Wednesday 14 May 2008

The Silent Tears of Sabahans to Reclaim Their State from UMNO/BN:



“If there is no room in the big house, what is wrong with moving?

Even if we lived in a bungalow, but slept by the toilet, what’s the point?

What’s the point of being an MP if we acquiesce to Federal demands and end up losing the confidence of our constituents?”
-Datuk Anifah Aman,Kimanis MP , in Parliament
(Anifah last month refused a deputy ministership in the BN Govt after March 2008 Election)

"The refugees were given MyCard and converted to Muslim so that they will be able to support UMNO.

What is the relevance of UMNO in Sabah if the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut are not well taken care of ?"
-"Tbsbidayuh for Bidayuh"



"Tbsbidayuh for Bidayuh"
(I am an aborigine form Kuching, Sarawak. I came for a small village of Bidayuh tribe in Padawan province which is nearer to West Kalimantan.)

Sabah was sold to UMNO in 1991 by Tun Mustapha Harun and that was the darkest time for the Sabahan.

Labuan then was given to the Federal Government with no compensation to the state government. That was a very beautiful game played by Tun Mustapha together with Harris Salleh.

What happened?

From Wikipedia

“UMNO had a quick rise to power since its entry into Sabah in 1991 where before that both eastern Malaysian states were not penetrated by the party, whose president is the de facto leader of the ruling coalition BN and automatically the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

This has given rise to dissent as the Chief Minister rotation system was halted just as UMNO was holding the post. Thus the 2004 general elections saw widespread disillusionment, coupled with an ineffectual opposition.

The state assembly is now dominated by the ruling party BN with only one seat held by an opposition politician who is an independent candidate. This was caused by a general sentiment where a number of voters were reluctant to cast votes for BN whose victory was almost assured but did not trust the opposition parties, most of which were not vigorously active before the election. Therefore many cast votes for independent candidates”. – Wikipedia
From Hantu Laut Blog

Desirous of perpetuating Malay power in Sabah, the Federal government allowed Mustapha to do as he pleases and was assigned a special aide dispatched from Kuala Lumpur to be his special adviser. A lawyer by profession, Syed Kechik eventually became the most powerful man in Sabah, as powerful as the Chief Minister if not more.

He was also the most hated.He was practically running the state on behalf of Mustapha, who spent most of his time in the play grounds of Europe and the Middle East. Mustapha spent most of his time in casinos in Beirut and London.

Mustapha not only collected private planes but also collected overseas properties, wives and mistresses at the expense of state resources. He was also responsible for opening the back door and allowed illegal immigrants to come in from southern Philippines to increase the Muslim population in the state and was notoriously responsible for mass conversion to Islam of some indigenous tribes in the state.” –
Hantu Laut Blog
Sabahans were living beside the toilet of UMNO and it is a great long time for them to live and enslaved in their very own mother land.

UMNO gave money to Tun Mustapha to have his personal jet and bungalow from the State fund. The Sabahans then have to compete with the refugees from Philippines and Indonesia to survive.

The refugees were given MyCard and converted to Muslim so that they will be able to support UMNO.

In fact, there were a lot of money being used by the UMNO members in Sabah to gamble and to build their own wealth while the people are suffering.

What is the relevance of UMNO in Sabah if the Kadazan-Dusun-Murut are not well taken care (of)?

Anifah Aman was saying during the Parliament debate should be well digested by the Sabahans themselves. Yes, there is no point to stay in a big mansion if you are sleeping beside a toilet bowl.

In fact some group of UMNO members have proved their disrespect to the Sabahans.

Nazri Aziz was saying that the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah is under control.

Osu Sukam and Khasitah Ghaddam are the two bandits who were supposed to be punished earlier. Money was used to build their own wealth while the Kadazan-Dusun were toiling very hard to get a plate of rice (while) Osu is gambling with the state money.

Jeffery Kitiangan is not the Kadazan’s enemy. Though he has played a lot of froggy games with BN Sabah, he does not sell every Sabahan's right to UMNO as what the others did.

Pairin Kitiangan is a speechless creature and nothing more (than) a running dog of Musa Aman.

Illegal logging is still the worst in Sabah. I was driving along the Keningau-Sipitang road and (I found) there were about nine lorries. Some of the logs are very small but have been cut down to feed the corrupted politician.

Why do Pairin Kitiangan and Bernard Dompok or Maximus Ongkili close their eyes on the evil work of Musa Aman?

Now, I would like to say that Barisan Nasional is the real enemy of the Sabahan and UMNO (has) just nothing to do with the Sabahans themselves.

The Sabahans should accept that they are marginalized by UMNO and they must get rid of UMNO or get rid of Malaysia.

Let "enough be enough" and now is the time to be independent from UMNO’s evil and torture.

There are many things you can bargain with the Federal government.

If you fail then your descendants will put a total blame on you.

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