Thursday 3 September 2009

Home Minister Hishamuddin Says Cow-Head Protesters Did the RIGHT Thing to Insult the Hindu Faith

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ONLY GOD/ALLAH Can Save Our Nation
from THIS Man.
Because Malaysians are Unwilling and this NEPOTIC UMNO-Led Govt Is Unable!

Does PM Najib Have the Balls to Sack His COUSIN from the Cabinet for His Potentially Dangerous and Divisive Views About Malaysians

"...They, the organisers, DIDN'T even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration.

WHY would WE want to penalise anybody?

I was told that even the Hindus there are NOT so passionate that it is built there (section 23).."

Hishamuddin Hussein
Malaysia's Home Minister
(Cousin of PM Najib Razak, Son of Tun Hussein Onn
and Grandson of Datuk Onn Jaffar)


  • In May 1969, The Bar Council demanded PM Najib to call for resignation of his cousin, the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein for the unlawful detention of its five Legal Aid Centre (LAC) lawyers. Read here for more.

  • In 2005 UMNO General Assembly, Hishamuddin waived the keris threatening to bath it with the blood of non-Malays, particularly the Chinese. And Muhyiddin Yassin commented on the keris waiving incident as " is quite normal to voice feelings during the assembly."..Read here for more

  • Home Minister Hishamuddin Defends Action of Cow-head Protestors

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    Hishamuddin Hussein, the Home Minister today JUSTIFIED last Friday's cow-head demonstration by Malay Muslims insulting the Hindu faith with a parade of a severed cow head against the relocation of a HINDU temple.

    He told reporters after meeting with Malay-Muslim representatives of Shah Alam's Section 23 at his office here today.

    Hishamuddin was not in favour of legal action to be taken against any of these Malay Muslim cow-head protestors who had insulted the Hindu faith directly. "Why would we want to penalise anybody?", he said

    Hishammuddin Hussein said the Section 23 Shah Aalam Malay Muslim protesters felt victimised after the cow head demonstration.

    Hishammuddin said the police allowed the demonstrators to proceed insulting the Hindu faith with severed cow head because the numbers of the protesters were SMALL

    He tried to play down the cow-head incident by pointing out that there were previous incidents where a pig-head was used. He said, "If I wanted to use the issue to create chaos in Selangor, I can but we didn’t take such actions. There were cases where a pig-head was used by irresponsible parties including leaving the head in front of an Umno building covered by an Umno flag"

    A group, claiming to be Muslim residents of Section 23 in Shah Alam, the new site of a Hindu temple, held a demonstration outside the Selangor state secretariat last Friday, dragging a severed cow-head, an animal sacred in Hinduism, which they stomped on and spat at under the gaze of the riot police.

    The act was carried out by a group of 50 protestors who oppose the relocation of the Sri Mahamariamman Temple to Section 23 from Section 19, claiming the area is mainly occupied by Malay-Muslims.

    Hishamuddin said,
    “ They, the organisers, didn’t even know that somebody was going to bring the head of the cow during that demonstration.

    They (just) wanted to voice their unhappiness about the willingness of the state government to listen to their requests.
    I was told that even the Hindus there are not so passionate that it is built there (section 23).

    Irresponsible parties not to provoke racial sentiments because it goes against the concept of 1 Malaysia."


    Krishna said...

    God's help to remove this man from office will only be if God strikes him dead or incapacitates him. But there is still hope. Make sure neither he nor any BN politician wins any seat in GE 13. That is within our means. Everyone has to go out. Get those not registered as voters to do so now. Get those who support BN to see that they are supporting an oppressive regime which is breeding terrorists and using them to stay in power!

    IPOHKIA said...

    A disgrace for your ancestor, Tun Hussien Onn, and Onn Jaffar, what i piece of shit your are. Stop all this moronics act and immediately stop thinking all rakyats are morons like you. You are a damn damn piece of bastard, but your ancestor does not look like ones, how the hell you make such a mentally retarded statement, Najis please send this man for full medical check up, he is sicked.

    Anonymous said...

    Rase teman, UMNO ni tengah gali dalam2 kubor diorang untuk PRU akan datang larr....... cari pasal ngan orang melayu Parti Islam (Take Beer), cari hal dengan orang India Hindu (Pijak kepala Lembu)dgn org Cina pulak dulu nayakan Teresa Kok sbb katanya halang orang Islam azan (padahal speaker kena hentam petir) org melayu plak kat taman-taman dah mula nampak org2 UMNO dah mula pancung memancung sesama sendiri masing-masing nak jadi ketua caw / BHG supaya boleh jadi Calon AR/WP atau setidak2nya Masuuuukk!!!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    I was just wondering IF it had been another taboo animal's head instead of the Cow. And the issue involves some other religion which is considered as one of the world's greatest. What would have been the reaction? Go figure and you'd know why there is so much hypocrisy in this country.

    Anonymous said...

    I feel ashamed of these malays,maybe their into ajaran sesat(cult).They are not muslims cause i grew in a muslim country my friends and relatives are muslims,I know a good muslim.Even they are embarest with this issue.As the say goes kerana setitik susu,sebelanga susu rosak.Because of the action of a few malays,all the other malaysian malays(muslims) get a bad name.When i read the applogys from some good muslims,i understand and will just ignore them,but i really hope the authority will take some action on these uneducated mens.