Saturday, 28 April 2007

Results Show Indian Voters are the Saviours for Barisan Nasional's MIC Candidate at IJOK By-Election


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Final Result:

Barisan Nasional = 5,884

PKR = 4,034

Majority: 1850

Voter Turnout: 81.88 %

Commentary: Read Here for more on "The Malaysian" Blog

"...This by-election will probably go down in our history as the worst in terms of dirty politicking and the increased incidents of violence.

As incredible as it seems, the regrettable happenings actually took place in Malaysia instead of in some other more violence prone third world country.

What has become of the gentlemanly hustings of yore when opposing candidates could exchange friendly banter between campaigns and supporters of both sides looked upon each other as temporary yet friendly rivals? How and when did thuggery make its quiet entry into Malaysia's electoral system and practice?

All I can say is that whoever wins this by-election later in the evening (unofficial reports indicate that the BN has won), Malaysia's credibility as a model democracy and its quite reputable conduct of fair, violence-free elections has taken a bad beating. If the mainstream media is to be totally believed, then the opposition Keadilan supporters must comprise mostly thugs, gangsters and other roughnecks out to physically injure those from Barisan.

There is no doubt that the Keadilan people did manhandle some supporters from BN and
even blocked the Deputy Prime Minister's motorcade. Something unheard of in the past.

There were also allegations that two buses ferrying Umno Puteri members
were pelted with stones.

Fortunately no injuries were reported.Of course any report of this nature from the mainstream media must be taken with a dollop of salt. Still, even if twenty percent of what happened is true, that in itself is bad enough.

I must hasten to add that we have not heard about the huru-hara perpetrated by Barisan supporters. To pretend that they are incapable of or did not engage in equal measures of violence, is to be foolish.

Their significant contribution to the shameful conduct in this by-election will be out soon via the internet media.

All said, I hope that this is the very last time we shall see such un-Malaysian behaviour during the polls...."

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