Monday, 31 May 2010

Ethiopian-Arab UMNO Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee Wants Raja Petra's Citizenship Revoked

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What An Idiot!!


syed ali al-habshee

The Star reported Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee asked the Government to revoke the citizenship of Raja Petra Kamarudin because Raja Petra was no longer keen on staying here. He said RPK's "activities could affect peace in Malaysia".

Syed Ali also urged the Government to carry out investigations on corporate figures and private sectors financing Raja Petra. “If the Government fails to do so, it might give an impression that there are insiders who are in cahoots with Raja Petra. It is strange that the Government is slow in taking action against Raja Petra.”

Raja Petra's Response

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I am a certified subject of the Sultan of Selangor


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Cheras Umno division chairman, Datuk Syed Ali Alhabshee, has asked the government to revoke my citizenship.

The Alhabshee family is originally from Ethiopia (Habsha in Arabic). So that makes him AFRICAN and NOT Malay.

Now, maybe Syed Ali wants to know where my family came from.

Well, here goes.

This is my family tree starting from the Yamtuan Muda Riau who was father to the First Sultan of Selangor.
1. Daeng Cellak ibni Daeng Rilaga, Yamtuan Muda Riau

2. His Highness Sultan Salehuddin Shah ibni al-Marhum Daeng Cellak (1st Sultan of Selangor)

3. His Highness Sultan Ibrahim Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Salehuddin Shah (2nd Sultan of Selagor)

4. His Highness Sultan Muhammed Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Ibrahim Shah (3rd Sultan of Selangor)

5. His Highness Sultan Sir Abdul Samad Shah ibni Raja Abdullah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Ibrahim Shah (4th Sultan of Selangor)

6. His Highness Sultan Ala'eddin Suleiman Shah ibni Raja Muda Musa ibni al-Marhum Sultan Sir Abdul Samad Shah (5th Sultan of Selangor)

7. Tengku Badariah binti al-Marhum Sultan Ala'eddin Suleiman Shah

8. Raja Sir Tun Uda Al Haj Bin Raja Muhammad married Tengku Badariah Binti al-Marhum Sultan Ala'eddin Suleiman Shah

9. Raja Kamarudin Bin Raja Sir Tun Uda Al Haj (1 Jul 1925 - 4 Aug 1971) married Barbara Mabel Parnell @ Bariah Kamarudin (11 Feb 1933 - 5 Nov 1980)

10. Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin (27 Sep 1950)
I am the ELEVENTH generation from the Yamtuan Muda Riau of the Johor-Riau Empire that also ruled over Selangor.

And the crest and certificate below proves that I was a subject of the Sultan of Selangor BEFORE Selangor joined the other states to form the Federation of Malaya in 1957.

rpk royal crest

According to the Federation Agreement that resulted in Selangor joining the Federation of Malaya, the government can’t revoke my citizenship.

The Sultan of Selangor can, however, revoke my status as a subject of the Ruler of Selangor and if His Highness so wishes can also banish or exile me from the state of Selangor.

Umno, however, CAN'T do a damn thing.

rpk selangor citizenship


Anonymous said...

This is a typical pendatang dickhead specimen that has been causing religious and racial tension between malays and non-malays in this country. They portray themselves as religious and behave like they are more than malays.
However, a number of politicians esp from the BN/UMNO seem to welcome them as their kind for reasons well known to us non malays.
This is Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

kick dat afrikan out !

Anonymous said...

In many parts of the developed world 'pendatangs' are being celeberatedand there are a few Malaysians who are enjoying that recognition. But we are perhaps the only country in the world that is allowing 'new pendatangs' to come in at the industrial and manual group level and proudly exporting skilled workers to the developed world.

This is the result of convoluted logic that has become common in our land. And yet at the sametime many say that we should like Singaporeans be proud of our country without acknowledging that the percapita income of Singapore has grown from US400.00 when it was kicked out of Malaysia to US 40,000.00.
Yes by all means flow in the foot steps of Singapore and I will personally see to it that my friends will vote for BN.

Anonymous said...

is there any syed mahathir out there?

Anonymous said...

That now half dead mamak kutty regime had "rojak" the pure malay race. He imported a number of so called pendatang who claim they are "malays". One glaring example is this Ethiopian-arab dickhead.
Hope the genuine malays wake up and make themselves known.
Throw all these trouble, opportunistic pendatangs out.