Friday 23 October 2009

Here is Why MCA is and Will Always be UMNO's Lap-Dog

Believe It or Not:
MCA Sought President of UMNO's Blessing/Approval
for Plan to Solve its Internal Party Problems

UMNO's Obedient Chinese Lap Dog

According to a Malaysiakini report, MCA vice-president Dr Ng Yen Yen and another CC member Ti Lian Ker hatched out a plan to get the two MCA leaders (Ong Kee Kiat and Chua Soi Lek) together. They even went out to contact Chua in Singapore on Sunday to get him to return to Kuala Lumpur.

Chua reportedly returned on Monday and immediately they both met face to face and talked for several hours. The talks came out with a unity plan proposal.
  • What did they propose to do with the unity plan?

  • Did they go back to the grassroots or go back to their respective supporters to brief on the Unity Plan and to get the blessing of the grassroots?
NO, instead the MCA LEADERS went to brief Najib Abdul Razak of their proposal first and then to get his blessing.

Najib Abdul Razak as PRIME MINISTER has NO business with the internal politics of its component partners in Barisan Nasional. The internal squabbling in MCA as nothing to do with the running of government. It means the leadership squabble within MCA has nothing to do with Najib as PRIME MINISTER.

The reason MCA involves Najib is to get the blessing of the PRESIDENT of UMNO.

Did Najib or Abdullah Badawi in their internal UMNO politics ever get the blessing of MCA or from the President of MCA?

Question need to be asked by MCA grassroot members on why their own party leaders have to go crawling to the President of UMNO for blessing of their unity plan?

Anyway, it was reported another MCA source said initially Najib Abdul Razak, (read:President of UMNO) was sceptical about the plan when briefed about it. Only after some convincing explanation by Chua Soi Lek, who was already rejected by MCA EGM as Deputy MCA President, that UMNO President Najib finally gave his blessing to MCA' s unity plan.

For MCA leaders to say they went to see "the Prime Minister for his blessing/approval" is intended to mislead the MCA grassroot members.

The MCA leaders went to see Najib as PRESIDENT of UMNO, (read: to get the BLESSING of UMNO) to solve their internal party problems.
  • Why go to the President of UMNO, and not to MCA membership or their respective supporters in MCA?

  • Since when was the MCA constitution amended requiring the internal affairs of MCA to get the approval/blessing of the President of UMNO? Or has that been amended ?
While the Mandarin-speaking Chinese supporters and the "towkays" of MCA look to their elected representatives for leadership for the Chinese community, we have instead these two MCA leaders turning to UMNO to solve their internal party problems..

It confirms the views of almost all Malaysian Chinese voters since March 2008. It is UMNO, not the Chinese community, that dictates the internal politics of MCA and thus dictates the future of the mandarin-speaking MCA members.

It is a fantasy and a wet dream of the Chinese community to expect MCA to stand up to UMNO !!!

It is a concocted myth that its leaders lead MCA. It is the UMNO President who leads MCA. MCA 's survival as a political party depends on how UMNO moulds MCA into the form that it suits UMNO's racial politics.

MCA, a SENIOR (?) partner in Barisan Nasional ? Think Again !

MCA is an UMNO lap dog and will always remain an UMNO lap dog in the name of the Chinese community even after the present leadership crisis in MCA is over.

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