Thursday 7 May 2009

Pro-Mahathir Blogger "Rocky Bru" made CEO of UMNO-Controlled Malay Mail: His Hidden Ambition Has FINALLY Come True After March 2008 Election

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Mahathir-era newsman Ahirudin ‘Rocky’ Attan, known for his Rockybru weblog that was critical of the Abdullah Administration, has been named as chief executive officer of the 112-year-old The Malay Mail, which is jointly owned by the UMNO-controlled Media Prima Berhad media group.

With the former editor’s appointment as CEO, it is understood that current chief editor Tony Francis is expected to leave with immediate effect.

Rocky was named CEO today and Tony Francis will leave immediately. Malay Mail will remain outside NSTP,” an editorial executive with the tabloid told The Malaysian Insider.

Morale is a bit low as the staff are shocked,” he added, saying the staff had tried to prevent Francis from resigning.

Ahirudin was also president of the National Press Club between 2003 and 2007 and recently re-elected as president again. His former editor Datuk Ahmad A. Talib has just been appointed editorial adviser to the NSTP group which led to speculation that Ahirudin would return in a senior post.

Ahirudin was acting editor of The Malay Mail from 2001 and was later made the editor. He resigned from the newspaper in February 2006 and was said to have received a substantial pay-off.

He began blogging in May 2006 and was made pro-tem chairman of a blogger group, criticising then NSTP executives and is facing a lawsuit from them. The NSTP executives have since left the media company.

The Malay Mail, founded in 1896, was part of The New Straits Times Press (M) Berhad until it sold its 100 per cent interest for RM5 million to Dynahall. The purchase did not include the newspaper’s archives, which is seen as a valuable commodity.

Simpletech’s owner Ibrahim is a politically-connected businessman with a stake in Blue Inc that owns a string of lifestyle magazines.


From MarGeeMar Blog

"...What's really sad is that there are people like Rocky Bru who being a turncoat to The Rakyat's struggle against the oppression of the BN/Umno regime, chooses to hit RPK below the belt when considering that once Rocky Bru was standing as brothers in arms with RPK, Zorro, Haris et al for The Rakyat's struggle against the oppressive and BN/Umno regime.

Ahirudin Atan, you are one big disappointment! Hope Allah swt will show you the light to see through the present darkness enveloping Malaysia in what has become 1BlackMalaysia.
From Readers in Malaysia-Today.

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  • Who say blogging has no reward?

  • If Dr.Spin is in the house, don't subscribe MMail.

  • Now it explains why this turncoat / traitor has been talking trash about RPK and the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers

  • wonder how much he sold his soul for?ame price as Hee the Bitch or same price as Saiful the male hooker?

  • Rocky, brew your own poison! Good for you lah! SLEEP TIGHT and hang on to all those RINGGIT!, your new found richness!

  • The paid blogger get double rewards.Its not Rockybru but he rock the keys for him to go in!!!


  • I don't go to his blog, apart from those posted in MT and Malaysiakini. But his appointment clears certain doubts I had about his articles and his "disappearance". I am not going pass judgement about him. We shall see his performance.

  • Most of us suspect something was up when he started to sing different tune. As far as Umno is concerned, everyone has a price. Just wonder how much is his.

  • Why do you think that rocky sold his soul? Why can't we just accept that some are just not like you. If he supports mamak kutty, let it be. Why can't you people just take it as it is ? some people never sell their soul because they were decendents from it. It's just family matters. If you don't believe, go ask the devil itself who were their children, grand children & great grand children...

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