Friday, 13 May 2011

Sack the Bastards in UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia if Najib Wants 1Malaysia to Remain Relevant

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We Say

A Warning by the Government is NOT good enough.

This is NOT the first time Utusan Malaysia has incited racial and religious hatred against Non-Malays and Non-Muslims in the country.

It is done once too often. Malaysians have it enough.

The current Editor-in-Chief and the Editors should be charged
by this UMNO-led Government for sedition and for being a REAL threat to national security and to public safety.

If not, they SHOULD be SACKED by the owners of Utusan Malaysia.

Malaysian Voters, especially NON-Malay Voters, should ALWAYS keep in mind at every Election time that the anti-Non Malays and anti-Non Muslims UTUSAN MALAYSIA is owned by UMNO.

And UTUSAN MALAYSIA has always been, and is, a MOUTH-PIECE of UMNO.

UMNO and Prime Minister Datuk Najib cannot have it both ways, by first condoning the religious bigotry and racism in its own media-mouth piece and then wanting Malaysians to unite under the 1Malaysia banner.

Therefore, we urge that UMNO MUST act against these racist and religious bigots in Utusan Malaysia, for UMNO's own good.




The Home Ministry has slapped UMNO-owned Utusan Malaysia with a warning letter for publishing an unsubstantiated front-page article alleging a Christian plot to usurp Islam as the religion of the federation, which sparked a furore among the country’s majority Muslims and minority Christians.

The ministry today issued a statement that the editor-in-chief of the Umno-owned newspaper, Datuk Aziz Ishak, was invited to the ministry to explain the daily’s violation of the Printing Presses and Publishing Act 1984 (PPPA).

It also warned media organisations against running reports that may cause public unrest or content inconsistent with PPPA guidelines.

On Saturday, Utusan Malaysia carried a front-page article headlined “Kristian agama rasmi?” (Christianity the official religion?), claiming the DAP was conspiring with Christian leaders to take over Putrajaya and abolish Islam as the religion of the federation.

The report, based entirely on unsubstantiated blog postings by two pro-Umno bloggers, charged DAP with sedition for allegedly trying to change the country’s laws to allow a Christian prime minister.

Yesterday, the Penang government filed a formal complaint with the Home Ministry demanding stern action against Utusan Malaysia over the report.

In the complaint, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng sought for Prime Minister Najib Razak to act sternly against the Malay daily to prove that the newspaper does not enjoy full legal immunity.

Today, Lim took the matter further when he called for Najib to axe the Utusan Malaysia editors and reporters responsible for the “false report”.

Najib was also forced today to meet with the church leaders over the issue, after which the prime minister said he was pleased the church leaders had pledged to respect Islam’s position as the religion of the federation.

According to Najib, the church leaders also said Christians had no desire to challenge the provision within the Federal Constitution.

Najib did NOT , however, offer an apology for the report by his party’s (UMNO) mouthpiece.


Anonymous said...

That garbage reporting Utusan and its masters are insulting the intelligence of malaysians…changing the Perlembagaan needs 2/3 majority vote in Parliament, the Christians never harbour a dream to be the political dominant force in Malaysia and why are christians sharing such a figment of some twisted imagination with a buddhist MP?

The truth is UMNO Is addicted to the opium of bogeyman, racist and extremist form of political dirt game to maintain its seat on the gravy train, no more no less.

I trust a used car salesman or a chronic liar more. These racialistic and garbage reporters should not only be sacked, but put in a gay jail so that they can get their stinging as_es plug left right and centre.

Wak Segala Kapurin said...

Yeah, sack the bastards! We are peace loving rakyat