Sunday 17 May 2009

ROSDI MUSTAFA aka Pasquale aka Barking Magpie - YOU are the PIG in PM Najib's Office.

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ROSDI MUSTAFA aka Blogger "Pasquale" aka Blogger "Barking Magpie"

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"Sakmongkol AK47"

This chap blogs using the name Pasquale aka barking magpie. When you click pasquale on Sopo Sentral, the blog Barking Magpie appears. You put two and two together, the owner of the blog Barking Magpie is also Pasquale. The actual identity of the blogger was made known when his article was reproduced in Malaysia Today.

His real name is Rosdi Mustafa.
He works in PM Najib's outfit and one of the media handlers.

When he wants to denounce others he uses Pasquale. When he wants to write something resembling an intellectual discourse, he assumes the identity of the barking bird.

These were what he said in his comments at Rocky Bru:

I also know this Sakmongkol he is an ardent anti-Najib just because Najib does not entertained or approve his greedy, corrupt and self-centered attitude!

His life serve only himself, he wants" project to enrich himnself but when Najib said no he went against him! Ini Melayu babi ni!
What do you make of someone who works in the PM Najib's office saying the above? I can only say, this is someone who shamelessly exploits his official status to excoriate others just for the fun of it. He mistakes vile and abusive remarks for forthrightness. I am afraid that reflects his deficiency in moral and intellectual fibre.

This bloke ( Rosdi Mustafa) does not know me. I don't know him. We have never talked.

I see him loitering around Dato Najib's office engaging in whispers with other officers prompting us to believe he is privy to some top state secret.It is just his way of urinating to mark territory. I am here, you are out there kind of thing.

I can never claim to know him, have never talked to him and I am glad, do not need to know him. I have seen him loitering around Dato Najib's office possibly pretending the weight of the world is on him.

The truth is, people avoid him like the plague.

Accordingly, I need to ask YAB Prime Minister (Najib) this question.
Has he got a flying pig in his office?

Or in Bahasa Melayu:
Ada seekor babi yang berkepak kah di dalam pejabat YAB Dato Seri?
In my years with the PM as a Pekan politician, I have never heard Dato Najib encouraging or condoning his subordinates to debase others by calling them babi.

Nor have I heard him encouraging his people to engage in vile name callings.

When Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was in Semangat 46 and came down to Pekan to campaign, DS Najib clearly instructed all UMNO office bearers not to disparage TRH.

We have a problem here.

Dato Najib harbours one official who is incompatible to his personal philosophy. He has someone who is congenitally vile. This person has the habit of babi-ying everyone.

To Muslims, babi is an unclean animal. To be called a babi is to equate those being called as najis of the highest degree. It is haram. Parents do not teach their children to call other people babi.

Here, among the PM's band of media handlers is this loathsome individual whose reddened face is probably brought about by indiscriminate consumption of intoxicating liquids.

His personal background is well known among media people. He has a fondness for calling other people babi.

Hence Anwar Ibrahim is termed as YB BABI. When he came over to Rocky Bru's blog to comment on the issue of anonymity in which I was involved- he mentioned me in very scornful terms. I was also called a Melayu babi.

Since he is an authority on 'memBABIkan' orang lain, he must be a flying pig himself- a special one but a pig nonetheless. Dato Najib has an unclean animal in his office.

This pig-headed buffoon recently wrote an article imploring Dato Najib to appoint a prominent blogger to head the NST.

From what we read, Johan Jaafar and Ahmad Talib are going to head the government's Media Machine. We have not heard definitive statements from the PM's office on this matter.He wrote an article beseeching the PM to not appoint those two people.

Since he works in the PM's office in the media handlers outfit, his views can be portentous. If not checked, his protests can develop into tidal waves which could easily beach Johan Jaafar and A.Talib.

Beyond the bounds of decency, he was willing to call another fellow human being, a Muslim and a Malay, a Melayu babi.

Rosdi Mustafa aka Pasquale aka Barking Magpie- YOU are the pig in PM's office.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sakmongkol,
Barking Magpie and all his aliases deserved to be named as BABI. Perhaps as an Old Stupid Pig may be more appropriate. Tengok muka pun macam serupa. Memang sah lah dia ni memang geniune babi.

tomthomas said...

Dear Sakmongkol

Would it be appropriate and possible to post a photograph or an image of this melayubabi. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

there is another of his crony
husin 'babi' lempoyang.

this kurang ajar bastard also has the
propensity to call another person babi .
a low mentality shit arse who cannot understand simple framework of english . perhaps these old geezers
need a refresher course on humility
and ethics in public discourse plus
a thorough grounding in english vocab