. He could not have described the state of Malaysia better than anyone else.
    PAS is just hellbent on instigating the other races. If they continue this, they may spilt the country and Sabah and Sarawak would secede and opt to go along by themselves.

  • PAS and PKR, please explain the call by PAS Youth to implement the Islamic administrative system in Pakatan Rakyat-led states. We are disappointed with you by not fulfiling your word and promises.Pakatan Rakyat is a multi-racial political coalition where all races have equal rights. Please respect all the people. No single party in Pakatan is allowed to act alone or on their own interest.If PAS wants to implement this agenda or if they have any motives behind, please leave Pakatan Rakyat. You are not welcome if you are not in line with PKR objectives which is to fight for all races as one nationality - Malaysians.Please put your efforts in defending the people’s welfare, such as the issue of Petronas transparency and Tenaga Nasional’s pay increases for its top staff that have caused a public outcry.
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