Monday 8 March 2010

PERKASA: The Rise of the UMNO-Inspired Racist Bastards in Malaysia

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Satu Melayu Pariah

PERKASA says Chinese will take over the country in the next election


Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani in The Malaysian Insider

Malay nationalist group Perkasa warns that the Chinese community will use the next general election to take over the country.

Perkasa feels that the last general election weakened the Malays and empowered the Chinese community.

Dr Zubir Harun, director of Perkasa’ economic bureau, who was at the Malay Consultative Council’s (MPM) round-table discussion, said during his presentation that a divided Malay community will empower the other races.

According to delegates at the discussion and documents received by The Malaysian Insider, Perkasa wants the New Economic Policy (NEP) to be the “spirit” of the New Economic Model (NEM).

“Perkasa believes that disunity among the Malays has weakened Umno, causing the non-Malays to be more vocal in their demands. They say that the Chinese are also blackmailing the government to give in to their demands by threatening to vote for Pakatan Rakyat,” said one of the delegates.

Zubir also said that Perkasa is worried that the New Economic Model will have a Chinese agenda. He said,
The Chinese people feel that the next general election is the best opportunity for them to gain power in this country.

"...This is why Chinese NGOs, such as Ziong Dong and Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce, are using this chance to make demands of the government. If their demands are not met, then they will vote Pakatan Rakyat who are willing to give everything to the Chinese,” he elaborated in his presentation.

The Malays have “sacrificed” for the country by allowing “the immigrants” to live in Malaysia.

It must be reminded that the Malay people have sacrificed tremendously since independence with a quid pro quo policy... the Malay race have compromised by allowing foreigners into the country.

The Malays endured hundreds of years of colonization and the result is the migration of foreigners into the country. We were forced to accept this policy."
Zubir also slammed non-Malays and liberal Malays for wanting to rewrite the country’s Constitution and social contract.

Perkasa believes that the NEP is still relevant because it will help the Malay community to counter a market which is dominated by the Chinese.

The Malaysian Insider reported today that the government has decided to incorporate the proposed New Economic Model (NEM) into the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) in June, as fine-tuning and tweaks will go beyond its initial end-March launch.

It was learnt the delay came after feedback from various quarters prompted the government to rework its ideas and proposals that will turn Malaysia into a high-income nation based on innovation and creativity.

Among those with reservations about the NEM are the MPM which yesterday demanded it be based on the 1970s-era New Economic Policy (NEP) and should comply with Article 153 of the Federal Constitution that protect Malay and Bumiputera’s special position.


The economic agenda of MPM and Mukhriz’s mea culpa


"Sakmongkol AK47" (Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri bin Hj Abdul Aziz )

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If someone were to ask me- what do you think of the round table discussion sponsored by the Malay Consultative Council (MCC) I will answer as follows. I did not attend that forum although I did get an invitation to go there.

I was gladly spared the preaching of Ibrahim Ali and the sleep inducing drone of Mukhriz Mahathir. I have read the statements of the gadfly from Pasir Mas- Ibrahim 'Stopa' Ali( he is also known as stopa among his local supporters) and also the bloody hazy but almost sounding meaningful noises from MUkhriz Mahathir.

I suddenly realised this. Between the posturing of Ibrahim Ali and his MCC and the clueless MUkhriz , the whole shebang about fearing or hoping for Malay economic salvation is just hot air and a blatant excuse for some special Malays to make more money. Yes sir- it's all just an excuse for some people to make money and to ensure the way to make money stays there in the NEM.

Ibrahim Ali can continue making money for championing Malay economic interests. He can build more bridges, have money to send people for Haj or Umrah, he can get more land from Menteri Besars etc.

People like MUkhriz Mahathir can also continue making more money fighting the imaginary dragons that are coming after the holy economic interests of the Puteras. If you look at his Fibre Optic business- his is probably the only Malay name of significance there and his brother's Kencana Petroleum or whatever, is just another Chinese moneyed company.

We are fooled people.

Allow me first to elaborate on what I think has become a standard operating procedure by UMNO people and their soul mates outside. Let's start by stating that Ibrahim Ali is UMNO in its worse form. Let's talk about the way they force things in their favour.

When a few churches were burnt to the ground, we didn't see any riotous response. There may be a number of reasons why that is so. Maybe its Christian teachings- I don't know which. Maybe, because PM Najib handled it the way he thinks is the best way- give money to burnt churches. We saw young Christians offering flowers to people in the streets, something strange in a Muslim dominated country.

We did not reach that calamitous level of church burnings, we can already see the different manner of reactions. Any hint at all of some impairment to the much worshipped concept of Malay dominance is likely to result in near mutinous reaction.

It has been a number of months, since PM Najib started dismantling some of what he thinks are impediments to greater competition. He has liberalised some subsectors in the service industry. In one of my articles, I have pointed out that these subsectors are of no consequence to Malay economic interests as Malay participation in those is very minimal to start with. As early as that time, Ibrahim Ali regarded that move as a challenge and threat to Malay economic interest. Inadvertently he was saying- PM Najib isn't Malay enough.

Even then, Malay groups were agitated. UMNO hawks are also seething over the abolishment of a Ministry which was tasked at looking at Malay economic interests. In effect, they were looking at the economic interests of special Bumputeras only. The abolishment of that ministry is therefore sacrilegious.

People like Ibrahim Ali responded the only way he knows best- carry out some form of riotous actions. Go to Penang, herd all those impoverished traders who were impoverished since Gerakan time with collusion from UMNO Penang. Demonstrate here and there. Create anarchy where possible. Cow the government into submission.

So UMNO some in a prized cattle or sow.

If we were to study the statements given by Ibrahim 'Stopa' Ali and the convoluted ideas of Mukhriz Mahathir, we wonder actually what the round table on the NEM is all about.

Ibrahim Ali is at least true to form- he wants the NEM to reflect the dominant and overriding interest of Malays. By Malays he meant the puteras in the Bumi. Hence article 153 should be read into every economic measure taken by the government.

But Mukhriz? We don't know what his message is. No the NEM does not sideline the NEP. Maybe the MPM is misunderstood.

Hello, Minister- the MPM is pressing for more intense affirmative strategies- something you should be criticizing unequivocally as they are rejecting the dismantling of the economy.

MUkhriz is more interested in not offending the MPM as they have a large Malay membership. MUkhriz was careful not to jeopardize a potential support base. So he does what a generic politician will do- hunt with the dogs and run with the hare.

Its time all Malays see the real agenda of the economic measures insisted upon by MPM and the new measures that are waiting to be announced. They are actually two sides of the same coin- the same coin representing an excuse for privileged Malays to make more money.
-"Sakmongkol AK47"


Anonymous said...

This man is mad.May God forgive him.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot understand how the MSM can circulate such drivel. It is already 50 years now. You see, PKR won in Selangor and Penang. The concept of Federalism as undestood by NB is still playing out and keeps turning these two stes on their heads..

We have to get out of this syndrome of this BN country and this PKR country. Once the elections are over this is Our Country. Please stay away from this kind of politics because it will divide this country and allow foreigners to take side and help the warlords they think will bring the greatest benefit to them. Are we so blind that we cannot see what has happened to so many Third World Copuntries. Or are we so gulible that we think that outside forces will help us retain power and keep the opposition at bay.

I hope that GOD will give the wisdom to my leader to do at the beginning what he will be froced to do unsuccessfully in the end.Ramalx

Anonymous said...

So what should the Chinese take over the running of this Nation? I do not even care 2 hoots should the Orang Asli do it provided they can prove themselves to do a good proper job done. Without all the wastage of NEPs of course. That's essentially what Ibrahim is actually complaining about. He's just a bloody racist, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Ibrahim Ali the unwanted illegitimate who went to Parliament through the backdoor of PAS. He can say all the shit but Kelantanese Malays are disowning him

bumi-non-malay said...

Lets focus on Past 50 Years of UMNOMalays Take Over...

1. Racism
2. Corruption
3. SHAM Judiciary
4. SHAM Perak Sultan and Other Sultan so called Myth Defender of Islam Insult Disaster.
5. Police Brutality
6. MACC Murderer
7. Rela Brutality
8. Economic Pariah
9. Education Disaster

And you expect Malay to believe your CRAP and SHAM.....grow up babies...this is an era where we have a Black USA What is the Big deal of a Chinese PM??...Do your very Worst...and Malaysian will Not exiest in the same manner anymore. Its so Terrible that any Change is Better than the Current Country run by RACIST BIGOTS and CORRUPTED Insulter of ISLAM UMNO.... That is what Malays think.

$1 Singapore Dollar = $2.4 Ringgit...... Melayu masih Belum Sedar...?? Bila $1 Singapore Dollar = $4 Ringgit sedar belum??... Sampai anak awak Mati Kelaparan Sedar belum.?? Kerana nak kuasa ..Gadaikan Kelaparan & Maruah anak awak demi kuasa...inikah Matlamat Allah??...Manakala semua anak UMNO, saudara-mara semua hidup Gemuk, Mewah...Fikir-lah mengapa awak DIPERGUNA Sampai 50 Tahun untuk siapa...Allah atau UMNO Racist??

Anonymous said...

With this toad around , malaysia
NO need to wait till 21-12-2012 lah!

Anonymous said...

Malay nationalist...??

Heck, they're just plain racist crooks who wants to continue looting our country. It's all about the money; racism is just a hobby.

They're just common crooks, not nationalist at all.

Anonymous said...

it's 'berkasar/perkasar' & bukan lah
perkasa ...ok !?

Anonymous said...

perkosa lah bukan perkasar atau perkasa @#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

Perkosa !? rapist ????

Anonymous said...

This Ibrahim Bastard talk rubbish.Go to hell and fuck yourself

Anonymous said...

it's perdosa BUKAN perkasa !!

Anonymous said...

This racialistic dickhead bum Ib Ali talk of the constitution as if it was more powerful than the Quran. The constitution has been changed so many times by the BN/UMNO government over its 52-year reign that the constitution itself is nothing more than a legalisation of racism.
I hope and pray that at the next general election, the opposition gains greater than two-thirds majority so that it can repeal all the misdeeds that have been inflicted on our constitution. It only goes to prove the BN/UMNO is in government only for (its members' interests) itself and to hold on to power any way it can. Enshrining racism into the constitution is repulsive.
With people like this dickhead bum,championing the Malay cause, the Malays should be REALLY worried.
A racist is someone who protects his own race. In his case, what this dickhead does is protecting only Umno, not all Malays or bumiputeras.This dickhead is really a traitor to his race and religion for viewing them as intolerant, backwards, incapable of fending for themselves or competing on equal terms with the rest of civilisation. Leaders like this dickhead put Malaysia esp the fwd looking, moderate Malays to shame to the whole world.

Anonymous said...

The Best Name for Berahim Ali's Parti is PERKOSA! Ini anak sundal Kelate can go fuck spider.Come PRU 13 katok puru ( toad in Kelatanese)ini will sink and vanish into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

i believe ibrahim saying Chinese will take over. Not all chinese .... only Vincent Tan lah. Taking over all the gambling dens...

Anonymous said...

This is one of the the basterds who supported the removal of our Royal Highnesses' Immunities and now claimed his Perkosa Organisation is the Protector of Malay Sovereignity. And soon another Father of Derhaka and rascist is going to officiate his gatherings of Devils

Anonymous said...

O la la Ibrahim Ali Baba! Hentam menate Cino tapi gomo duit Cino.