Friday 6 February 2015



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Who is Ismail Sabri? Until his true colors were known he is just a mediocre UMNO Minister in Najib’s cabinet who is there to make up the numbers. 

He got his attention BY BEING A RACIST. People who know him think he should have been out of the cabinet long ago.

Sabri, a lawyer, is from Pahang, yet he does not represent the typical man from the state. I have many Pahang friends who are smart, honest, hardworking and non-racist. Then why is he a Minister?

It is plain to see that Sabri was chosen by our Prime Minister to do his bidding not because he is competent. 

Sabri’s latest snafu confirms that you do not have to have special skills to be a member of Najib’s team. 

All you have to do is to hone in your ampu bodek skills and you can and, indeed, prosper and are protected. 

Is it any wonder why Najib defends him with the endorsement of his cabinet colleagues. Paul Low, who is Minister in the Prime Minister, should be able to tell you how to be a Minister and survive. 

We know that  it is now part of the UMNO culture to be self-serving and corrupt. Even MACC has to think many times before investigating an UMNO Minister.

People like Ismail Sabri must go, not defended. 

 –Dato Din Merican

( retired Chatered Acciuntant)

Now that the Cabinet has cleared Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister, for his allegedly race-inciting hate comments on Facebook, 

1. He is the man who was earlier responsible for the plastic fish box controversy when he was Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister, as a result of which fish prices shot through the roof for a period of time.

2  He is the man behind the fiasco concerning school bus operators who were provided with short notice to buy new buses to replace old school buses. This was a move from which he had to back down when the bus operators threatened a shutdown of services.

The question is: Who would benefit from these measures which would raise prices of fish and school transportation. 

Certainly not the fishermen or school bus drivers. 

Perhaps the companies providing the plastic boxes or school bus distributors? Perhaps their runners?

A reader in the pro-UMNO blog  operated by (Dato) Ahirudin Atan, or more popularly known as ‘Rocky’s Bru’, had in July 2012 penned the following advice for other readers on Ismail Sabri:

"..Bro Rocky, get the scoop on Companies Commission of Malaysia’s tales of corruption, abuse of power and lies brokered by Sabri.  " 

This is a cryptic comment from an insider who appears to know a lot more than he has put on record. 

Let’s put the political correctness aside and hang out the dirty laundry in the public arena so all Malaysians can know the true quality of the leaders that we have.

- Koon Yew Yin

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