Friday 1 January 2010

"Allah" Judgment: Catholics Will Lose if the Case Goes Up to Appeals Court and Federal Court, Based on Past Experience with this UMNO Judiciary

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The High Court made a landmark decision in lifting the home minister’s ban against the Catholic church publishing the word “Allah” to refer to the Christian God in its weekly paper.

The decision today means that the 850,000 odd Catholics in this country may go about conducting their religious classes and bible lessons using the term which has apparently been enshrined in the context of the Christian faith in this country for centuries.

But one of Umno’s known hawks, Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, lambasted the High Court judgment on the ‘Allah’ case today, saying that it would not solve anything but only ignite racial and religious tension.

Though it is unclear if the Home Minister will seek to reverse the decision through the Appellate Court but he is likely to do so given the sensitivity of the issue.

However, despite the optimism, people are still wary as some fear that this may not be the end of it all, as the Home Ministry may still bring the matter to the Court of Appeal.

DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua remained somewhat sceptical of the matter, although he initially expressed joy upon receiving the news.

Tony Pua feared that should the case be brought to the Court of Appeal, the Home Ministry would have a strong chance of winning as the “Appeal Court at many times functioned to serve the government of the day.”


rick said...

"Pasir Salak MP Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, lambasted the High Court judgment on the ‘Allah’ case today, saying that it would not solve anything but only ignite racial and religious tension."

Lame ....

ktteokt said...

With this judgment Christians and Catholics are allowed to use the term "Allah" to depict God but knowing these UMNO guys, they will definitely appeal as they know the CA and the Federal Court are staffed with their pawns who will rule in their favour!

Don't be surprise these UMNO guys may even apply for intellectual property rights to this word and soon all UMNO mosques will display signboards bearing ALLAH® ALLAH© and ALLAH™ in front of the mosques and may even apply for an injunction to refrain PAS mosques from using this word!

Anonymous said...

Non-Muslim are all aware about Muslim sensitivity but still use legal way to get what you want. I won't be surprise is Muslim strike back - violently!, but I think we will hold on and seek justice through all the available legal avenue. If the Muslim appeals, and if we win, please do not make a mockery of our legal system!

Anonymous said...

b4 the 100%reverse judgment by the appeal-court, Herald must must make full use of the 'word' in : magazines
books, legal papers, buildings, flowers ....etc. !
the judge must be isa-ed for her safety !
btw, why dun the HM officers (like macc's ) make police reports against the judge !?

Anonymous said...

Hai Malaysian Rakyats,
I think UMNO should have the word "ALLAH" nobody can use or copy or use these word beside UMNO and Muslim and made the "Allah™"
But I believe the Appeal or Federal Court will overruled the decision, as we Malaysians anticipated these decision.
What lah this type spices of people living in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

i'm just a humble christian BUT i CHOOSE not to use 'Allah' in my 'worships & prayers' to the true & mighty living GOD , Hallelujah !
let's be sincere & sensitive :- 'Allah or NOT' doesn't matter, GOD knows our hearts & dun let our common enemy giggle , ok !?