Friday 11 September 2009

Deputy UMNO Youth Chief Mukhriz Mahathir's Brother Involved in Selling Beer Big Time


PM Najib Abdul Razak said Umno is truly an ISLAMIC party. UMNO is the dominant party in this BN-led Govt in which Mukhriz Mahathir is a Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry and whose eldest brother, Mirzan Mahathir is involved in ALCOHOL -production and marketing industry and whose father (Mahathir Mohamad) once said Malaysia is already an Islamic state. Read here for more

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Mirzan Mahathir, the eldest son of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was recently appointed to the Board of San Miguel Corp, the owner of the BEER making San Miguel Brewery Inc.

San Miguel Brewery controls 95 per cent of the Philippine BEER market.

The BEER is brewed in the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and is sold in 60 markets worldwide, according to the company’s Web site.

We Say to PAS's Hassan Ali and the JAWI Goon Squad:
  • A Muslim Woman (Kartika Sari Devi Shukarno, read here) Drinking Alcohol is Caned, But a Muslim Man Engaged in Selling Alcohol Goes Scot-Free.

  • And It is OK for Muslims to Sell Alcohol to Others!

  • That's Equivalent to Punishing a Drug Addict Victim But Letting a Drug TRAFFICKER Go FREE to Keep on Selling Drugs.

  • See If You Have the Balls and the Courage of a True Muslim to Confront the Brother of the Deputy UMNO Youth Chief / UMNO Minister and the Son of the former President of UMNO.

  • This is a good time to show that you, Hassan Ali of PAS and the JAWI GOON SQUAD are not a bunch of Hypocrites.

Where's the Barking of UMNO's Canine, Big Dog on This !!
(See here Big Dog's leash onto Mahathir's family )

Mirzan Mahathir Appointed Director on San Miguel Corp Board

Read here for more in Malaysian Insider

San Miguel Corp told the Philippines stock exchange last week about Mirzan Mahathir’s appointment which is to represent the interests of Q-Tech Alliance Holdings Inc on the board.

Q-Tech, a Manila-based investment company in which Mirzan has a stake in, recently acquired a 19.9 per cent share in San Miguel Corp for 39.61 billion pesos (RM2.9 BILLION).

It bought the stake from Japan’s Kirin Holdings, which used the funds to help finance the acquisition of a 43 per cent stake in San Miguel Brewery Inc.

Mirzan’s involvement in the deal has raised some eyebrows among Malaysia’s conservative Muslim community.

Since news of Q-Tech’s acquisition of San Miguel Corp shares began circulating here, a number of news blogs have used it to attack Dr Mahathir’s Muslim credentials.

Mirzan Mahathir’s corporate forays have not been without controversy. He once controlled Konsortium Perkapalan Bhd when Dr Mahathir was prime minister, but was forced to sell its shipping assets to Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC), in what critics said then was a bailout.


Anonymous said...

aiyah , who are those muslim directors in the haram gambling co.
...O ! they dun gamble but make the non-muslims gamble & lose ALL their money is ok laa ....@#$%^&* !

Anonymous said...

Been saying all this along. So saying it right here agian. Malaysia is full of hypoccrites. As good as telling the rakyat not to screw all the China dolls flooding around in the towns and cities. yet they operate the biggest brothels and raking in the big $$$ day-in, day-out. This is what Malaysia is all about. Yey they profess to be from the highest order of all world religions. The 'untouchables' of sorts. And, in the process, behave worst than animals. Especially cows which apparently have more decent sense antime, anywhere.

Geronimo said...

Hey Mirzan, you see what happens when your mamak dad goes around declaring our country a Muslim state. Now you are in a fix, aren't you? You will reap what you sowed. I believe this also goes to Tan Sri Haniff Omar (ex IGP) for his involvement with Genting.