Monday, 5 July 2010

PM Najib and His Advisors Mismanage PI Bala and the Altantuya Murder Case

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The Meaning of Strong, Determined and Serious Leadership


sakmongkolSakmongkol AK47
(Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. who was the Pulau Manis (Pahang) assemblyman from 2004-2008).

We trivialize things when we say; we shouldn't believe what the opposition says because they are opposition.

This line of thinking means, as the opposition, they will always lie about facts and the truth. Opposition is driven by one aim- that of denigrating its opponents.

How valid is such a proposition?

If it's true, then whatever UMNO says in Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, WP, Selangor and even Perak, should not be believed at all. They are drivel. Why? Because in these places they (BN) ARE the opposition. And opposition will always politicize facts and truth and that they are twisted and demented people.

What do we have then? We have a political Mexican standoff. We can't move because to do so would place us at disadvantage.

The reasons why we are at this stage are because we did not address the issue head-on when it was a minor problem.

When Balasubarmaniam surfaced and talked about how the carpet seller Deepak and the PM's brother corrupted him by offering RM 5 million, everyone says that was just a lie.

He was even able to produce a cheque or something, how did we refute that? We refuted it dismissively saying it was not true and it's all a fabrication and a figment of the imagination of a heinous person.

No one took up the issue seriously. The person most affected by the allegation, the PM repeated a mere statement saying that it was a lie.

What would a serious leader do?

He would haul the person alleging a very serious thing to court and have the court deal with the accuser and liar seriously.

At the very least, sue the accuser for defamation or something.

Get hold of the carpet seller and charge him in court for abetting people out to defame and overthrow a legitimate PM and his government. Maybe even a charge of treason punishable by death. The allegations brought by this Bala are not a walk in the park which can be treated in a most cavalier and dismissive manner.

We shouldn't be dismissive about things such as this. Bala's allegations should be confronted with our own clear and firm denial. The veracity can only be established by an independent team of verifier and adjudicator.

Wrong move number one.

We should fire the PM's advisors.

In the United States, a sitting president would be impeached and testimony taken from him. That is the only way to exonerate him or to have him removed.

Our objective should be to prove that what Bala and his conspirators say are untruths. The facts and stories they produced must be matched by equally convincing refuting facts and story. It's never sufficient and much less convincing to brush them off by saying these are just politically motivated stories.

Wrong move number two?

By repeating this defective manufactured story linking what Bala or RPK want to say as machinations of the opposition and therefore they MUST be lies.

Fire your stupid minister or ministers who suggest this storyline because of a perceived link between RPK and Bala and PKR, then these are all lies.

Why should anyone be prevented from meeting up with RPK? He hasn't committed any crime and if he has, then the long arms of the law should be sufficient to bring him back. The inability of our own law enforcing agency to bring him back from UK would suggest that we have not got sufficient standing to have RPK extradited.

We haven't got a case against him. If we have, then the UK law enforcing agency must be the stupidest in the world for not working alongside to enforce valid laws.

This the Home Minister hasn't answered but he is busy telling stories about the link between RPK and PKR.

Probably some UMNO people will even say, these people are the same because the syllables in their names are the same.

What's so saddening about allowing the MACC to go to London and expose the vicious lies and innuendos that this Bala is doing?

And we can also expose the possibility that RPK and Zaid and PKR are the people behind the plot to overthrow the legitimate government through an extra judicial means.

We need a strong, determined and serious leadership.


Anonymous said...

We must at all cost keep this brutal murder of the poor Mongolian woman episode alive. Those murderer/s and accomplices are trying to prevent and delay this brutal murder case hoping the rakyat will forget about it just as those involved in the TBH murder.
Forget the MACC, PFRM and our so called judiciary to bring justice.
We must keep reminding the whole world on this until justice is done irrespective. The two scapegoats are now probably have a new identity each and now probably live with tons of $$$$$$$$ happily somewhere around the world.
While that Razak and his family now quietly living luxuriously in a foreign country.

Anonymous said...

Dear S47, how else can a liar lie about the truth, but declare it a lie?

If Najib were to do as you prescribe, he would be putting a rope around his neck and slinging it across a beam himself.All that need to be done after that is for the people to pull up the other end of the rope, and habis cerita!

He need to be dragged out struggling and protesting to get anywhere need the truth.For he is living in the paradisaical wonderland of lies.He thrives in far. mycuntree

Anonymous said...

Dear S47,

40% of what is said by the opposition and the blogs on the internet is true. That is a good start.Ramalx