Tuesday, 9 January 2007

The Toll-Hike Scandal: Caused by the Stupidity of Cabinet Ministers, Says Mahathir

Interview with Mahathir: Read here in The Sun and HERE

"This is one of thing that we need to correct. What you have is a cabinet which is not very knowledgeable all the time because it is not made up of experts but politicians (and) some politicians like myself can sometimes be stupid.

The cabinet merely gave approvals in principle and NEVER really studied the implications in some parts of the agreements."
- Dr. Mahathir Mohammad

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"....Asked whether the concession agreements should be reviewed, he gave an affirmative yes.

“I think the companies can be reasonable. Provided that the renegotiation does not result in them losing money," Dr Mahathir said.

He revealed that government agreements were drafted to work in two ways. For example, in defence procurement, if there were a delay, the contractor had to pay penalty to the government.
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