Saturday 15 January 2011

UPDATED! Malaysian Muslims After Prayers Behave Like Uncompromising Taliban Street Thugs

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About 100 noisy protesters gathered outside Masjid Al-Ikhlasiah in Kampung Kerinchi this afternoon, demonstrating against a non-Muslim lawyer who had allegedly complained about the volume of the azan (call for prayer) from loudspeakers.


- A Disgrace to ISLAM


The controversy erupted when the complainant, believed to be a lawyer, sent a complaint directly to the prime minister's office, that in turn passed it to Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in charge of Islamic affairs, Jamil Khir Baharom, and the Federal Territories Islamic Department (Jawi).

The Muslim protestors were overheard saying that they intend to go to the address to “drag the complainant out and beat him up” while others shouted that the complainant is a “traitor”.


"Don't you dare challenge our religion," shouted Fauzi Che Ahmad, claiming to represent the mosque's congregation association. He also said that non-Muslims should be constantly reminded of the sensitivities of Islam.

Unfurling banners and shouting Allahu Akbar (God is great), the angry crowd also burned an effigy of the complainant.

The protesters, mobilised by the mosque's congregation association, Majlis Ayahanda Wilayah Persekutuan and other Muslim NGOs, also had banners displaying the details of the complainant, down to his name, address, phone number and email address.

In a press statement distributed by the organisers, they urged the government to charge the complainant under the Sedition Act as well as imposing the Internal Security Act for “threatening racial harmony”.

“As a lesson to him and people like him, the government should also advise the complainant to move out to another neighbourhood or even change his citizenship to countries that suits his taste, said the statement.

The organizers also demanded a PUBLIC apology from him to all the Muslims in the country.

Jawi then met the mosque committee late December last year, where the committee was allegedly instructed to lower the volume of their dawn azan. Since then, the mosque committee had claimed that they have complied but they are distancing themselves from the protestors.

About 20 police personnel kept a close watch nearby.

Some of the protestors also unfurled flags bearing the three colours of a Islamic proselytisation group Pekida.

In recent years, there has been increasing conflict between Muslims and non-Muslims over the volume of the azan.

In 2008, Selangor exco Teresa Kok was detained without trial after several pro-Umno blogs and Utusan Malaysia alleged that she had campaigned for the lowering of the azan volume at a mosque in Puchong.

She had since filed a RM30 million defamation suit efamation suit against former Selangor MB Dr Khir Toyo and the daily over the controversy while the mosque officials have cleared her of the allegation.

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Cara selesaikan masalah suara bising waktu Azan

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Timbalan Ketua Biro Perancangan Strategi Pemuda MCA Ng Kian Nam yang beralamat di (deleted) Kuala Lumpur dan boleh dihubungi melalui HP: (deleted) menghantar surat keada kementerian yang bersangkut paut dengan kebisingan azan di Masjid Ikhlasiah.

Isu ini telah diputar belitkan oleh golongan tertentu di mana sengaja atau berniat untuk memutar belit. Dalam surat Ng, beliau meminta perlahankan pembesar suara tetapi bukan memberhentikan penganut Islam menjalankan sembahyang Azan.

Maka mengikut arahan pihak atasan (jawi) terhadap Imam masjid, Mahadi Abdullah, untuk memperlahankan kekuatan bunyi speaker di masjid tersebut.Jadi nampaklah Jawi bersetuju dengan pendapat Ng bahawa sahnya suara azan amat mengganggu keamanan dan hak asasi manusia.

Kalau kita merujuk kepada perlembagaan di Malaysia memang tidak dinafikan perlembagaan Malaysia memang menentang suara azan yang lantang menganggu keamanan terhadap penghuni di sesebuah kawasan.

(5) Perkara ini tidaklah membenarkan apa-apa perbuatan yang berlawanan dengan mana-mana undang undangan yang berhubungan dengan ketenteraman awam, kesihatan awam atau prinsip moral.

Nampak ??? Sembahayang dengan gunakan loud speaker mengganggu ketenteraman awam adalah di larang sama sekali.

Begitu juga Nuisance Act

-" public nuisance arises when an act materially affects the reasonable comfort & convenience of the life of a class of the society". Person who may claim (civil proceeding)

-only a person who has suffered special damage can claim for damages for public nuisance. P has to prove that he has suffered damages & injury over & above the ordinary convenience suffered by the public at large. The following factors may be used as a guidance to determine the existence of special particular damage:
(i) the type or extent of damage is more serious, must suffer more than what is suffered by other persons who are exposed to the same interference.

- Jadi persoalannya, siapakah yang tidak mengikut undang-undang? Kalaulah Pukida sanggup membakar patung di depan masjid, kenapa tidak bakar buku perundangan sekali di mana undang-undang ini menyekat Pukida jadi hero Islam? Kalau boleh, bakar sekali Mahkamah di merata Malaysia. Ini lah Pahlwan Islam – semangat pejuang Islam yang tulin.

- Kalau kita tanya pihak Pukida, berapakah orang dari mereka bangkit pada waktu 5.45 subuh dan menunaikan sembahyang Azan? Ramai Melayu masih tidur nyenyak pada waku itu, mereka tak berani marah sebab malu diberitahu orang tidak menunaikan sembahyang Azan.

Memang tidak dapat dinafikan Ng Kiam Nam seorang yang pekak tidak memahami cara interaksi dengan Melayu Islam, pada hal masalah ini cukup senang diselesaikan tanpa perlu hantar apa-apa surat kepada pihak atasan. Cuma keluarkan 500 Ringgit Malaysia, 200 Ringgt derma untuk masjid Ikhlaisah yang baki lain suap masuk dalam poket Tok Imam yang jaga pembesar suara, semua akan selesai. Dia akan simpan duit dengan diam-diam, pembesar suara akan jadi perlahan, malah akan dia beri alasan bahawa kualiti amplifier kurang memuaskan. Kah kah kah

Kalau hendak selesaikan masalah dengan Melayu, tunaikan kepala Agung beberapa keping, geng Melayu Islam akan taat setia dan menjunjung kepala Agung, jadi pejuang Islam yang tutup mulut dan jalankan tugas mereka … Melayu Islam Nampak Duit apa pun boleh selesai. Kah kah kah.


Anonymous said...

It goes to show that their prayers were not accepted by Allah. If your prayers are accepted, God will always guide you to the right path; and not commit corruption, abuse of power, tormenting violence and calling for someone's life to be endangered.

Someone make a complaint to lower down the volume for the call of the Azan. The right and correct approach for the authorities is to engage the complainant and to sort it out privately with the complainant.

Of course, everybody has a right to complaint, but whether the complaint is accepted or not or acceded to depends on the wisdom of the religious authorities. I think in this case, his complaint has been accepted and the religious auth has directed the mosque committee member to tone down the volume of the loud-speaker a bit lower. What's the issue. It is not him asking you to stop praying or him asking him to reallocate the mosque elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

In places of worship I think that it wrong to use loud speakers. God hears our tone and tenor no matter what the voulume is.It does not mean that if you shout the loudest God will hear you. Have we Malaysians not read about Silent Prayer?

Anonymous said...

u 03.10 stupid. a call for azan is not asking god to hear instead telling muslims that prayer's time has come.

Anonymous said...

All these good pious muslim folk shouldnt need to be reminded that its prayer time. This is the 21century, surely they have alarm clocks by their bedside table to wake them up. Someone warbling in a microphone at is only going to piss EVERYONE off.

No wonder all these rioters are murderous, miserable and grumbly, someone yelling in your ear in the wee hours, in your deepest sleep must be torture.

Our humourless uneducated masses are the local taliban...

Anonymous said...

I can only describe these are a bunch of racialistic, holier than thou and nothing to do idiots. Instead of working and helping the country to move forwARD, here they are jumping like monkies and making themselves look like stupid clowns to the whole world. God help Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 17th January 00:06,

Please read in between the lines. We are in a multiracial country and we must measure our words. Calling me stupid does not make me stupid and certainly does not win the argument for you. You can take away by law the wealth I have but you can never take away what I have accumulated through a process of life long learning.Please be reminded that we are 50 years old now and we must show some sophisticated matuarity to the other members of the Association of South East Nations.(ASEAN)

I expect all Malysian to show some matuarity when we deabte these issues. Otherwise we are going to have the dialogue of the deaf and the blind leaders are going to lead us into deep sea of no return.