Sunday 30 November 2008

Hilarious! God Bless America ala Bill Maher

Put on your speakers.

Bill Maher on the election of Barack Obama

Read here Profile of Bill Maher

Read background on following which Bill Maher makes reference to:

Joan Rivers - Related to plastic surgeries of Joan Rivers: Read here

Hannah Montana - TV show starring Miley Cyrus: Read here

72 Virgins: Read here

Documentary film on religion made by Bill Maher himself called " Religulous", Read here
(View video clip on Bill Maher on Larry King Live on "Religulous")

Jessica Simpson: Click here why Bill Maher makes reference to her

Bill Maher says "RELIGION" :
  • is a neurological disorder that justifies crazies and stops people from thinking.

  • is a cause of many of society's problems and that the practices of religion are mired in hypocrisy.

  • works under the guise of morality but that its tenets generally have nothing to do with morality, that religious prohibitions are being confused with moral law.

  • provides answers to questions that "cannot possibly be answered." Questions such as "Where do I go when I die?" or "Is there a heaven?", are impossible to answer. By claiming to have the answers, religion is dishonest and it "stops people from thinking."
Watch video clips on Bill Maher talking on religion: HERE, and HERE

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