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Johor has been hit by a second wave of floods in less than a month, continued to worsen on Sunday, driving more people from their homes to relief centres.

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As at late evening, a total of 101,680 flood victims from 22,753 families had been evacuated to 338 relief centres in the state -- up from 74,000 the night before.

To make matters worse, the Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rain in Johor, as well as in southern and eastern Pahang, until Monday. Moderate rain is expected in Johor from tomorrow until Wednesday.

A state of emergency had NOT YET been declared in Johor.

Health ministry secretary-general Ismail Merican said flood victims now faced the risk of disease, particularly leptospirosis, which is spread via rat, dog and cattle urine. Abdul Ghani Othman, Johor's chief minister, said that two flood evacuees had already died of leptospirosis.

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In flood situations things get out of control, especially when it comes to water cleanliness," Ismail said.

Batu Pahat was the worst-affected with 34,462 victims from 7,685 families evacuated to 118 relief centres.

There is also little sign of the flood situation easing for a while as the water levels continued to rise in eight of the nine affected districts -- north Johor Baru, Muar, Kluang, Batu Pahat, Segamat, Kota Tinggi, Pontian and Mersing.

  • Kluang, the number of evacuees was 16,131,

  • southern Johor Baru (11,183),

  • northern Johor Baru (6,085),

  • Kota Tinggi (12,589),

  • Segamat (4,689),

  • Mersing (6,914),

  • Muar (5,604) and

  • Pontian (4,023).

    Kota Tinggi town was still under 1m of water in certain areas after Sungai Johor overflowed its banks on Friday, cutting off road links between the town to Johor Baru and Mersing. Kota Tinggi was only accessible by boats and helicopters.

    In Kluang, a landslide had occurred at Bandar Tenggara, near Felda Pengelih Timur. The roads impassable to traffic in the district are Jalan Mersing-Kota Tinggi, Mersing-Kluang, Segamat-Labis, Labis-Yong Peng, Labis-Muar, Kluang-Mersing and Kluang-Bandar Tenggara at Sungai Sembrong bridge.

    In Muar, Km29.6 of Jalan Parit Sulong-Bakri and Km70 of Jalan Muar-Labis are not passable to light vehicles.

    However, KTM intercity services in the south have returned to normal since Saturday afternoon.

    In a statement, KTM Bhd said a landslide situation affecting the Kluang-Paloh, Bekok-Paloh, Bukit Timah-Woodlands and Labis-Bekok links has been rectified.

    The resumption of normal service to the south is subject to flood levels and weather conditions in the affected areas, it said.

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