Wednesday 8 August 2007

Raja Petra Challenged Internal Security Deputy Minister Johari Baharum: "Say Malaysia-Today Was NOT Telling the Truth"

From Malaysia-Today: Read here article by Raja Petra Kamarudin

Excerpts: Read here for more

"... I challenge the Deputy Minister of Internal Security to categorically state that what Malaysia Today says is NOT true.

If Johari Baharum keeps mum, then Malaysia Today will now ACCUSE him of also being on the payroll of the Chinese organised crime syndicate.

Well, what is it going to be Jo (Johari Baharum) ?

I suppose you can always detain me and send me to Kamunting for two years instead but this will just prove Malaysia Today is right.

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The five reports above reveal in great detail the links those who walk in the corridors of power have with the Chinese organised crime syndicate.

The IGP, however, DENIES any wrongdoing. He DENIES he is protecting the Chinese organised crime syndicate or that he has any links with it whatsoever.

Okay, then what are the following Statutory Declarations all about then?

The following six Affidavits have been handed to the Ministry of Internal Security:
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ASP Hong Kin Hock (G/10990)

ASP Mior Fahim Bin Ahmad (K/P Polis No: G/13237)

ASP Md. Yusof Bin Ahmad (K/P Polis No: G/10608)

Pemangku Sarjan Mejar Manimaran a/l Palaniappan (K/P Polis No: D/94894)

Detektif Sarjan Raja Kumar (K/P Polis No: D/104700)

Sarjan Mohd. Yasin Bin Malik (K/P Polis No: RF/89379)

Thus far, six police officers have come forward to sign Affidavits testifying to the fact that the IGP is protecting the Chinese organised crime syndicate and the story they have to tell does not paint a pretty picture at all.

The IGP said that he is being framed by his own men.

If he is LYING that is bad. (This is) because he would then be in the same league as Umno’s much-disgraced Information Chief.

But if what he says is TRUE , then that is equally bad. This demonstrates that the IGP has lost control of the police force. Is the police force a force by itself?

Is this why officers from the special unit are moonlighting as assassins for those who wish to dispose of pesky foreign lovers?

The Murder of the Mongolian Woman

And it appears, according to the court testimony during the ongoing murder trial of Razak Baginda and his two attack dogs, weapons and ammunition can be taken in and out of the armoury without any security checks. In fact, the court was told, the officers can even take home the unused bullets and other dangerous stuff.

It seems the two police officers currently on trial for murder NEVER revealed the location where Altantuya was disposed.

The police knew EXACTLY where the place was in spite of its extremely hidden location and which is off the beaten track.

How did they know? Is it because that location is ‘gazetted’ as a disposal site?

Furthermore, I was told, when the forensic people took away Altantuya’s remains, they discovered that the remains were not of Altantuya alone, but of NINE different people.

Now Razak’s Affidavit that he filed during his bail application in front of Justice Segara makes sense. According to Razak, the inspector told him he had already killed six people before.

Were these six amongst the remains of that nine? This certainly creates the perception that the police are out of control.

The IGP and the Crime Syndicate

Then, now, the story about the links between the police and the Chinese underworld emerges to add to the already troubling image of the police force.

And, according to the IGP, these stories are from people who wish to frame him and bring about his downfall.

  • Let us assume that he is RIGHT, in that they are trying to frame him.

  • Let us agree that the police, in particular the IGP, do NOT have any links with the Chinese organised crime syndicate and is NOT offering it protection.

  • (Questions):

    1. Then why have the officers who arrested the Chinese underworld boss of bosses landed in hot soup?

    2. Why, instead of the Chinese underworld bosses, have the police who arrested him been interrogated and are being made to face disciplinary action?
    The Royal Malaysian Police is now split into two camps.

  • On the one side is the Commercial Crime Division which made its move on the Chinese organised crime syndicate on the instructions of the Deputy Minister of Internal Security.

  • On the other side is the Criminal Investigation Division that appears to be the protector of the Chinese organised crime syndicate.

  • One wants to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate and the other wants to get rid of the police officers who wish to get rid of the Chinese organised crime syndicate.

    And at the pinacle of this very weird pyramid is the Minister of Internal Security.

    This is what The Star reported on 5 August 2007 in its story: ‘Untouchable’ crime kingpin arrested in Johor Baru. It is learnt that the crime lord, described as the head of one of the most powerful syndicates in the country, was arrested under a directive from the Internal Security Ministry.

    Notice that:

    1. it was the Commercial Crime Division that made the arrest and NOT the Criminal Investigation Division.

    2. it was the Internal Security Ministry and NOT the IGP that ordered the arrest.

      If the IGP has really been framed and is not behind the Chinese organised crime syndicate, then HE should have been the one ordering the arrest, instead of the one punishing the police officers who made the arrest.

      And the Internal Security Ministry would NOT have had to step in and do his job for him.

      Anyway, let us see whether the IGP releases Tengku instead of sending him for two years detention. If Tengku is a Shia Muslim rest assured he would be sent up for two years.

      Malaysia Today has two more Affidavits which are not included in those six above and which have thus far not been published yet. These are Affidavits by two underworld operators. And what they say in their Statutory Declarations is no different from what the six police officers above said.

      But they want to be guaranteed protection before they will allow me to release them.

      They want me to hand their Affidavits to the Rulers and to be given an assurance they will not be assassinated once I reveal their Affidavits.

      Tuanku, Tuanku sekelian, the ball is now at your feet. Give the word and I will hand them to you.

      In the meantime, while we wait for the Rulers to respond, have a look at the following testimony from another senior police officer who at the moment would like to remain anonymous
      (I have not edited it but have reproduced it as per his testimony):

      In the earlier detention of the three Chinamen -- Chai Ngew, Tan Lee Poey and Chin Yew Fah of Tengku’s syndicate -- the IGP instructed Dato Khalid, Deputy Director CID I, to release them. Khalid did so by stating the reason for release as “they have repented (telah insaf)”. IGP was unhappy with their initial detention and alleged that they were victimised/framed by the officers who obtained intelligence from the ‘sources’. This is startling for an incumbent IGP to accuse his own officers.

      One week after their detention, they were found to be again running illegal gambling. How could they have been victimised or telah insaf if they were arrested for the very reason they were initially put under detention. KKDN then lodged a BPR report against IGP for the release without KKDN’s approval as KKDN had information that IGP was working with syndicate leading to the allegation of the RM2 million bribe. They have since run away to avoid revelation of IGP’s involvement.

      The BPR investigation was then launched to clear IGP’s name. The BPR team interrogated Insp. Nordin Bin Ahmad and Detective L/Kpl. Wong Boon Whye, the recording officers of the the chinamen’s case. They were detained and subjected to a tough, marathon interrogation from 5pm to mid-day the following (baling file, hentak meja, etc., to intimidate these officers). The BPR was biased and accused them of fabricating evidence. BPR called and gave away the identity of the sources such that the sources became frightened that their ‘secret’ statements are now known to Tengku’s syndicate.

      Tengku’s syndicate then brought these sources to IGP’s house and threatened them such that they denied giving the intelligence statements. They also intimidated the sources to state that the signatures in the intelligence statements that had given were not their signatures. Tengku’s syndicate also lodged a confidential report (Repot Sulit) in Muar which is kept by OCPD Muar alleging that Dato Khalid received RM20 million for ‘fixing’ Tengku. That was how IGP silenced Dato Khalid by threatening him that there is a case against him if he does not co-operate.

      It is to be noted that in the BPR investigation no statements were recorded from Dato Khalid or from DSP Hedzir. IGP was also not served with a section 32 Notice to declare his assets as pointed out by Lim Kit Siang. A-G mentioned that it was not IGP who released the three but it was Dato Khalid. Of course, but who directed Dato Khalid?

      It is also to be noted that IGP has aligned his cronies named by Malaysia Today earlier into very powerful positions -- e.g. DSP Chew Kam Soon is now in Tatatertib. DSP Chew was transferred to Sabah by previous IGP Tan Sri Bakri because he was suspected of manipulating commercial crime cases. But under present IGP he flourishes. Naturally all officers are now too afraid to speak up.

      After IGP was cleared by A-G, Tengku resurfaced in Johor. C/Insp Mohd Shah Kamaruddin and his men from Commercial Crime got wind of this and arrested him on Thursday 2/8/2007 and a detention was made under the Restricted Resident Act by order of the Deputy Home Minister. IGP’s men coached Tengku’s son to lodge a police report stating that Tengku was framed (same story given earlier by IGP) and quoted Section 193 and Section 211 of the Penal Code.

      That was the fait accompli for Christopher Wan, Director CID, to direct Supt Gan from CID Johor to open investigation against C/Insp Mohd Shah and the other arresting officers. All these arresting officers now have to give their statements and are made the subject of an internal investigation. What is so important about Tengku that a Supt. is assigned to be his ‘saviour’ by making the hunter now become the hunted?

      This has never happened before especially since the arrest and detention of Tengku was a directive of the Deputy Home Minister. A dissatisfied detainee would have filed a claim for habeas corpus. It is unheard for an incumbent IGP to lend support to such actions by directing and investigation against the arresting officers. Yet, these officers are exposed to such threats from the enemy within.
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