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Tun Dr. Mahathir, You are a Mean Spirited Old Man Who REFUSES to take Responsibility and Thinks Malaysia Owes YOU a Living!


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PERKASA and ME…a Short Reply to Tun Dr Mahathir !

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Tun (Dr Mahathir),

You said that when the 5th PM took over it was obvious he was incompetent and unable to govern the country and grow its economy.

Was it not YOU who choose this obviously incompetent 5th PM to succeed you?

As YOU choose Musa (Hitam)? Musa teamed up with Ku Li. The final ramifications of their challenge to your leadership in UMNO was the declaration of UMNO as an unlawful society due to the existence of several unregistered branches and the purge of ALL Team B members from your cabinet, despite YOUR early pledges NOT to do so!

As YOU choose Anwar(Ibrahim) - and we know what the ramification of that decision is now! It resulted in the loss of the two third majority long held by BN and the coming into being of a credible Pakatan Rakyat opposition. I know you will rue the day when you did make that decision to give Anwar the opportunity to be what he is now –leader of the opposition! The final ramification of your decision in appointing Anwar as your deputy will only be played out in the 13th general election – a general election that you are evidently aware is there for Pakatan Rakyat to lose! Not for UMNO to win!

And now Abdullah Badawi. YOU choose him did you not? And did you do so knowing that Abdullah was incompetent in the hope that there was a way you could still crawl back into the PM seat after you have agreed to leave?

Then when Abdullah did not put a foot wrong as DPM and you were forced to leave, YOU had hoped that he would protect your so called “legacies” - like the crooked bridge, Putrajaya and the many financial abuse YOU PROMOTED under YOUR PM tenure? But that was not to be.

Incompetent as Abdullah may be, he was not about to let YOUR abuses be kept under wraps.

And so began, to YOUR anger, the unraveling of YOUR years as PM.

Three DPM all chosen by YOU, TUN - all failures (by your reckoning) and are all these three DPM to be blamed for the pathetic state that UMNO is now in?

Or maybe...just maybe YOU might have had a hand in all this failures? Do the sums Tun - three DPM's all chosen by YOU and all to be blame for UMNO's current woes?

These were just DPM's - YOU were the one in full control of UMNO and the government!

are the one who must take responsibility!

Everyone else to be blamed for the massive financial abuse of high office by UMNO politicians – abuses that occurred under YOUR watch?

Everyone else to be blamed for the hideous proliferation of money politics within the ranks of UMNO and BN – abuses that YOU, TUN, conveniently closed one eye and shut the other?

Everyone one else to be blamed for the greed and nepotism that YOU personally encouraged – look no further then YOUR own family – and the clarion call put out to all Malays – join UMNO and become rich beyond your dreams!

And money politics became UMNO’s culture and a way of life for all of UMNO’s political elite! All this could only be done with the overt and tacit approval of the President of UMNO, the PM of Malaysia – YOU, TUN! YOU ! YOU ! YOU!

YOU too presided over the prostitution of the Malaysian Judiciary who unashamedly did the bidding of their political UMNO master and is still doing so!

And I can go on TUN…but I think that is enough for now.

This is just another way of looking at how things really were under YOUR rule. You are entitled to your opinion and so am I. The proof is in the pudding. The 13th general elections will be your final political curtain.

The 12th general election was your Waterloo – it already cemented your place in Malaysian Political history – it is a lesson learned – all future political parties in Malaysia would ensure that there would NEVER be the possibility of another Mahathir!
  • A Mahathir that will stay beyond his use by date!

  • A Mahathir who believed that any means could be used in as long as it justifies the ends as he saw it – not for the good of the nation but for the purpose of keeping this Mahathir in power forever and ever!

  • A Mahathir that used any means at his disposal to divide and rule not only his own UMNO party and his Barisan Nasional partners but also his own Malay race and the people of Malaysia.

  • And a Mahathir shrewd enough to know that he would rather have Ministers who were corrupt and weak of the flesh in his cabinet because it would be so much easier for him to have them at his beck and call.

TUN, it is time YOU looked within yourself and see yourself for what YOU really are. A mean old man who thinks the whole of Malaysia owes you a living!

YOU need to take responsibility for what UMNO and BN has now become – a feeble political organization riddle with money politics, greed and arrogance incapable of winning power in the 13th general election. And when the 13th general election is done…so will you be.

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You have probably already read Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Blog posting, ‘PERKASA and ME’, plus the replies -- ‘PERKASA and ME…a short reply to Tun!’, 'My Reply to Tun Mahathir Article – Pembinasa and Me' and ‘Reading Tun Dr Mahathir’.

Well, now let me reply as well.

By the time Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took over as Prime Minister on 1st November 2003, Malaysia had already seen independence (Merdeka) for 46 years. Almost half that 46 years was with Dr Mahathir as Prime Minister -- slightly over 22 years. A few more months and Dr Mahathir would have ruled Malaysia for half that 46 years.

Abdullah ruled Malaysia for slightly over five years. Considering that one term is five years, this means Abdullah was only a one-term Prime Minister -- although he took the country through two general elections. Dr Mahathir, however, was a five-term Prime Minister.

When Abdullah took over as Prime Minister, he inherited the policies, Cabinet, problems, and whatnot, of the previous regime. He would have needed one term to dismantle the old policies and address the ills and wrongdoings of the previous regime, and then implement his own policies and changes, which would take him another term.

This means we need to evaluate Abdullah’s performance over two terms, not one term. One term is not enough.

But Abdullah was first of all not allowed to introduce any changes. As soon as he tried, Dr Mahathir attacked him. And then he was ousted before he could serve his second term. So we will never know whether, if Abdullah was allowed a second term, he could have turned things around. Therefore, is the failure due to the incompetence of Abdullah or is it because he was blocked from implementing his plans?

Now, whenever Dr Mahathir is criticised about how he ran the country or whatever, he always says that he does not make sole decisions. All decisions are Cabinet decisions. The largest financial scandal, the PKFZ disaster, was a Cabinet decision, not the sole decision of the Prime Minister.

Okay, if this is how decisions are made, then how can Abdullah take sole responsibility for whatever went wrong? And remember, Abdullah inherited Dr Mahathir’s Cabinet when he took over. This was not Abdullah’s Cabinet but the Cabinet of the previous regime that Dr Mahathir headed for 22 years.

When Dr Mahathir makes mistakes the Cabinet has to be blamed. Mistakes made during Abdullah’s term of office are Abdullah’s fault entirely, nothing to do with the Cabinet.

Finally, I would have imagined that Dr Mahathir, as a seasoned enough politician, would not unwittingly admit that he is behind PERKASA. His latest Blog posting, however, reveals that he calls the shots when it comes to PERKASA. I can’t imagine him making this mistake.

Then again, did he really make a mistake? Dr Mahathir is too clever to make such mistakes. I can only suspect that it was intentional. It was to send a message to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak that he opposes the 1Malaysia in favour of Ketuanan Melayu and that he will use ‘his’ PERKASA to do this.

I smell another ouster in the cards. When Dr Mahathir said he does not understand what Abdullah’s Islam Hadhari means and that he only knows one type of Islam, this was the beginning of the end for Abdullah. Now Dr Mahathir says the same thing about 1Malaysia and I see this as also the beginning of the end for Najib.

When Abdullah tried dismantling Dr Mahathir’s legacy, the latter went for the former’s jugular. Would Najib now dare try what Abdullah tried? If he does then he will suffer the same fate as Abdullah. However, if he does not, then he becomes merely a proxy Prime Minister with Dr Mahathir as the de facto Prime Minister. Either way Najib will suffer.

When Najib proposes 1Malaysia and all those other reforms, Dr Mahathir opposes him. But when Najib proposes a RM5 billion 100-storey building even grander than the KLCC Twin Towers, Dr Mahathir supports it and says it is good for the country.

Do you get my drift now?

Najib is running this country and implementing policies the way Dr Mahathir would like them to be. That is the only way he can stay on as Prime Minister. And when Najib tries to ‘break away’ and launch his 1Malaysia, Dr Mahathir launches his PERKASA through proxy (Ibrahim Ali) and challenges it.

That, in a nutshell, is what is going on.

By the way, Umno is most likely going to win the Galas by-election today. And the Umno people are going to say that this is Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s win and not Umno’s win. If Najib had gone down to Galas to campaign then PAS would have won instead.

Some say PAS purposely ‘allowed’ Umno to win as a ‘favour’ to Tengku Razaleigh who is fighting hard to get the oil royalty for Kelantan. The word on the ground was that the PAS machinery was told not to attack Tengku Razaleigh. This, in fact, happened in 2008 and that was why Gua Musang went to Tengku Razaleigh. And I got this from the horse’s mouth.

And of course the Batu Sapi by-election in Sabah is a foregone conclusion.
-Raja Petra Kamarudin


Anonymous said...

Is it true that he had a black book in which the names and deeds of high ranking officials were recorded and used from time ro time.

Anonymous said...

mahathir are a useless bugger who keep on blaming others for ypur undoing. you are not a good leader. you are actually a coward ..hiding behind the cops and the AG.