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A Slap in BN-Govt's Face: INDIA Shows Concern for MALAYSIAN-Indian Students, Offers More Scholarships

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The Government of India acknowledges this serious violation of human rights and the situation of racial discrimination in Malaysia in this subtle way.

This is a clear message to the UMNO-Government that the international community is aware of its racists ways.


deccan herald

From The Deccan Herald (India)

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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today announced a grant of five crore rupees to augment the Indian scholarship fund for ethnic Indians in Malaysia.

Singh, who is in Malaysia on a state visit, made the announcement while addressing the Indian community here.

The fund was set up in 1946 by former prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru to assist Malaysian-Indian students. With the new grant, the corpus of the fund will be 7.55 crore rupees.

Malaysian-Indians had requested INDIAN government to allot some quota for their students.

Singh also announced 20 scholarships for Malaysian students to study traditional system of medicine in India.

Muslim-majority Malaysia's 27 million people are 25 per cent ethnic Chinese and eight per cent ethnic Indians, who are mostly Hindus from Tamil Nadu.

Earlier, a Malaysian party had requested Singh to let more Malaysian-Indian students in India to study alleging that capable students were unable to get admission in universities here (ie Malaysian universities) .

The Human Rights Party, which evolved after the Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) was outlawed in 2007, alleged that though Malaysia had one of the largest Indian populations outside India, they felt marginalised in their own country.

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MALAYSIAN Newspapers BLACK-OUT News of India's Rm 3.5 million Additional Grant for Malaysian-Indians.


S Jayathas

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The local (Malaysian) media has, we think been instructed not to carry the news that the Indian PM has responded to HRP/Hindraf’s appeals for more scholarships for the Indian young in this country.

While all the Indian media carried this news, Malaysian media has completely blacked out this piece of news – that Dr Manmohan Singh announced that he is raising the scholarships grant to Malaysian Indian students by 3.5 million ringgits up to RM 5 million.
  • There is NO report by Bernama to start with.

  • The mainstream English media has conveniently ignored this news item.

  • The Tamil papers which are making so much of the Indian PM’s visit have so conspicuously ignored this news item, which they will only be too glad to headline. But no, nothing at all.
If you ask yourself why the local media is behaving this way, the answer is all too clear.

They have all been instructed by the UMNO government NOT carry this as it will. It will really make UMNO and its slave dog MIC look so silly .

On top of that it will give credence to the continuous charges by the the Human Rights Party and Hindraf of racial discrimination against the Indians by the UMNO government.

Maybe the UMNO government does NOT even want the people to know about this possibility of additional educational opportunities, as this will circumvent their objective of trying to keep the Indians down and out in Malaysia.

These increase in scholarships grants by the Government of India are being made only because of the representations made by the Human Rights Party and HIndraf.

The requests have gone in the form of various letters and memoranda through the Indian high Commission here in KL as well as directly to the Indian PM in New Delhi, in India.

The Government of India acknowledges this serious violation of human rights and the situation of racial discrimination in Malaysia in this subtle way – this is a clear message to the UMNO Government that the International community is aware of its racists ways.

Only the intricacies of International diplomacy prevents the Government of India from saying it outright to the UMNO government to stop this blatant human rights violation.

But the Government of India has now put Malaysia on notice. Even the fact that this piece of news is being blacked out in the Malaysian media is indicative of Malaysia’s reactions to the fact that it is now on notice.


Anonymous said...

In diplomacy you do not argue with someone who is incorrect because then two parties will become incorrect. What India did is the ultimate form of diplomacy where you allow your host to have your right of way.

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