Sunday 1 November 2009

La ilaha illallah, Ezam Mohd Nor, Bagaimana Kau Boleh Jadi Bodoh Sehingga Macam Ini ?

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Oh, Ezam, What Happened to You?


Gryphon Malx

The remarks of Ezam Mohd Nor, the former chief of PKR’s youth wing, makes me want to laugh.

Indeed, I wonder how a seemingly intelligent fellow like him could say such ridiculous things.

He challenges the president of PKR to sack the leader of the party, who happens to be her husband. Putting aside the family ties of the two Datuk Seris, why on earth should the president of the main opposition party give two hoots (or any hoot for that matter) about what a political has-been and traitor to the cause has to say about her leadership. If anything, she’d rather listen to a sincere and concerned rakyat more than anyone else.

I guess Ezam has forgotten that, ultimately, the justice PKR was fighting for is for the rakyat, not politicians or political parties.

I find it odd that he brings up the issue of morality as a basis for his reason leaving and, at the same time, attempt to defend and identify with the notorious state assemblyman for Port Klang who just resigned and became an independent who supports BN.

If we use morality as the yardstick, isn’t Umno widely known to be corrupt and morally bankrupt? Indeed, the party is led by a leader who is tainted with the murder of a Mongolian interpreter, not to mention that he is also a “whipped” man, whom everybody knows (including the Minister Mentor of Singapore) kowtows to his infamous wife.

So, is Ezam saying that it’s not okay to sodomise but it’s okay to murder?

Hmmm, I wonder what he meant when he said that good leadership must be based on strong morals and Islam. As fas as I know, Islam does not condone corruption or murder.

So, I must ask: What is going upstairs BETWEEN Ezam’s EARS?

Oh, I nearly forgot. I also vaguely remember that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said that four witnesses are required before anybody is indicted for any crime. Moreover, I don’t recall trial by state-controlled media as being accepted in any hadith.

So, whence comes your wisdom to accuse and judge the leader of PKR, Ezam?

Now, let’s talk a little bit about the judicial process that Ezam mentioned. What did he say? He insinuated that when someone makes applications that happen to delay the commencement of a trial, that person is most probably guilty of the charge.

Erm, did he selectively forget that it was the prosecution who first delayed the hearing by insisting on having the case transferred to the High Court. As far as I know, the most senior judge in the Sessions Court is a very good and credible judge. Is the AG saying that a member of the legal and judicial service who was most probably promoted by himself not fit to hear such a case?

This does not make any sense especially when the AG indicates that there is strong evidence of the crime. Indeed, if the evidence is so strong, it must be irrefutable by any reasonable layperson. Then, why is the prosecution so reluctant to share the documentary evidence with the defence when it is clearly required by law to do so? I’m no genius but it looks like the prosecution is the one guilty of delaying the hearing of the case!

Coming back to the Port Klang Adun, if I am not mistaken, he resigned because he knew he was going to be sacked by PKR. Everybody knew that he was neglecting his constituency and that he was cavorting with Umno people. I heard PKR made many attempts to set him on the right track (some would say “the straight path”) but he seemed to enjoy drinking, karaoke sessions and whatnot more than servicing his constituents and legislating in the state assembly.

Now that Ezam has openly defended the Port Klang Adun, I wonder if this is a case of birds of a feather flocking together .... I pity the Port Klang Adun for picking such people as buddies.

Come on, Ezam. We all know you felt left out and didn’t get the attention you thought you deserved despite being such a good boy compared to some other people in the PKR.

I don’t know much about what transpired when you resigned but I also heard from an old mutual friend that you had planned all along to undermine PKR and the youth wing. Indeed, the same friend already predicted you would set up an NGO to expose so-called corruption.

If you really are a reformasi warrior who’s worth our attention, and if you had real doubts about your leader, not to mention if you really want to pursue the cause of justice through PKR (which you are now asking the president to make as her top priority), then you should have stayed and contested for a top leadership position and show your comrades what evidence you said you had.

Speaking of which, I think your so-called efforts to expose corruption are lame, and mediocre at best.

Despite being the assistant or secretary of the former deputy prime minister, you don’t seem to have anything substantial in the six boxes you keep mentioning. Are you sure you didn’t mistakenly pick up FedEx boxes left behind by the courier?

I recall hearing your speech at the Permatang Pauh by-election last year where you revealed a supposedly damaging letter from the former DPM to a former prime minister of Malaysia. You know what you succeeded in doing in that speech?

You showed people how good you were at marketing — all the banners and handbills, convincing people that you had in your possession a letter from the PKR candidate that proved how treacherous he is, was a masterstroke.

Alas, your revelation merely showed that the PKR candidate was very concerned for his family and still harboured hopes that the former PM in question was a gentleman and will not harm the former’s family.

My word, Ezam, if you can’t even decipher such a simple and straightforward letter, then you are indeed not fit to lead any organisation, much less the PKR youth and Gerak. And I think the immediate former prime minister was an even bigger fool to take you into Umno.

Lastly, Ezam, you must be wondering who I am. Well, frankly, who I am does not matter.

What really matters is YOU and YOUR FAMILY. If indeed you believe that Islam is the way and that Allah is the Compassionate and the Merciful, and that He will redeem your soul, then I suggest you seriously reflect on what you have done.

Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself whether you are actually on the straight path.

Above all else, be honest with yourself. And whether you like it or not—or believe it or not—God exists and He knows.

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