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Bad Start to the Perak Coalition Government: Lim Kit Siang is Turning His Back on the Promised Cooperative Spirit Between DAP, PKR and PAS

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UPDATE: 13th March 2008

Lim Kit Siang apologises to the Regent and Sultan of Perak.

Click HERE the list of names of DAP's so-called "National Leaders"

We Say:

" DAP Central Executive Committee decision to ask its Perak State Assemblymen to boycott the swearing in of the new Perak MB is tantamounting to the DAP insulting the Sultan of Perak's decision to agree to appoint the PAS candidate as the Mentri Besar.

Lim Kit Siang's decision is untimely, uncalled for and in effect, has put a spanner in the wheel in the cooperative functioning of the infant coalition state government of Perak.

This decision certainly harks back to the old parochial and less cooperative (possibly chauvinistic, too) behaviour of DAP.

It is a very bad start and this does not augur well for the future of the coalition Government of Perak and which UMNO will exploit to the hilt, and will rightly do so.

DAP should be more gracious in its attitude after the Perak Sultan has agreed to the appointment.

The decision of the DAP CEC lacks sincerity in working with PAS, a point which PKR should also take note of .

We have said that Opposition Party politicians should not behave like IDIOTS.

We ask: Is DAP now starting to develop the kind of political arrogance it is showing, now that it has power in its hands?
-Malaysian Unplug

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Lim Kit Siang says:

As the appointment of PAS Assemblyman for Pasir Panjang Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar representing the third and smallest political party in the proposed coalition has not received the mandate of the CEC, DAP Perak Assemblymen will stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak Mentri Besar scheduled tomorrow."
Pasir Panjang state assemblyperson and Perak PAS secretary Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin was today confirmed as the new menteri besar of the state.

The decision was reached after the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah met with the three nominees for the post this evening.

Nizar will be sworn in as the new menteri besar at 4pm tomorrow. Under the state constitution, the menteri besar has to be a Malay Muslim, but there is a provision that allows the sultan to waive the requirement.

The other two candidates for the post were state DAP chairperson and Sitiawan state assemblyperson Ngeh Khoo Ham and PKR’s Behrang assemblyperson Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.

Also decided today is that Ngeh would be made the deputy menteri besar (1) while an Indian candidate would be made deputy menteri besar (2).

Earlier, the Penang state government has announced a similar multiracial arrangement for its top leadership.

The Indian deputy MB will come from one of the five elected assemblypersons - four from DAP and one from PKR

They are DAP’s A Sivanesan (Sungkai), KS Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar), VN Sivakumar (Tronoh) and A Sivasubramaniam (Buntong) and PKR’s S Kesavan.

Of a total of 59 state seats, DAP controls 18 seats while PKR has seven and PAS six, making a total of 31. The remaining 28 are in the hands of BN.


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  • An open letter to the DAP on Perak MB's appointment


    Teh Seng Hin

    " I am a Malaysian Chinese residing in Petaling Jaya and had voted for YOUR party's candidates in the 12th GE.

    I had attended practically all your party's ceramahs in the PJU and nearby areas.

    In the ceramahs, your speakers had continuously stressed the importance of a multiracial government that takes care of its rakyat regardless of status, race and religion.

    It is therefore a great shock and disappointment to hear that the DAP is calling its Perak state assemblymen to boycott the swearing-in ceremony of the new Perak MB tomorrow just because the MB is from PAS.

    I feel very much let down by this decision.

    Firstly, your party calls for the establishment of a Malaysian Malaysia. Isn't PAS part of Malaysian Malaysia? Or are you telling us now that just because they are from PAS, they are not?

    Then in the first place, you should NOT have ask the voters, especially your supporters, to vote for the 'Bulan' knowing fully well it is referring to PAS.

    If you can ask voters, especially your supporters, to vote for PAS, then why can't your party now accept a PAS assemblyman to head the state government.

    I was led to believe that as long as a person is qualified, he will be supported. As many speakers said in your ceramahs, 'It doesn't matter whether it is a white cat or a black cat, as long as it is able to catch rat, it is a good cat.'

    Doesn't the same argument holds, whether the MB is from PAS, DAP or PKR, as long as he is able to look after the welfare of the rakyat, then he is a good MB.
    Secondly, if a candidate from PAS cannot be accepted by the DAP, then why in the first place you decide to set up a coalition government with them?

    The argument that you can cooperate with the six PAS assemblymen and yet can't accept a PAS member as the Perak MB does not hold water.

    Are you trying to fool us just like what the BN government had done over the last 50 years? Don't think that the public is stupid.

    How can we, the rakyat, trust you now when even before the state government is set up, you are already fighting among yourselves in the so-called 'Barisan Rakyat' coalition.

    Thirdly, your party's Perak state chairman Mr Ngeh Koo Ham had repeatedly said that DAP, PKR and PAS will abide by any decision made by the Sultan on the Perak MB.

    Now that a decision had been reached, you are going back on your words. As I recall from one of the speeches by Mr Gobind Singh Deo in SS2 on March 7 in which he said, "A politician must be responsible for what he said. After making a statement, he cannot then said that he is saying things in a sarcastic manner etc so as to deny his earlier statement."

    Mr Gobind Singh said this when commenting on Tun Mahathir's statement that when he said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was innocent, he was being sarcastic about it.

    The same standard should then be applied to all DAP party leaders and speakers. You must be responsible and accountable for what you say.

    When you said that you will accept the decision made by the Sultan, then you must stand by what you had said. Going back on your words now can only show that the BN is right and that your party leaders, especially Mr Lim Kit Siang, is only going after personal glory/power without any regard to the well-being of the rakyat and the party.

    DAP would then be just a party that is "cakap tak serupa bikin".

    Fourthly, your party has not come out with any reason for the rejection of the PAS assemblyman as the Perak MB. I, as a voter that voted for your party, demand to know the reason behind this decision.

    Your party had always stressed the importance of accountability and transparency in your election manifesto. Now, please 'walk the talk' by also being transparent and explain your decision to the public.

    Anything less would make you no better than the BN government which 50% of the peninsula rakyat had just rejected.

    Anything less would also guarantee that the rakyat would make their voices heard again in the next general election, voting against the DAP.

    There are many more reasons for my feeling of utter disgust and consternation for this decision made by your party's CEC. However, I will keep them to myself at this moment.

    On the morning of March 9, 2008, I truly believe that a new era has dawned on Malaysia as we are finally able to transcend race and religion in our efforts to make Malaysia the truly great country that she should be.

    A truly Malaysian Malaysia. Sadly, just three days later, that new era does not even have a chance to begin as the group of leaders that are supposed to lead us there are now fighting among themselves for whatever reasons best known to them.

    How can we move forward as a nation when we have leaders that are so selfish, egocentric and who don't practice what they preached? Is our country forever going to be mired in mediocrity amidst a culture of intolerance, suspicion, fear, corruption and cronyism?
    I sincerely thought that DAP is part of the future and a cure of our country's ills.

    However, this decision by your CEC had shown that DAP is a party of the past.

    It is already blinded by its election success and is no longer in touch with the aspirations of the rakyat to build a nation based on trust, integrity,tolerance, responsibility and accountability, regardless of status, race and religion.

    You had forgotten that the rakyat is the boss that voted for you and put you there to serve us.

    You had betrayed your voters and had rejected the rakyat's wish to move forward to form a Malaysian Malaysia.

    I rest my case.

    Teh Seng Hin"

    From Rocky's Bru Blog: Read here for more

    "... I thought Bernama had gone overboard in spinning this story, Cracks appear in Perak Opposition alliance.Then I went to Lim Kit Siang's blog.

    I was telling myself, "I don't believe this".

    Many will be devastated by this turn of events. They weren't even done celebrating the historic victory.

    Does power go to everybody's head?

    p/s If Kit Siang doesn't take it back, might as well give the MB post back to Umno. BN won 28 state seats in Perak, DAP has 18, PKR has 7 and PAS 6...."
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  • "...Kit Siang, Just Shut the F**K -UP.

    Now, don't anyone tell me that I should not use this word F**K.

    If any frail-hearted or saintly amongst you feel offended, get out of this blog....don't self-flagellate your squeakly-clean sensibilities remaining here.

    The occasion demands this emphatic brashness. And I don't seek forgiveness, just understanding.

    Have you forgotten, (Lim ) Kit (Siang), just after 5 days, that neither YOU nor the DAP won the election. WE, THE PEOPLE, THE BOSSES, MADE IT POSSIBLE FOR YOUR CANDIDATES TO GET THERE.

    Neither DAP, nor PKR, nor PAS got where you are without the PEOPLE. Is this so hard to get across after all the years of concerted hard work?

    I told my blogger friend Jeff Ooi on his DAP acceptance day last year:

    "Jeff, they got you in because of YOUR INFLUENCE. Capitalise on that influnece to make DAP more colorful."

    Colorful as in embracing all races into the Party. I am still hoping that this will happen.

    Guan Eng, you should shape up your old man or we the PEOPLE will ship him out....and it wont be pleasant, that I assure you.

    Kit Siang, the choice is the Sultan's.....and this is NO ordinary Sultan. Can you get that?

    He is the ruler and he definitely doesn't want any Mat, Beng or Apu to run his state.

    I am a Perakian and I detest your arrogance and blatant disrespect, in asking your people to boycott the installation of the Menteri Besar.

    As we age, we are supposed to me more mature, more wise, but this doesn't seem to be what is happening in YOUR case.


    You have fought many battles, won some, lost some. I follow your career but I am no lapdog or running dog.

    Your current gesture, obliterates whatever good you fought for. What the f**k is your Malaysian Malaysia, if you cannot accept this thoroughly thought-out process.

    Or was it just a slogan. This rocket seems to have imploded. Time indeed for you to be put to pastures, if you continue this line of intransigence.


    Let me end this with this meaningful qoute from my lady-friend Elviza of Write Away, who never blogs about politics, but did so yesterday:

    To the chosen few, you must now remember, that 5 years will pass in a blink of an eye. In the event you fail to carry out your manifesto, the silent majority WILL speak again...."

    -Bernard Khoo
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  • From Readers on Rocky's Bru Blog: Read here for more

    1. "... Pls forward this message to Mr Lim. I am a Chinese from Ipoh, Perak and I have no whatsoever problem with Nizar being the MB. As one voter commented on the issue in Mr Lim's blog, if DAP puts a dog as candidate he would have voted for the K9(canine).
      If he did not agree with Nizar being MB, he and his men should not have forwarded Nizar's name to the Regent for his consideration.

      Now that the Regent has made his choice, I hope he and DAP can respect that. I hope DAP and Mr Lim will not deteriorate into UMNO and Bodowie a few days after the election.

      DAP should attend the swearing-in ceremony and help governs Perak properly. I am sure the Regent has his reasons for his choice.
    2. "...I can think of anything but a stream of expletives for Lim Kit Siang.
      I thought denying BN 2/3 majority this time will help them clean up, but thanks to this old man, BN is already stronger than ever.
      I really wanted BN to improve to serve us better and BR to become the second of a two party system, now he has brought that dream crashing down on us. BA now has to cut the rot away and dump DAP or DAP has to sack LKS or form a splinter party to remain part of BR....expletives expletives expletives
    3. "...Stupid LKS! Playing with fire which can burn the whole alternative coalition.What if tomorrow one single BN/ PKR assemblyman decides to switch to PAS? Why is LKS and his DAP so adamant to rock the boat just because PAS is short of one assemblyman? I guess not only Dolah Badawi should resign because of stupidity.

    4. "...I am shocked by LKS's position on Perak MB. What happen to all his positive statements about Raja Nazreen and Sultan Azlan. What happen to his call for being a Malaysian. My god, im so appalled by this. I have send an SMS to Jeff Ooi to knock some sense to LKS. May be he had too much alcohol celebrating his son's achivement.

    5. "...If DAP had good reasons for taking its current stance, the press statement by LKS is woefully inadequate, and without further explanation or details, is nothing but an outrageous betrayal of all who have voted to kick out the BN.
      Lets not forget, knocking out BN in Perak was a bonus. If DAP Perak had been acting without CEC approval, a statement by the CEC should have been made earlier. By mismanaging the MB issue, there is really no need for the BN to do anything where Perak is concerned - it will return to BN the next elections.

      And to say nothing of the sheer disrespect to the Perak Sultan and Regent by even suggesting a boycott of the swearing in ceremony.

      I am an Ipohan. And an extremely disappointed one.
    6. "...The news is devastating! Even Ngeh obviously agreed with it, otherwise he would have categorically stated to the Regent that DAP does not accept Nizar (who, btw, is one of the best guys in PAS) and the BR would not even be given mandate by Dr Raja Nazrin.
      Also, people should bear in mind that PAS guys wholeheartedly supported and campaigned for DAP and even gave DAP a seat in Kedah EXCO (where DAP has only 1 assemblyman). Horrible, pathetic move by LKS. He is a foolish old man...
    7. "... Now Mr Kit Siang, is your CEC more powerful/ sacred than the state constitution or Rukunegara?
      Is it the case that you've been in the Opposition for too long that when you have given the power by the rakyat, you conveniently forget that with power, comes enormous responsibility?

      We Malays and UMNO members are also testing you and your brother BA leaders.

      Show maturity and wisdom; don't be too emotional over numbers (of seats). There are many more numbers and stats which we can cite to dispel your inclination of absolute victory. HRH has many many more factors to weigh besides your goddamn number of seats which we have collectively given to you guys based on tentative trust.

      If this is your true colour, we will not hesitate to do what is necessary to reverse our decision and show you what we are capable of.

      I suggest strongly that you better repent and apologize to HRH the Sultan, BA votes and all Perak subjects. Not after what has been very publicly proclaimed that all the BA parties will accept whatever decision made by the HRH on the choice of MB (from aong the three nominees). Wa boleh caya sama lu or not mah???...
    8. "... We chinese not afraid of PAS led govt la. If they can chop off all the hands of robbers and corrupted figures why are we so worried?.."

    9. "... I too am very sad and disappointed with this turn of events. There is still time for reconsideration.
      What matters to the electorate in Perak (where I live now) is that we have given the mandate to the Barisan Rakyat to govern. I certainly hope the DAP assemblymen will reconsider and show humility, maturity and prudence in reconsidering their decision.

      I am very sure I speak for many people in Perak who will definitely feel the same way. Mr Lim should think long and hard about this. Rest assured BN will definitely make a meal out of this and milk it for all it's worth. Is it worth it????
    10. "... Saya dah susah payah berkempen bersama ahli keluarga dan mengundi DAP tetiba disebabkan ego dan ideologi nak boikot pulak.
      Rakyat memilih sesiapa sahaja selain BN so tolonglah jangan membuang kepercayaan rakyat. Atau LKT termasuk dalam golongan arrogant seperti Zam dan Samy?.

      Walaupun MB PAS tetapi kerajaan Perak adalah gabungan semua, DAP,PKR dan PAS.Please blogger semua pressure DAP to accept the reality of Malaysia politic today..."
    11. "....I thought earlier they said they would work together whoever become the mb. that's why pas' name was submitted. so what has become of the earlier committment.
      Is that political parties are all about - position, prestige money. The conviction to serve the people just thrown into the dustbin. Can some of you do some sacrifice for the people especially after you had practically earned almost a divine help in an election.

      Go think about that yourself. serving the people at this moment i think is more important than fighting over position.

      DAP will only earn a bad name if it behaves in such a petty manner, so unconducive to the coalition. afterall it is the sultan who made the selection. why challenge him?
    12. ".. Kit Siang is a piece of shit and should go and drown himself in a cesspool of same.
      On eve of poll he also said to the effect that There's No Such Thing As Barisan Rakyat.
      And now this when it was only yesterday that DAP said they would accept anyone whom the Sultan picks as MB. Kit Siang, are you getting old and senile or what?

      Lebih baik you pergi mampus lah, bangsat. Tak guna punya orang.
    13. "..I agreed too that LKS should rest the matter. If Nizar is capable, honest and clean , I , being a Chinese would support him.
      The main reason the Opposition won so many seats are that people are tired of corruption, crimes, wastages, cronyism etc and not becos we love LKS so much.

      I personally had dealing with PAS- led Trengganu in the late 90's and I can tell you that the Govt officers are so sincere and honest in trying to bring development to Trengganu but they were always check mated by BN in KL.

      So LKS, please open your eyes and mind and see the world, not all Malays are incapable and not all Chineses agreed with your views.

      I dont think other races care what the color or race the MB is as long as he works hard and honestly for the good of all his rakyat and the state.
    14. "...LKS thinks its the power of DAP that got him the wins. No, it was Makkal Sakthi!
      I just want Lim to close his eyes for a moment and try to walk in the shoes of any Malay he chooses. Is he betraying the Malay race? That will be a question lingering in his mind. He drops it in. Then he slowly first, then briskly walks away. To wait to see if indeed he has betrayed his race.

      Lim Kit Siang, that Malay gentleman is wondering what it was he did. You and your precious CEC have yet to get the bigger picture. It does not matter who the Menteri Besar is. He is a Bangsa Malaysia of the Barisan Rakyat. Can we rejoice?

      Of what iconic advantage would a Chinese MB have if that is not going to help give relief to the heavy heart of this Malay gentleman?

      Will all other DAP leaders plead with LKS, as I plead, for LKS and his CEC to change their mind and go in full glory to the installation of the new Perak MB and to rejoice with him.""
    15. "... Please remind Mr Lim Kit Siang that he is beginning to behave like UMNO/BN. Stop it Kit! Don't you now let down us voters who gave PKR, DAP and PAS to demonstrate good sense and fair play. Don't mess with the Bangsa Malaysia mandate. Get to work! Don't give UMNO the opportunity to mess with us again.""

    16. "..What a letdown. Being a senior politician, Kit should have known better. For God's sakes Kit, retract your statement and attend the swearing-in ceremony tomorrow. Otherwise, all that hope of change in this country is just going down the drain. Keluar dari mulut harimau masuk dalam mulut buaya..."

    17. "....But for this matter, under these circumstances, he is being childish!
      Come on, ppl did not vote DAP because they love DAP too much but it's because they just hate BN!

      He should know that if whoever becomes MB, DAP has still got the biggest say in the state as they've won the most seats. DAP's influence in decision makings would still be the utmost despite having PAS for the MB.
      So pls Kit Siang, don't ruin this! Pls tolerate. I bet this will be splashed across the mainstream media by tomorrow.
    18. ".. Kit Siang, You are pathetic!
      A leopard never loses its spots.

      Don't be stupid and spoil the ONLY chance of making the new Government work. Leave your bigotry behind. If DAP is not prepared to accept him as MB, why agree to submit his name?

      Stop your cheap political trickery. Please rise and be a good elderly politician...."
    19. "... I am speechless.
      The situation gives the impression that we probably made the wrong choice when we voted. Couldn't have they just discussed behind closed doors? The people who you guys defeated in the elections are going to have a real field day...
    20. "...I am really disgusted with Lim Kit Siang's statement. Reading all the news reports (both local and foreign), I had hoped that we, Malaysians, have entered new territory. But now it looks like it's back to "business as usual". How very, very disappointing..."

      For more, please go to Rocky's Bru Blog readers' comments

  • From The Aisehman Blog: Read here for more

    "...This is f**king stupid, isn it?

    Malays voted for DAP and Chinese and Indians voted for PAS. Can you understand that, motherf**ker?



    Do not for a minute even entertain the thought that DAP won seats in this election solely because of itself.

    Do not betray the people’s trust and destroy their hopes.

    Do not, because if you do, I will make it a point on this blog to kick your ass so hard, every single day till the next elections, that you will wish you had lost on Saturday.

    All of you from the DAP, PKR and PAS better f**king understand that.

    God help me, I will kick your ass..."
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