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Perak MB to the Disrespectful Malay NGOs: Stay Out, You Are Insulting the Decision and Discretionary Powers of the Sultan of Perak

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"... It was the PEOPLE whom the Sultan would listen to on who should be in the executive council, NOT the (Malay) NGOs.

If they want to go against the wishes of the Sultan, let them fight. And we should get away from these NGOs."

-Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin, Menteri Besar, Perak

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Twenty NGOs - led by the Young Malay Professionals (Prowaris) - stated that the 6-3-formula between PKR, DAP and PAS is not reflective of the Perak population.

Prowaris president Feriz Omar said the state exco must be a racial representation of the state. Perak Prowaris, representing the 20 NGOs, has also submitted a memorandum to Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak to protest against the state exco's racial composition.

Nonee Ashirin Mohd Radzi, who chaired a special meeting with the Malay NGOs, said they could not accept the formula, as it did not reflect the composition of the state population with Malays as the majority.

The NGOs had also rejected the creation of two Deputy Mentri Besar posts, on the basis that the positions were not provided for in the state Constitution and only served to fulfil the DAP’s political interests.

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Photobucket Mentri Besar Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin said the 20 Malay NGOs were exposing themselves to unnecessary trouble from the palace by insisting there should be more Malays in the exco line-up.

They are going against the Perak Sultan by rejecting the six-three-one formula for the make-up of the state executive council.

Mentri Besar Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin said:
"It was the people whom the Sultan would listen to on who should be in the executive council, not the NGOs.

But if the NGOs want to make noise, that is their right. If they want to go against the wishes of the Sultan, let them fight. And we should get away from these NGOs.”
However, Mohammad Nizar said the question about the two deputy Mentri Besar posts did not arise as the names had already been finalised and submitted to the Sultan of Perak..

Asked about the exco line-up, Mohamad Nizar said the new state government was awaiting word from Sultan Azlan Shah who was presently in London.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Nizar clarified that the 18 DAP assemblymen, in accepting him as a Malay mentri besar, did not mean that the party had acceded to Malay supremacy.

No, I think that the assemblymen were accepting what has been provided for in the state constitution, and are abiding by it,” he said.

He urged all doubters to give them 100 days to prove themselves, likening the new state government to a marriage.


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  • "...These 20 Malay NGOs and movements are talking with their heads up their ass.

    Based on their arguments, considering that the three opposition parties garnered MORE than half the popular votes in Peninsular Malaysia, would it not therefore be correct to say that the OPPOSITION should form the FEDERAL Government in West Malaysia while Barisan Nasional should only form the ‘Regional’ Government in East Malaysia?

    These people just don’t get it.

    Malaysians have just about had it with all this racial slur and rhetoric.

    Not only the Chinese and Indians have had their fill with racism but a fair percentage of Malays as well can no longer stomach the race politics, which is the hallmark of Barisan Nasional.

    They still have not woken up to the realisation that it was RACE that lost them the election.

    And today they still scream about race and racial quotas.

    Just read what these 20 Malay NGOs and movements said on Sunday. It is still about RACIAL QUOTAS.

    Why stop at this? Why not just demand that 100% of the positions be reserved for Malays? After all, this is a Malay country, Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and the Chinese and Indians are pendatang, as Umno constantly reminds us.

    So would not 100% of the positions be given to Malays be more apt? Furthermore, the Chinese and Indian parties got wiped out in the last election.

    The Chinese and Indian parties did not deliver the votes. Without the Malays and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, Barisan Nasional would have been totally wiped out.

    So it makes more sense that 100% of the positions go to the Malays with none at all for the Chinese and Indians.

    Barisan Nasional has to be rudely woken up if it has not already done so. The more they harp on race and racial quotas the deeper into the rut they will go.

    What’s so wrong if the Chinese or Indians get an extra seat, or vice versa? This is NOT a number’s game anyway.

    And, unfortunately, even those in the Opposition appear to have fallen for the Barisan Nasional trap by echoing the same sentiments about racial quotas in the government. This is a Barisan Nasional game.

    If the opposition also tries to play this same game they will lose their pants.

    Barisan Nasional is an expert at race politics and this is their cup of tea.

    The opposition enters this gelanggang at its own peril. Rest assured the Opposition will lose the race game if it tries to engage Barisan Nasional in its arena.

    Hey, I don’t care how many Malays, Chinese and Indians sit in the EXCO.

    Let it be 100% Malays or 100% Chinese or 100% Indians or whatever. If it has to be 100% Chinese just so that Malaysia can be like Singapore, an extremely successful country that is run by almost 100% Chinese, then so be it.

    I (don't ?) care a damn about what race is running this country. I just want to see the emergence of the best country on earth. And if we have to go to Mars to find these people then so be it.

    Whoever sit as Menteri Besar/Chief Minister and whoever happen to be their ten EXCO Members is NOT important. What is would be that these people look after the interests of all the races.

    If we need five Malays in the EXCO to ensure that the Malays are looked after and three Chinese and two Indians to sit in the EXCO to ensure that the Chinese and Indians are also looked after, then something must be terribly wrong with this government.

    Why must it be Malays look after the Malay interest and Chinese after Chinese interest and Indians after Indian interest?

    We have only one Prime Minister, a Malay, and is he the Prime Minister of only the Malays who will only look after the interests of only the Malays or is he a Prime Minister for all Malaysians?

    All candidates, never mind of which race and whether from the opposition or Barisan Nasional, won on a combined Malay-Chinese-Indian votes.

    Every candidate, irrespective of party and race, won because of the votes from all the races.

    So the Malay, Chinese and Indian in government DOES NOT represent his or her community. He or she did not get into government because of the votes from his or her own community.

    So, once in government, why do they now talk about representing their community? Is this not a violation of the vote that we gave you? We did not vote for you so that you could get into government to serve, represent or protect your community. We voted for you so that you can serve Malaysia.

    So do just that and enough with this 5:3:2, 4:4:2, 4:3:3, 6:2:2 argument.

    Even if it is 10:0:0 also never mind as long as you Malay, Chinese and Indian in government know that you serve me and the country and not your own race or community.

    Aiyah, itu pun kena ajar ke? Kayu sungguh!

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