Wednesday 25 April 2007

The Thuggery of UMNO Youth: They MUST be Stopped by UMNO and the Government !

UMNO YOUTH, is enboldened and its thuggery is being seen to be encouraged by the total silence of UMNO, the dominant RULING political party, and by extension, by our Government.

UMNO YOUTH is behaving and adopting the tactics of Adolph Hitler's German Nazi thugs , the Sturm Abteilung (Storm Section) , Hitler's Stormtroopers or Brownshirts. Read here for more

UMNO, as the dominant party of this Government, MUST STOP ITS DISGRACEFUL YOUTH WING'S THUGGERY.



Facts about UMNO Youth:

1. The Chief of UMNO Youth is the Cabinet Minister of Education

2. The Deputy Chief of UMNO Youth is the Son-in-Law of the Prime Minister of Malaysia

UPDATE:(26th April 2006):

The Leader of the UMNO Youth Thugs at Ijok is a Member of the UMNO Youth Exco (read below)

Read here for more on Screenshots

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Photo (courtesy of Screenshots) : The UMNO Youth thug leader in white shirt is MOHD ANIS HISHAM BIN ABDUL AZIZ, described in the UMNO Youth Website as "Deputy Chairman of Agriculture Bureau, UMNO Youth EXCO." He was the person who disrupted the lunch with Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, and caused a fracas resulting in injury of Paul Choo. Read here Paul Choo's account and HERE


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This Photo is taken from the UMNO Youth Website.

Mohd Anis Hisham B. Dato' Abd Aziz
Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia

(F) 03-58805442
e-mail :

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They appeared in Machap, and NOW they have appeared in Ijok.

Pemuda Umno (UMNO Youth) members bearing the sign of the scorpion.

Most opposition campaigners on the ground in both Machap and Ijok have so far have dismissed these annoyances as that of immature ‘samseng’.

That is a huge mistake.

As the saying goes, if you drop a frog into boiling water, it will quickly leap out but if you put it in tepid water and then raise the temperature to a boiling point, the frog will simply remain until it dies.

Malaysians on the ground and the grassroots of opposition politics, see the rowdy behaviour of Pemuda Umno as merely the latest escalation of its ridiculous conduct.

I beg to differ with that simplistic dismissal.

  1. I see a group, that if left unchecked, will simply be further emboldened.

  2. I see a group that lacks any vision, and whose modus operandi is thuggery.

  3. I see a group that cherishes wild, inflammatory rhetoric, and celebrates a fire-brand leadership.

  4. I see a group that makes it okay (and indeed, makes it necessary) for other groups to behave like brutes.
YOU see ‘SAMSENG’, I see an ARMED MILITIA waiting to happen.

All they need is to be left unchecked for a year or two, and then for them to find an excuse.

As a matter of national security, Pemuda Umno needs to be stopped now.

COMMENTARY: By P Ramakrishnan (June 2006): Read here for more


"...UMNO Youth is at it again. Something must be done to curb the ethnic "champions" and hotheads relishing a confrontation.

The general public perceives this non-action by the government as not only condoning thuggery but also reflecting fear of taking disciplinary action against recalcitrant members whose support they need to remain in power.

UMNO Youth Mob Threatening a Member of Parliament

Some 50 Kelana Jaya UMNO Youth members took the law into their hands and visited the Kelana Jaya MP, Loh Seng Kok at his service centre - six days after Loh’s speech in Parliament on 15 March 2006.

Armed with a protest letter and video cameras, they came in an intimidating manner at 9.30 pm in the cloak of darkness to deliver their ‘ultimatum’ and record this brief encounter with their MP.

They purportedly threatened to “take action” if the MP failed to respond to their letter within several days, without specifying what form of action they had in mind.

The reaction of UMNO Youth is really disturbing.

It is this denial of democratic space that seems to spell doom for fundamental rights under the Barisan government.

Their unwarranted, undemocratic reaction challenges the fundamental right of an MP to raise issues in Parliament and speak his mind without fear or favour.

This is NOT acceptable in a democracy. It only shows the shallowness of the mind and reveals a total lack of understanding of the workings of a Parliamentary democracy.

It is rather unfortunate – even regrettable –
that the Kelana Jaya division was NOT ticked off by UMNO or the government for acting brashly.

UMNO Youth Mob Storming the Second Asia Pacific Conference on 9 Nov 1996

An UMNO Youth mob stormed the Second Asia Pacific Conference on East Timor (APCET II) on 9 November 1996 and wrecked this important conference.

Hundreds of unruly ruffians linked to the RULING coalition smashed their way into a peaceful legally constituted meeting in the Malaysian capital.

That mob was led by UMNO Youth and a subsequent revelation implicated a Deputy Minister from UMNO who actually gave orders to stop that conference. (For details refer to AM Vol 16 (1996): No 9 - BIG BLUNDER: Crackdown on APCET II shatters Malaysia’s image)

UMNO Youth Threatened to Burn the Chinese Assembly Hall - 8th August 2000

Then we had another episode that took place on 18 August 2000 when some 300 UMNO Youth members demonstrated in front of the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (SCAH) in Kuala Lumpur over Suqiu’s 17-point Election Appeal. On this occasion, the noisy, provocative demonstrators even threatened to burn down the SCAH. Read
here for more on UMNO playing the racial card that led to the August 8, 2000 incident

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