Tuesday 21 August 2007

Raja Petra Kamarudin Takes It All the Way UP-FRONT to UMNO and to "Muhammad son of Muhammad"

From Malaysia-Today: Read here full article by Raja Petra Kamarudin

here, Bahasa version of Raja Petra's article, " Muhammad anak Muhammad, Saya Terima"

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket On 29th July, 2007, Deputy Chief of UMNO Youth, Khairy Jamaludin, said:
"Tidak ada undang-undang di alam siber kecuali undang-undang rimba. Jadi tindakan harus diambil supaya 'monyet-monyet' lain takut dan mengambil iktibar daripadanya."
("It seems that there is no law in cyberspace anymore. It is the law of the jungle and we need to take action against one monkey. I think the other monkeys will also get scared." Read
here for more)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket On 18th August, 2007 UMNO Information Chief, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhamad Taib said:

"Sebab apa saya kata mereka (penulis blog) pengecut kerana mereka tidak berani menggunakan alamat di dalam negara ini sebaliknya menggunakan alamat luar negara untuk menghentam pemimpin negara kita. Inikah sifat anak jantan? Ini bukan anak jantan, ini pondan. Mereka (penulis blog) guna alamat luar negara. Berani pula kata tiada siapa boleh sentuh mereka, tiada siapa boleh heret mereka ke mahkamah kerana tiada undang-undang yang boleh dikenakan kepada mereka." (Read here for more)
Why I say they are coward? Because they are afraid of using (web) addresses in the country but use overseas addresses to slam our country leaders. Is this the character of a man? This is not a man, this is a ‘pondan‘."

Here is Raja Petra Kamarudin's Response to Tan Sri Muhammad Muhamad Taib and to UMNO:

" Muhammad son of Muhammad,

...YOU organise another gathering at the PWTC like you did last Saturday.

I am prepared to step onto the stage and face your 2,500 UMNO members in a gathering organised by UMNO and
repeat all my allegations live, on Malaysian soil, in the UMNO headquarters.

I will remove the protection that I now have and throw myself to the mercy of the government to do what it wants to me.

I will repeat my allegation live, on Malaysian soil, in the UMNO headquarters, THAT:

  1. UMNO misused RM600 million of the tax-payers’ money and gave RM3 million to each of the 191 Umno divisions.

  2. I will table the Minutes of the UMNO meeting where the Umno President and Prime Minister said that the RM600 million is for the UMNO Divisions and NOT for the Parliamentary Constituencies.

  3. I shall also prove that the 28 Sarawak Divisions were NOT included in the package because UMNO does not have any presence in Sarawak.

  4. When Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was still just the Deputy Prime Minister, he signed a letter recommending his sister-in-law to become one of the beneficiaries of the Iraqi Oil-for-Food program.

  5. I shall table the United Nations and United States Congress Reports that implicate Abdullah Badawi in the (Iraqi) Oil-for-Food scandal and which state that bribes were paid to Saddam Hussein and/or his government to get this oil quota.

  6. Scomi, a company owned by the Prime Minister’s son, is the beneficiary of more than RM1.5 billion worth of Petronas contracts. I shall table the list of contracts with the amounts involved.

  7. I shall also table the testimony of one of BSA Tahir’s family members that Abdullah Badawi personally knew Tahir and was in fact quite close to him and used to go to his house for dinner.

  8. BSA Tahir is said to have been detained under the Internal Security Act which is a law used against those perceived as a threat to Malaysia’s national security.

  9. You, Muhammad son of Muhammad, (will) explain :
    -- in what way Tahir is a threat to Malaysia’s national security that warrants his detention under the Internal Security Act and

    -- whether his (Tahir) detention is merely to prevent the Americans from getting him whereby the full story of Abdullah Badawi’s family’s involvement in the nuclear component scandal would become public knowledge.
  10. The house in Perth that the Prime Minister and his then girlfriend, Jeanne Danker, stayed at in December last year is registered in the name of Patrick Lim’s wife. I shall table the title deeds to the house to back up my allegation.
  11. Patrick Lim is Abdullah Badawi’s son’s business partner whose company is benefiting from the development of the land around the second Penang Bridge that costs RM2 billion but is being built at a price of RM3 billion through a loan from China.

  12. Patrick Lim is also the man who is the beneficiary of Terengganu’s RM1 billion a year Wang Ehsan which is being used to finance the Monsoon Cup and pay for the development around Pulau Duyung and that all this is being done on a negotiated-WITHOUT -tender basis under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Department. I shall table all the photographs to back up my allegation.

  13. The UMNO Supreme Council made a decision to sabotage Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in last year’s Kubang Pasu division election in violation of the party Constitution and Code of Ethics.

  14. I shall table Statutory Declarations or signed Affidavits by some of the delegates to the (UMNO) Division meeting plus the police reports they made alleging they were paid RM200 each to NOT vote for Dr Mahathir.

  15. I shall also table another police report by one of the complainants that he was beaten up in his home in front of his family by UMNO leaders from his (UMNO) Division and that he has identified who they are and that nothing was done on all these police reports thus far even though it is coming to almost a year.

  16. I shall also table the letter YOU wrote to the late Sultan of Selangor denying YOU had married his daughter and the second letter YOU wrote asking for forgiveness plus the marriage certificate from Thailand and other documents related to the matter which I have thus far not published in Malaysia Today.

  17. I shall further table documents on the RM800 million loss suffered by the Selangor State government when YOU badly managed (or maybe purposely engineered) the privatisation of Selangor’s water supply to Puncak Niaga.

  18. YOU , in turn, (will) table the Selangor State accounts of those years YOU were its Menteri Besar to explain what happened to the State’s RM3 billion Ringgit, which seems to have ‘disappeared’.

  19. There are certainly many more such as:
    --the purchase of the RM200 million Airbus,

    --the sale of MV Augusta for RM4.00,

    --the collapse of Proton and the disappearance of billions of Ringgit of its cash reserves,

    --the Scenic Bridge fiasco,

    --the ECM Libra-Avenue Capital merger, and much more.

    But maybe I can reserve these for Khairy (Jamaludin) since he said he wants to meet the Bloggers to engage them in a debate or dialogue.
    So you see, Muhammad son of Muhammad, I will NOT be making all these allegations in a website that is based OUTSIDE Malaysia in a foreign country.

    I will be making these allegations live, on Malaysian soil, in the UMNO headquarters.

    I will therefore not be immune from prosecution under Malaysian laws if my allegations are false and without tangible evidence to back up these allegations.

    I shall of course be bringing my team along so that they can personally testify as to the authenticity of all these allegations, documents, etc., in the event my word alone is not good enough.

    I seek your permission to webcast this coming event live on the internet so that all those not able to present themselves at the PWTC can follow the events in the comfort of their homes or offices."

    From: Raja Petra Kamarudin

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