Tuesday 29 September 2009

PAS's Hassan Ali is Najib's Mole to Bring Down the PR Selangor State Government

to Topple Pakatan Rakyat's State Government

UMNO's Choice
for Selangor's Menteri Besar



Immediately after 2008 March election, PAS Selangor Commissioner Hassan Ali engaged in secret negotiations with Khir Toyo to explore the possibility of PAS forming an alliance with Umno to jointly rule the state. This alliance would of course exclude PKR and DAP who were going to be Menteri Besar and Deputy Menteri Besar respectively.

Most of PAS grassroots members were kept in the dark of the secret talks. During their secret negotiation, UMNO proposed that Hassan Ali to be appointed Selangor Mentri Besar in a BN-led State Govt with Khir Toyo as Deputy Menteri Besar . Read here and here


"... The mainstream media seems to be having a gala time in keeping the Selangor state government on the defensive over the actions of a member of its PR partner and Executive Councillor from PAS Hassan Ali, who is seen to have acted in a way that runs contrary to the spirit of unity within the loosely led PR state government.

Some have even predicted that the ongoing spat between Hassan Ali and its PR partners may inevitably cause the breakup of the Selangor state government, if PAS does not wish to make any compromises to resolve the actions of Hassan Ali.

Having caused a stir over the sales of Beer, Hassan Ali has gone further to criticised the on-going proceedings of the Select Committee for Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat), particularly with regards to the manner in which the witnesses are being questioned over the unusual spendings of the previous BN assemblymen prior to the March 8, 2008 General Elections.

One has only to follow the proceedings reported in the media, and if one does not see these unusual spendings of public funds that amounts to several millions as an act of unscrupulous abuse by the former BN assemblymen, then I do not know what else to say of Hassan Ali.

If Hassan Ali is not too happy with the method used in the questioning of witnesses by Selcat, I would only be too pleased to learn from him as to the correct method of questioning witnesses.

I do not believe that Hassan Ali will subscribe to the methods used by MACC, nor will he be pleased to used the methods adopted by the PDRM.

I would love to see how Hassan Ali reacts to Selcat over its investigations into the Balkis affairs and Khir Toyo's excessive family spendings overseas on the pretext of it being official business trips.

Personally, I do not know what is in the mind of Hassan Ali when he is seen to act and play into the hands of the opposition, rather than to act and play as a member of the PR team.

Is he trying to play the 'voice of conscience' with the hope of being a populist, or is there anything that is troubling him in his relationship with the PR led government?

Strangely, UMNO Selangor is backing up Hassan Ali in his spat with his PR partners, for this is exactly what UMNO wants to see happening in Selangor.

Even UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin has said that the PR led government in Selangor is incompetent to govern. Is Hassan Ali not emboldened by this remark?

Whatever be the reasons for Hassan Ali to act the way he did, his actions have not been well received by his PR partners. There is now a growing demand that he quits if he persist to remain at divergence with his PR partners, and if he does quit, I guess that will be the end of his political career.

I do not believe UMNO would willingly accept him into their fold, and if he still wants to continue his political career, he still has one final option i.e. to join M. Kayveas Peoples Progressive Party which is a party open to all Malaysians. Read here for more in "Mind No Evil" Blog
-Muhammad Arshad Raji
(Retired Army Officer)

Hassan Ali is viewed by many within the Pakatan as being an Umno Trojan Horse and few would be surprised if he were to jump ship to UMNO when the crunch came. Read here for more

The Attack on PR Coalition Partners and the Selangor State Government
  • Datuk Dr Hassan Ali, the state PAS chief, Hassan issued a directive to appoint mosque officials to arrest Muslims drinking in public. Hassan Ali was summoned to the palace. As the head of state, the Sultan is responsible for religious affairs and expects to be consulted on all issues relating to Islam. His consent is naturally necessary before new directives or new laws are proposed. Hassan was given a royal ticking off. Read here for more
  • Datuk Dr Hassan Ali, the state PAS chief, openly called for DAP's Ronnie Liu to be removed from the powerful local government portfolio. He accused Ronnie Liu of meddling in a recent action by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to confiscate beer worth RM620 from a 7-Eleven outlet in Section 8 . Insiders in both parties think Selangor PAS commissioner Datuk Hassan Ali has played into the hands of Umno, which will reap the benefits of the wedge between the Islamic party and secular DAP, ahead of the Permatang Pasir by-election in Penang. Read here and here for more

  • Senior party leaders are unhappy with Hasan and Selangor PAS secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman who backed his boss, Hassan, by saying that the party was ready to pull out of PR in Selangor if all its elected representatives agreed. Read here for more

  • Dr Hassan hit out at Selcat, which is chaired by Selangor state assembly Speaker Teng Chang Khim, for “grilling” senior civil servants over allocations. Several PAS leaders said Dr Hassan should have not publicly questioned the body and put the state’s interest last.PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar said the issue should not have been brought up in this manner and it was tantamount to attacking the principle of separation of powers. Said PAS CC member Dzulkefly Ahmad: "I’ve spoken to most of the other central committee members and we are of the view he has gone too far.” Said PAS MP for Shah Alam Khalid Samad: "Hassan is a senior member of the Selangor cabinet and this is a coalition government. There must be team work, I cannot emphasis this enough. Otherwise, he will be subverting the whole process, destroy the image of the Pakatan Rakyat government and foil its ability to work and function effectively.“ Read here for more and here
UMNO's Support for PAS's Hassan Ali

Selangor Umno said it fully supported the calls by Hassan Ali, the state PAS commissioner, to stop the Pakatan Rakyat's public inquiry on misuse of state allocations by Barisan Nasional assemblymen.Selangor Umno deputy chief Noh Omar said the inquiry conducted by the Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency should be done behind closed doors. Read here for more


Looks like Hassan Ali is at it again. How was this guy, who is so anti-Pakatan Rakyat, selected by PAS as a assemblyman for Gombak Setia seat?

He seems to be doing his best to make Pakatan look bad. Perhaps, he is a Trojan horse within the Pakatan government. It is no secret he hopped from Umno to PAS so that gives rise to suspicion he must be one. He has not outwardly hit out or condemned any of BN's previous actions nor taken to task Mohd Khir Toyo for his corrupt actions in the past but keeps battering Pakatan for one thing or other.

The Selcat has every right to probe and question every action and corrupt practices of politicians as well as civil servants in Selangor. As long as they do it openly and not like MACC in secrecy like Gestapo to bash intimidate suspects and even witnesses.

Has MACC investigated any of the reports made to them on corrupt practices of the past BN government in Selangor?

Why didn't Hassan Ali make a hue and cry about the way police and MACC treats suspects and witnesses. I suspect that he is not sincere to Pakatan's cause. He only wants to bring down Pakatan in Selangor and then jump back to Umno and claim his reward.

If PAS still insists on keeping him as a candidate for the next election, the people of Gombak should teach him a lesson and not vote for him. It is better to lose the seat to an independent then to have him in Pakatan. It is high time PAS rein him in or even expel him from the party for working against the party and Pakatan coalition.
Read here for more

Dr Hassan Ali - whose side is he on?

Read here for more on KTEMOC KONSIDERS blog

What can you say about Selangor PAS Commissioner, Hassan Ali, a member of the State Pakatan-led exco, when he wants the State government to stop Selcat (the State special select committee for competency, accountability and transparency) from carrying out public inquiries.

He wants the inquiries done behind closed doors, so we need to ask him where would then be the transparency? And what is his motive?

The public has been both delighted and outraged by the Selcat exposure of the former BN government endorsed Balkis (wives of Elected Selangor Representatives Welfare Organisation) squandering public funds ...

... delighted to have a new clean Pakatan government exposing alleged financial dodginess, and outraged that the previous BN government had been allegedly feral in its financial governance of public funds. Woi, mana itu MACC?

Note that the court has recently ruled Balkis is not allowed to deregister itself, meaning its members may now be called to explain how they had used or misused the organization’s funds.

Additionally Selcat is also probing the questionable ways the previous BN state lawmakers had rampagingly used allocated annual funds in a mere first two months of 2008. That’s half a million ringgit per BN ADUN – in a mere 2 months! Frightening!

Yes, why is Hassan Ali so set on Selcat doing the inquiry behind closed doors. Is it to spare the former BN government from the embarrassing public exposure of its alleged misuse of public finds?

The PAS Commissioner claimed he wants to stop Selcat from “bullying public servants” during the recent public inquiry. The public servants he was referring to are District Officers who approved funds required by the former BN ADUNS.

If these DOs had exercise proper financial governance in their duties then they needn’t worry about transparent public accountability.

Wait for the exposure of Hassan Ali's hypocrisy at the end of this post.

Also, Hassan Ali demonstrated a lack of understanding of how a democratic government has the power and right to exercise the parliamentary practices of institutions like Selcat. I really worry about an Islamic government under people like Hassan Ali!

Hassan had insisted that Selcat be chaired by judges – hahaha, and we in Malaysia know how that will turn out – but I suppose Hassan Ali wants it that way.

Teng Chang Kim, chairman of Selcat lambasted Hassan's pathetic lack of knowledge of parliamentary procedures to make such a silly proposal.

The way I look at it, Hassan seems more interested in shielding BN from the current embarrassment of the public knowing about its questionable financial management of public funds.

And then Teng gave Hassan Ali the final blast about the latter’s claim of wanting to protect the District Officers. Teng revealed that Hassan Ali had in fact wanted to replaced them, stating:
“Unknown to them, Hassan Ali had been pushing for all senior civil servants — including DO’s, heads of local authorities, the state secretary and state legal advisor — to be replaced during PR state meetings."
That's his sheer hypocrisy and treachery to the District Officers. One can only conclude that the beneficiaries of his demand for Selcat to be conducted behind closed doors would not be those District Officers.

PAS should get rid of Hassan Ali

From Malaysiakini Readers

Read here for more

Gk: By all means, PAS and PKR should get rid of Selangor PAS chief Hassan Ali and Kulim Bandar Baharu MP Zulkifli Nordin respectively. In fact, those still with Umno's mentality should be out of Pakatan Rakyat. Only then, we can see a vibrant diverse multiracial Malaysia.

AliBaba: As a Selangor voter in Hulu Kelang, I voted for PAS. What Selangor Pakatan does is great and transparent. They should continue with the Selcat and it should be made available for voters like me to watch and review. Why does Hassan want to have a closed inquiry?

Takjamin: Loyalty to your leader is commendable but blind loyalty is not only foolhardy but a big injustice to the rakyat who voted you into this position. You have been given a once in a lifetime chance to govern but look at you today. The rakyat wanted a strong opposition but ended up with a change of state government in four states. Take the opportunity to work out your disagreements and govern. If you don't, you will definitely end up a much weaker opposition next time around.

Schumy: As a professional, I think Hassan should bring all dissatisfaction, ideas or comments to be discussed internally, so as not to disclose unwanted disagreements to the public. Even Malaysiakini highlighted this issue, what more the government-linked media. On the other hand, everyone should be rational and positive. Take into consideration that Dr Hassan was once a civil servant; he might have in-depth knowledge of the government servants' mentality. He might feel that such acts could erode public support towards Pakatan. After all, if Pakatan leaders quarrel among them, what can be achieved? It will only weaken us and what Mahathir said will be true: BN can only win the next election if Pakatan is weak not because BN is strong.

Amir Efendy: If Hassan Ali genuinely has the public servants' interests at heart, does it mean it is okay to embarrass Selcat in public? If he thinks this should be done behind closed doors then why wouldn't he use the same approach in suggesting this to Selcat. Isn't this called hypocrisy?

Sentinel: It is not for Selangor PAS to decide if Hassan Ali the Trojan horse stays or leaves Pakatan. It is the people of Selangor's wish. And the people of Selangor wishes he leaves, so just leave quietly...

FairMind: How can one be embarrassed if one is upright and has done his duties diligently and correctly? It is only when they have not done their duties appropriately and correctly that they are embarrassed!If they do not feel any embarrassment, they would surely repeat their mistakes and continue with their wrongdoings. They should thank their lucky stars that they are just embarrassed and not thrown behind jail for assisting dishonest politicians!

Niexam Mahmud: What is wrong with this Hassan Ali? If we want transparency, the hearing should be conducted in open. The excuse that a court can exercise a closed hearing is stupid and childish and in his own words "macam budak sekolah"! The norm for the court is an open hearing where the public could watch. That is what transparency is: open to the public, no hanky-panky behind closed doors. The public not only will have the opportunity to judge those who are questioned, but even the Selcat panel will be judged too. Yes, they will be judged whether they had fulfilled their duty as Selcat members to the best of their abilities.

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