Sunday, 1 November 2009

Federal Court Will Rule on the Perak Crisis on Nov. 5th: "Perak PR and Nizar, DON'T Hold your Breath!"

Pakatan MB Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said,
IF the court rules in MY favour than I shall seek the consent of the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh elections. I believe it is the Perakians who will ultimately decide the political future of Pakatan Rakyat in the state.” Read here for more

There WON'T be any surprises from this apex court.

If Malaysians expect surprises, go take a cold shower and get real!!

Its an UMNO Judiciary, Stupid !!!

The Malaysian Judiciary is headed by a Chief Justice who was a former UMNO member, former UMNO Legal Adviser and former Chairman of UMNO Disciplinary Committee!! Read here and here and here for more
(In the Malaysian Judiciary website, the Profile Description of the Chief Justice is a HALF-TRUTH. In describing himself, he OMITTED his deep and long involvement in UMNO. Read here)

See Below:
How UMNO Buttressed its Hold on Power
Using Malaysian Tax-Payers' Funded Institutions

And to Top it ALL,
UMNO has the Perak Royalty Fully on Its Side
in this Constitutional Crisis

What Constitution (Perak and Federal) are you talking about ?

They were torn to pieces by the UMNO-led Government and discarded by the Perak monarchy long ago !!


Anonymous said...

aiyaaa...aku sudah tau ...tausa mimpi
laa !

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's no longer relevant to called the institution as the "Judiciary' or those learned (supposedly) men as "Judges". Maybe it's about time we refer to them as 'UMNO's Courts' and 'UMNO's Court Jesters' respectively. Time changes and we need to catch up with modern times. So legal references need to accomodate these changes accordingly.