Saturday 21 August 2010

Australian Federal Election 2010: Government Lost Majority, 5 Independents to Decide Next Government

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Australia is almost certainly headed for a hung parliament after the closest election since World War II saw no result returned by midnight Saturday Sydney time.

With 77.7% of the vote, there was NO clear winner.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott fell short of winning a majority in their own right. Both leaders signalled they would fight to win the support of the five independents who are likely to decide their fate.

The final result may not be known for up to 10 days as pre-poll and postal votes are counted.

A hung parliament has emerged as the most likely scenario after Labor's majority was smashed by big swings in Queensland and NSW that cost it a swag of seats.

The Greens emerged as the big winners in the reshaping of the political landscape, taking the balance of power in the Senate as well as the lower house seat of Melbourne.

To take power, a party needs 76 seats , and both parties will now be looking to form coalitions with the Greens and Independents, but even this could result in an even split, which could see another election called in a matter of weeks.

As counting finished on the east coast, the Coalition appeared to have won 73 seats, with Labor on 72.

With 76 per cent of the vote counted Labor looks to have lost 15 seats, taking its representation to 70 and the Coalition has gained 13 seats taking it to 72 seats.

The Coalition had won 50.3 per cent of the two-party preferred vote and Labor 49.7 per cent, suffering a three per cent swing against it.

On primary votes the government has suffered a 5.4 per cent swing, while the Coalition has gained a swing of 1.7 per cent.

Labor's failure to win a majority has reopened the wounds of Kevin Rudd's dumping as prime minister, with defeated star Labor candidate Maxine McKew criticising the national campaign.

She also conceded that the removal of Mr Rudd had been a factor in Labor's losses. “Clearly you can't have the removal of a Labor leader as prime minister and two months later have an election and not have that playing into the outcome,” she said.


flyer168 said...

"Australian Federal Election 2010: Government Lost Majority, 5 Independents to Decide Next Government"


Just to share this... - Australian Candidates Pander to Money, Jews - by John Vermeulen
This is how one pundit characterized the run-up to the Australian election Aug. 21 :

"Here's the plot: an unmarried, foreign-born, atheist woman whose partner is a male hairdresser wants to lead a nation famous for manly men. Her opponent [Tony Abbott] is the Mad Monk - a Speedo-loving amateur boxer who once studied to be a priest." (William Pesek in "An election about nothing that's made for TV")

Australia's current prime minister Julia Gillard is the first woman and first unmarried (cohabiting) childless Prime Minister of Australia.

Australian journalist Andrew Bolt noted that Julia Gillard began as a Communist and was a member of the Socialist Forum from 1998-2002 which later merged with the Fabian Society.

mhp: The Fabians, the Round Table, and the Rhodes Scholars -
The Fabians were working towards a new world by indoctrinating young scholars who would eventually rise to power in various policy-making positions throughout the world by infiltrating educational institutions, government agencies, and political parties.

Their strategy was called the "doctrine of inevitability of gradualism," which meant that their goals would be gradually achieved. So gradual, that nobody would notice, or "without breach of continuity or abrupt change of the entire social issue." Unquote.

You be the judge.


Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

At least it is fair in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get to watch this. So guys stay tuned, check it out and inform your friends

Subject: RPK on BBC Hardtalk Sep 1 2010 10 pm local time



Anonymous said...

Australian Federal Election is corrupt process
1. this is law & order
2. abuse of students
3. media silence
4. who supports organized crime
5. the worlds opinion

Anonymous said...

new abuse of students, Australia cant make it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Australia... anywhere any trouble, Australias first to offer help or send its troops. Why not provide their humanitarian efforts (truly laudable) to their own citizens and then go elsewhere? It is much like your family is starving and you engage in work to assist feed the family across the street. Australia start at home and when that problem is solved move on elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I am not unsympathetic to the needs of those in other countries but to 'start at home' its a good idea. Once we learn to take care
of ourselves then the honor is most deserving when we take care of others. When you consider others before doing what one can of our own, I wonder about the motivation. And about Australia I wonder a lot. K.K.Sueiin

Anonymous said...

I knew and heard Australia abuses Indian tudents (and foreign students in general) but this Velsa is one of them. I mean after 20 years in Australia you cant be migrant anymore. I guess
Theres, Singapore

Anonymous said...

"Australia is almost certainly headed for a hung parliament"
No Australia is corrupt country and the Government wont allow a fair election. See this

Anonymous said...

Australia's NO GO zone for the last three-four years. Politically unstable and corrupt

Anonymous said...

so many countries to choose from and we are stuck with Australia.. Dont go, as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

students are not safe there.

Anonymous said...

wow, wow... my, my.. who would ever think about Australia that way.

Anonymous said...

dont understand whats the problem?
theres 100000 universities around the world,stay away from Australia
if something happens its your fault - you have been warned

Anonymous said...

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard began as a Communists. She was a member of the Socialist Forum from 1998-2002 which later merged with the Fabian Society.
Kevin Rudd was Chinese Ambasador.
When I was student overthere everyone around me was concern. Ruhman

Anonymous said...

Re - news about AUSTRALIA
Until there is much more organised revolt against this dictatorship, and until new political forces emerge to help co-ordinate and channel that dissent and give real electoral alternatives Australia will keep sinking in history.

Anonymous said...

Now is more clearer; never could understand why they abuse us, Indian students. Its in their nature; they abuse everyone, even their own.

Anonymous said...

Dont go there. Plain and simple. Canada, USA, France, UK everywhere but Australia

Anonymous said...

Dont go there. Plain and simple. Canada, USA, France, UK everywhere but Australia

Anonymous said...

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