Wednesday 30 December 2009

From Dr Rafick to Dr Ridhuan Tee

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Dr Mohamed
Rafick Khan Abdul Rahman
" Dr Ridhuan Tee Abdullah writing in Mingguan Malaysia (27th December 2009) under the heading “Antara tuduhan penjahat dan jahat” certainly invoked a myriad of responses from the public.

Outright, I must admit that I am shocked that such writing came from a learned Muslim like him.

The core content of Dr Tee writing is on the defense of Utusan. It appears that in his vocabulary, writing a racially seditious article is fine but calling one that writes such article is seditious.

What Dr Tee failed to highlight is that Utusan is not a political party tabloid that is restricted to its members. It is a newspaper with long historical followers behind it. It easily influences the masses. It is also able to enhance the flame of racism far more successfully than any other political tabloids which is only restricted to its members.

Dr Tee also failed to highlight the fact that Utusan is owned by the powers that-be and appears to have the legal immunity in fanning this racial flames which the other political party tabloid don’t.

Dr Tee also touched on the issue of Islam and ethnic dominance in this country where he hide behind the term of “social contract”.

Respectfully, as one Muslim to another, I felt his understanding of the matter is too shallow and has been oversimplified. He is looking at it with a tunnel vision. Allah did not create all Malays to be Muslims. Neither did Allah restrict Islam for the Malays only.

A person's ethnicity and religion are two dichotomous issues. Tee himself is a living example where he is a Muslim (and probably a better Muslim than me) and a Chinese.

To use the social contract as the basis of denying others of their right is very wrong and totally un-Islamic. Dr Tee writing had embarrassed me on this matter and I take offense of it.

We must appreciate that the term “social contract” is an UMNO recent creation that is being used as a defensive line to ensure their political survival. Legally and socially, such thing does not exist.

It took me quite a while to figure out, who Dr Tee was targeting in his writing. I felt that it has something to do with Tony Pua questioning our Minister on Federal financial allocation on Islam and other religion in this country. Instead of addressing the matter intelligently, certain quarters made a police report and claim it is to be seditious.

What is wrong with us in this country that has led us to a point that we cannot even ask questions? Was it a difficult question that has no answer? I don’t think so.

Dr Tee suggested that financial allocation is to distribute along religion and ethnic lines based on population ratio. Respectfully, this is probably the WORSE idea that I have ever heard in my lifetime coming from an academician.

The more I read, the more I begin to question this guy sanity.

I hope the government will NOT consider Dr Tee view seriously. If they do I believe we are heading for a disaster.

At this point, though I have not addressed all Dr Tee argument is his long article, I felt it is enough. It pains me to read the rest. ..."

For the obvious reasons we now can appreciate why Utusan Malaysia hired him as a columnist. He is there to add the necessary fuel to ensure that this beloved nation of ours continues to be divided along ethnic and religious lines. I do not think Utusan will hire people like me..."
-Dr. Rafick


ktteokt said...

Not forgetting this whole lot of trash came out of a guy who is not even qualified to be a MALAY!

rick said...

"Allah did not create all Malays to be Muslims. Neither did Allah restrict Islam for the Malays only"

What a beautiful statement :)