Thursday 4 November 2010

Galas and Batu Sapi By-Elections: THE FINAL RESULTS


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8.45 PM


GALAS (Kelantan)

GALAS (Kelantan)

Official results from 26/26 streams show :

Abdul Aziz Yusof 5,324
Dr Zulkefli Mohamad 4,134

Majority : 1,190

Official results from EC

BN Linda Tsen 9,773
PKR Ansari Abdullah 3,414
SAPP Yong Teck Lee 2,031

Majority: 6,359

The above results was announced by the Election Commission at the main tally centre in Sandakan community hall.

Quick Analysis:
The result of this by-election in Batu Sapi reflect that of the 2008 general election. In 2008, Tsen's late husband Edmund Chong bagged 9,479 votes against his opponent, Independent Chong Kwong Ming's 5,771. In this by-election, the combined opposition has 5,445 votes. (from Malaysiakini)



8.35 pm

Official results from 26/26 streams show :
BN: 5,324
PAS: 4,134

Majority : 1,190

Unofficial results show that CHINESE voters have returned their support to BN.
Galas DAP election chief Thomas Su says in 2008, PAS won 1,784 votes in three areas where Chinese voters are prominent - Pulai, Kampung Baru and Bandar Lama. In THIS by-election, it won 1,578 votes. It lost 206 votes, or 4.92 percent

Commentary by Raja Petra:
By the way, Umno is most likely going to win the Galas by-election today. And the Umno people are going to say that this is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s win and not Umno’s win. If Najib had gone down to Galas to campaign then PAS would have won instead.

Some say PAS purposely ‘allowed’ Umno to win as a ‘favour’ to Tengku Razaleigh who is fighting hard to get the oil royalty for Kelantan. The word on the ground was that the PAS machinery was told NOT to attack Tengku Razaleigh. This, in fact, happened in 2008 and that was why Gua Musang went to Tengku Razaleigh. And I got this from the horse’s mouth.And of course the Batu Sapi by-election in Sabah is a foregone conclusion."

Commentary by Terence of The Sun: " Ab Aziz of BN has very good PR and he is a local boy. Dr Zul of PAS an introvert."

Linda Tsen of BN is set to win with a big margin in Batu Sapi (Sabah).
EC official results shows BN has won in 9 out of 10 polling streams

Commentary by Anil Netto:
Simultaneously holding of by-elections on both sides of the South China Sea divided the Pakatan's limited resources.
If the opposition votes in Batu Sapi are combined, the BN would have won by around 3,200 votes - that is, a reduced majority. So as expected, the Sapp-PKR failure to work together played into the BN's hand.




EC ‎​says FINAL OFFICIAL turnout is 82.71pc or 9,555

8.45 pm

Official results from 26/26 streams show :
BN: 5,324
PAS: 4,134

Majority : 1,190

7.40 pm

OFFICIAL Results for 20/26 streams show

BN: 3,864
PAS: 3,048

BN majority: 816

7.30 pm

MP Tian Chua from PR has conceded defeat in Galas.

7.20 pm

2,000 votes still to be counted


BN 4273,
PAS 3744.
BN leads by 529 votes

Pas wiped out in Orang Asli areas.
PAS had only 5 votes in Bihai

7.10 pm

Abdul Aziz Yusof (BN-Umno) - 3,258
Dr Zulkefli Mohamad (PAS) - 2,348
Majority - 910

BN appears to win back Chinese votes which they had lost in the 2008 general election.
Galas has two Chinese-majority areas, in which Pulai is considered a BN stronghold.
PAS initially aimed to win Kampung Baru with a bigger majority so that they can cover an expected defeat in Pulai, another Chinese-majority area.

7.05 pm

Unofficial results show BN set to recapture Galas with 700-vote majority

7.00 pm (unofficial)
BN 2834,
PAS 2270,

PAS not looking good....

6.55 PM
GALAS (unofficial)
BN : 2,510
PAS: 2,192

BN - 107
PAS - 46

6.45 pm:

Galas (unofficial results):
PAS 621,
BN 584

Bandar Lama (saluran 3):
PAS 228,
BN 231.

5.30 PM

The EC announces that the voters turnout is 77.73 percent or 8,980 voters. This does NOT include the turnout in three Orang Asli areas - Pos Belatim, Pos Balar and Pos Bihar.

Orang Asli votes NOT counted at Polling station because their votes were FLOWN to Gua Musang. Anything can happen to the ballot box from Polling Station to Gua Musang while in the air.


Ballot papers at SRJK(C) Kampung Baru polling station has no party logo. PAS reported the matter to the police. Read here for more

Read HERE: At BN Bukit Cekati, 300 voters heading to a makeshift room to receive RM250 each from BN/UMNO officials after coming out of the voting booth. When asked, they say that they have been given RM250. READ HERE ALSO

galas byelection

galas byelection nov 2010

5 pm:
Polling closes

3 pm:
EC says turnout as of 3pm is 66.23pc or 7,651 excluding Orang Asli districts.

12.30 pm:
EC says turnout up to 12 noon is 49.61pc or 5,732 voters EXCLUDING Orang Asli districts.

Prediction: PAS will take Galas.

Ong Kian Ming's prediction is that PAS will retain Galas with a majority of 370 votes while the BN will retain Batu Sapi with a majority of 1800 votes, with the SAPP trailing in second place and PKR not far behind.


SAPP is the spoiler .

8.35 pm

Official FINAL results from EC
Linda Tsen 9,773,

Ansari Abdullah 3,414 ,


Yong Teck Lee
2,031 ,


8.00 pm

OFFICIAL results from EC
total of 40 of 46 ballot boxes received.
BN: 7689,
PKR: 2786,
SAPP: 1726,
Majority: 4903.

EC results for POSTAL votes
BN: 1268,
PKR: 133,
SAPP: 24



BN 8,538,
PKR 3,281,
SAPP 2,007.
Majority 5,257


Its Official, BN (Linda Tsen) wins BATU SAPI

(unofficial results):
BN 5,084,
PKR 2,022,
SAPP 1,250

SK Cheng Min:
Saluran 1,
PKR 34,
SAPP 15,
BN 42.

Saluran 3,
PKR 34,
SAPP 50,
BN 116.

Saluran 4,
PKR 123,
Sapp 45,
BN 148

Perpustakaan Wilayah Sandakan:
Saluran 2,
PKR 88,
SAPP 35,
BN 98.

Saluran 3,
PKR 68,
SAPP 15,
BN 119.

Pulau Timbang:
Saluran 1,
PKR 17,
SAPP 35,
BN 463.

Saluran 2,
PKR 4,
SAPP 14,
BN 153.


EC official results shows BN has won in 9 out of 10 polling streams

7.15 pm

Victorious BN candidate Linda Tsen arrives at the Sabah chief minister's guesthouse.

She is greeted with a rousing and thunderous applause from the crowd.

7.05 pm

Tian Chua of PR has conceded BN will win.

BN 5,051
PKR 1,709
SAPP 1,018

6.45pm: (Unofficial)

BN's majority is expanding...

BN 3226,
PKR 1269,
SAPP 814.
Spoilt votes 420

6.30 pm

BN Linda Tsen 1,496,
Ansari Abdullah 752,
Yong Teck Lee 422.
Spoilt votes 394

Unofficial results from 2 saluran:
BN 266,
PKR 177,
Sapp 94

5.30 pm:

(UNOFFICIAL) Tronglit (Muslim bumiputera majority polling station), which ended polling at 3pm:

Saluran 1:
Linda Tsen - 153
Yong Teck Lee - 14
Ansari Abdullah - 4

At 5 pm: 15,774 turned out to vote ie 61.47%.

5 pm:
Polling closes

3.30 pm
Voting at SK Pulau Timbang has closed.
Voting at SK Segaliud continues until 4pm.
Elsewhere, voting continues until 5pm.

3.00 pm
EC says turnout is 52.06pc or 13,318 voters.

12.30 PM:

The voters turnout is 36.2 percent, or 9,261 voters

Prediction: BN will take Batu Sapi.

Ong Kian Ming's prediction is that BN will retain Batu Sapi with a majority of 1800 votes, with the SAPP trailing in second place and PKR not far behind.




PAS HQ in Raja Laut in KL on fire. The first and ground floor was burnt. Fire brigade at the scene.