Sunday, 23 May 2010

NON Muslims Now FULL PAS Members Under New Wing

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The 20,000 non-Muslim members of the PAS Supporters' Club have been inducted as full members into the Islamic party with the formation of the Dewan Himpunan Penyokong PAS (PAS Supporters Grouping Wing) as its fourth and newest wing.

The opposition party's information chief Idris Ahmad said that the new wing's members will now be recognized as official party members with the right to attend the Islamic pary's annual Muktamar as delegates to the meet.

"But for now, they cannot yet vote in party elections," he told Malaysiakini when contacted.

He added that the newly-formed wing will focus on helping to explain the party's policies through talks and dialogues as part of efforst to counter BN's propoganda against the party.

This is important he contends, because the wild allegations levelled against PAS in the ruling coalition-controlled media have contributed to the negative perception toward PAS, especially amongst non-Muslims.

"Previously they held their activities under the club's name. Now they can conduct events with more direction and planning. They will explain party policies and break the walls which is dividing PAS from the non-Muslims," he added.

Party president Abdul Hadi Awang launched the new party wing at the Klang District Land Office Multipurpose Hall this morning.

Speaking to reporters, Hadi said that the party's inclusion of non-Muslims through the neew wing proves that the party is uniting all the races in the country.Hadi also said that if all the races in Malaysia could unite harmoniously, it would bode well for the nation.

"We are trying to unite all the races in Malaysia by opening our doors to non-Muslims. The proof is that we recognise supporters as our official party wing," he was reported as saying by PAS organ Harakah Daily.

In his speech, he said what would unite the races is justice and mutual respect between the races, principles that PAS is putting into practice.

He cited further the party's decision in Terengganu to place a non-Muslim in one of the electoral constituencies to contest under the PAS banner.

"This shows that PAS does not sideline non-Muslims," Hadi said.


yapchongyee said...

Racist national policies have never advanced any nation that one can think of. To Mahathir UMNO Malay race centric policy, that is aimed at beggaring they neighbour, I say take a good look at what is today's Israel and yesterday's Apartheid South Africa. You will want to ask me what has Israel got to do with Malaysia ? There are many similarities that one can draw from their national concept of race exclusion to prosper the "chosen race" and their sure failure in the end.

Malaysia compared to what is today's Israel is like comparing the value of a "Ming Vase" and the garden variety flower pot. It is true that Israel is much like Singapore, SMALL BUT VIBRANT AND INNOVATIVE, and both are built on a national philosophy of merit and socialism; that all are equal before the law. This similarity is where it ends because whereas in Israel they practise Apartheid, but in the case of Singapore all citizens are equal before the law.

I brought up Israel as an example of a vibrant and economically successful nation, gradually regressing into a stage of siege. Al Jazeera or Iran's press TV is running a few documentaries on THE REVERSE MIGRATION, Jews leaving Israel and returning to their homeland, from where ever they came from, because they can't find peace and a harmonious life in Israel. Israel cannot find peace because their national philosophy is to exclude the true Palestinians, do everything possible to drive Palestinians from their land. The response from the Palestinians is "intifada". Israel supported by the USA has enough weapons to defeat even a nation like CHINA if China hypothetically ever attacked Israel. Palestinians have only rocks to throw at the Israelis, and in this mismatch, one would of course believe that Israel will win ! However, in a recent assessment the CIA believes that by 2030 Israel will not exist anymore. I argue that no matter how strong you are, A POLICY OF EXCLUSION BUILDS RECENTMENT AND THE NATION DIVIDES INTO 2 OPPOSING PARTS. This is a nation divided and cannot survive, let alone prosper.

PAS had wanted to draw in the support of the non-Muslims for a very long time, but they dared not because UMNO grew strong on the back of Ketuanan Melayu, (in one form of another); Malaysia was mired in a national philosophy of race discrimination, and the Malays having their egoes flattered thought and still think that they are having THE WHOLE CAKE AND EATING IT TOO. This is the biggest piece of nonsense that can be touted, but the Malays still believe this nonsense. My "logic" is that there are 23 million Malays (Indons included)and how can they all be RICH !

I say that what PAS is doing is to cash in on the back of the success of DSAI to enlighten the Malays to the regressive WORTH of a useless policy of race discrimination. To me this is all about politics, it has no issue about what is good or bad; JUST A LONG TERM WINNING HAND IN POKER.

Anonymous said...

current pass leader cannot be trusted-they do not trust chinese-hadi and mustfa have to go before pass can have subtantive chinese voters.

These people are forked tongue - who do not believe in hamba allh umat adam- only umat mohamed.

They are treacherous as UMNO MElayu are-beare of them

The chinese votes are with anuar- no need for pas to haggle

Pas should improve their Melayu support- and their members cooperation with others in PKR

Hulu Selangore -they showed how treacherous Pas could be- they failed to deliver- by failing to come out in force to vote for PKR

thank u