Tuesday 28 August 2007

Citizens' Appeal: Why the MALAY RULERS MUST Act Decisively NOW

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" Ke Bawah Duli Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja Raja Melayu,

All temporal power in the land is derived through the WILL of the PEOPLE.

After 50 years of being sidelined, and with the country now being hijacked by the corrupt, the mentally inept, the sleepy, and the cowards, the Malay Rulers are at last being recognised as that other necessary arm of power sharing in our Constitutional Monarchy.

We have always called ourselves a Constitutional Monarchy based on the Westminster model of Parliamentary Democracy.

Only NOW are WE beginning to appreciate the value of the Malay Rulers.

The power to rule the country is divided between the Executive, the Parliament, the Judiciary and, last but not the least, the Malay Rulers. Due to the skewed nature of our election results (caused by our skewed voting behaviour) the Parliament has become completely subservient to the Executive. These two combined have totally overwhelmed the Judiciary. The end result is that the Executive is supreme.

But all this is possible only and only with the connivance of the population. The population expresses its willingness in this connivance through the ballot box. It is the will of the people that gives the Executive complete rubber stamp authority over Parliament as well as the Judiciary.

Until now, the will of the people ignored the role of the Malay Rulers.

Until now, of course.

The populace now recognises that it has created a monster and the populace has little chance of getting rid of this monster that it has helped create.

Hence the will of the people is changing.

The will of the people is now reverting to the Malay Rulers to save the people from the clutches of the mentally inept, the corrupt, the sleepy, and the cowards.

The country is most certainly going down the toilet.

  • Bus drivers will not be driving buses for the Merdeka weekend and the Hari Raya holidays because too many are on drugs, have serious traffic violations, or even have criminal records. A corrupt system kept them driving buses right off the road. When people start dying in large numbers, the breakdown in the system comes into the open.

  • The tuition teachers are on strike because a corrupt and inept system which makes a mockery of the schools made it necessary for tuition centres. Now, with the tuition centres being shut down, who is going to teach the children?

  • The Police are caught between a rock and a hard place. They do not know whether to work for the good of the people or for the crooks and the gangsters.

  • The Prime Minister has made Australia his second home. He has also gone overseas 83 times (and counting) in just three years in power. The Prime Minister's favorite phrase is 'I dont know'.

  • The Ministers and the high and mighty are robbing the country blind.

  • The Iskandar Corridor is a fake.

  • The Northern Development Corridor is another fake.

  • The Prime Minister's son, son in law and their cronies are set to make billions from land development in these areas.

  • Vast amounts of tax payers savings in EPF, SOCSO, Tabung Haji, LTAT and in the GLC's are being used to speculate on the Stock Market which is now crashing. The Prime Minister who is also the Minister of Finance says 'I dont know'.

  • The Government machinery only works when enough money is used to grease its rusting wheels.

  • Hawker permits, building approvals, college accreditations, drivers licenses, lorry permits can all be had for a price. Pay and you shall get.

  • Murder cases can be totally and completely mishandled if you can pay enough money.

  • The Judges and the Public Prosecutors can all be bought.

The country is going to the dogs. It is a question of time before there is complete break down of law and order.

Parliament has no power. The Judiciary has no power.

Power resides only with the people. Power resides where the people decide to place it.

The Malay Rulers cannot wait for the situation to worsen further.

The Malay Rulers cannot wait for the people to get down on their knees and beg the Malay Rulers to save them.

The people are turning to the Malay Rulers to intervene to save the country.

The people will empower the Malay Rulers.

The Malay Rulers cannot ignore the people at this most crucial time.

The Malay Rulers have it in their power to dismiss the Executive. There are sufficient provisions in the Federal Constitution to allow the Malay Rulers to fire the Executive.

If the Malay Rulers choose to exercise this authority, the people will support the Malay Rulers.

IF the Malay Rulers do not intervene now, the population will suffer. The country will be thrown into chaos. If that happens, history will ultimately question the role of the Malay Rulers.

To be born into real leadership is not a privilege. It is a commitment, a duty, and an awesome responsibility.
That shall be the Daulat.

To save the nation is paramount.

The Malay Rulers must act decisively now.

Daulat Tuanku."

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