Thursday 19 November 2009

UPDATED ! UMNO Tai-Kor Coming to Hammer Down the Brawling Chinese Lap Dogs in MCA

UMNO President Najib Razak
said today he will meet MCA leaders individually after describing the crisis as getting “worse” and “more serious”.

He said many people (in UMNO and BN) were upset with what was going on in the MCA.

I will find the time to meet them separately," said Najib today, in remarks reflecting Umno's growing unease with developments in the MCA.

When asked how he intends to resolve the crisis, Najib said: “Leave it to me."

He said the MCA crisis was hampering UMNO-BN efforts to resuscitate the coalition and to reforms its image in the eyes of the public.


From readers of Malaysiakini:
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  1. If MCA must rise from its grave, then let it do so on its own. Even the mere appearance of having BN and/or Umno offer help to the party (especially openly) does more damage to it at this moment of time.

  2. A paternalistic tendency tends to be prevalent in this country. It reminds one of the reverential godlike term used by Chinese (in China) to describe their 'Ling Dow' ie, leader.A 'Ling Dow' is never fallible and whose every word and action is to be aped and followed. In this case, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak the infallible is called upon to 'Ling Dow' the erring MCA back to the righteous path. What a comedy. Mao Tse Tung killed millions with his erratic 'Ling Dow' moves. I'm not trying to equate Najib here with the so-very-horrific Mao, but his tendency to encourage kowtowing is similar.

  3. Najib, to be really frank, the Chinese lost confidence in the MCA umpteen years ago. Whether the party exists or not doesn't really make any difference. It is nothing but a wallpaper in the Umno cabinet.Most of those going for each other's throats for the sake of high office do not have the Chinese community at heart. Many of them are there only to serve their own pockets. If the MCA disappears into thin air tomorrow, hardly any Chinese will mourn its demise. I, for one, will not shed a single tear.

  4. MCA still thinks that they are so relevant to the Chinese community that we can't do without them. Michael Chong's Public Compliants Bureau is far more relevant than the current MCA, which prides itself as the so-called 'representative' of the Chinese community. The slow demise of MCA started when no leaders of comparable calibre to that of Tan Cheng Lock and Tan Siew Sin (both of whom held to a strong vision and mission) emerged after them in the course of the party's history.

  5. Najib, before you intervene in MCA's affairs, may I suggest you consider the following:
    a) Have you ever wondered why MCA is not well-supported by the Chinese community? Well, MCA is seen as the 'running dog' of Umno. Politicians in MCA are seen as more interested in their own positions and wealth instead of the welfare of their community.

    b) Why must you not intervene? Intervention confirms that Umno controls MCA. It also gives the public the impression that you were also involved in PKFZ scandal and for that reason, you want to get rid of Ong.

  6. This proves that BN is dominated by Umno. BN, or Umno rather, needs MCA in the coalition not because of the support MCA actually draws from the Chinese community but because MCA is needed to give life to the illusion that BN is a multi-racial coalition representing all Malaysians.

  7. Here comes the Chief Cook! Ong added the chilli, Chua added the oil, and Liow, of course, added the 'sour grapes'. Chew Mei Fun and Wee Ka Siong added the onions (with a generous helping of tears). Now comes the 'belacan'...


Anonymous said...

When you get to follow the clown shows and on-going tussle in MCA, you cannot come to any other irresistible conclusion - that the rakyat and the Chinese interests whom they are supposed to represent are the last things on their mind. Essentially, it's just dogs eat dogs out there in the battle field. Take no prisoners, let none surrender. This is going to be their ultimate downfall. Surely the Malaysian Chinese would have had enough and kick them all out in the next GE, come what may. Many do not care what the President says anymore. Nor the Deputy President. And the Presidential Council, Delegates and the Youth and Wanita wings can all rot for all we care. All about self-interests and personal stakes. Nothing else. The Chinese surely cannot be hoodwinked so many times over in their own turf.

Anonymous said...

so we need this
ah yap's "Make Chinese Angry"
to see us thru?