Thursday 24 June 2010

Australia Has the FIRST FEMALE Prime Minister

julia gillard

Kevin Rudd Steps Down as Prime Minister to make way for Julia Gillard.

Its unprecedented in Australian political history for the party to bring down a leader during his first time as Prime Minister.

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd was the most popular Prime Minister of all times based on polls



Julia Eileen Gillard (born 29 September 1961) is a Welsh-born Australian politician representing the Australian Labor Party (ALP), of which she has been the deputy leader since 4 December 2006. Since 3 December 2007 she has been the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, the first woman and the first foreign-born person to hold this position.

This makes her the highest-ranking woman in the history of Australia's federal parliament.

On 11 December 2007 she became the first woman in Australia's history to assume the prime ministerial role, when she acted as prime minister while Kevin Rudd attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali.

She is also the Minister for Education, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and the Minister for Social Inclusion.

Gillard is due to contest the position of Leader of the Australian Labor Party at a special caucus meeting on 24 June 2010. If elected by the Labor caucus she will become the 27th Prime Minister of Australia and the country's first female prime minister.

Gillard has been an ALP member of the House of Representatives since the 1998 federal election. She represents the Division of Lalor in Victoria.

Gillard's partner is Tim Mathieson, a hairdresser. She does not have any children.

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Anonymous said...

Male or female Prime Minister does not matter. We need one who can turn the country around. One country in this region had a per capita income of $400.00 in 1966 and today their per capitia income in $40,000.00