Saturday 8 November 2008

Raja Petra Released from ISA Detention by Court Order

Read here press statement from Anwar Ibrahim, Opposition Leader

"... The release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin from ISA detention is a victory for the people of Malaysia. In its ruling against the Home Ministry, the High Court of Shah Alam has exposed yet another crack in the steadily eroding wall of justification surrounding the ISA.I commend the courts which have come to the rescue, as they must do, when citizens are rendered helpless before arbitrary authority and its inclination to the abuse of power. It is through the judge’s commitment to justice that Raja Petra will once again experience the freedom that is the birthright of all Malaysians.
-Anwar Ibrahim
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Click here on Zorro-Unmasked blog for more photos on the release of Raja Petra

Raja Petra Kamarudin
after being released from ISA detention

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

Sing a Simple Song of Freedom

Sing a Song of Freedom

TOGETHER - Bob Sinclair


Oh yeah we're back now, oh!
More bad news on the radio
Planet Earth she's about to explode, yeah.
The stars have lost their shine today
They have all been blown away
Together, only hope can be away

Let me hear you say

One day, we'll be together
We'll never be apart,
One heart, one mind yeah
One day we'll be together
Remeber this old world is yours and mine (yeah)

See that man with a pen and gun ?
Says its over for everyone (oh no)
No I don't believe it's true
But, I guess its up to me and you
Together, we will find a way through.

I believe in you

One day, we'll be together
We'll never be apart,
One heart, one mind yeah
One day we'll be together
Remember this old world is yours and mine (yeah)...
Oh oh oh..


Yap Chong Yee said...

I send my most sincere and happy greetings to RPK on his early release. However I believe this is a one off and not likely to happen soon.

In all of the 50 or more years of the existence of the ISA, this is the first time that a Minister's order for detantion has been declared unlawful, WHY NOW ? The evil of ISA detention lies in the very existence of the ISA as LAW. The existence of ISA trumps all other existing laws. We should only find meaning in our freedom if we are able to altogether abrogate the ISA; only then can we say that Malaysia is RULED BY LAW AND NOT BY THE WHIMS OF MAN.

Anonymous said...

But Menteri says his Government intends on appealing on the ruling. Because he's disappointed. Maybe he never like RPK enjoying that ride on the Rolls. Or maybe there are empty rooms in Kamunting which he likes to fill up. Or maybe he wants to protect RPK under the ISA. Or maybe he and his Ministry is incompetent to sign the detention order under wrong Section 8. Or maybe he wants to be seen in the good books of the incoming PM to get a good report card. Or maybe he wants RPK to be 'silenced' from exposing the truth of the Mongolian murder. Or maybe he has a sadistic character to enjoy right-thinking people of this Nation to be incarcerated. Or maybe he is just a plain jerk. Come to think of it, they do not call him the Botak Menteri for nothing.