Monday 13 August 2007

Khairy Jamaluddin sounds like an Unscrupulous Leader

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"... Joceline Tan, (in) her usual Sunday Star political analysis column yesterday, quoted a ‘political insider’, Khairy reminds many of the young Dr. Mahathir”.

How is it possible could ANYONE equate Dr. Mahathir to anyone else?

... some people would like to INSULT him (Dr.Mahathir) by equation with a highly controversial

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

  1. He was a former Prime Minister and UMNO President who served in both capacities for 22 1/3rd year.

  2. He achieved many milestones and transformation within that period and a lot of what Malaysia is today

  3. When he was in his thirties, he was probably the only Malay doctor with his own private practice in Alor Star. He served the people fairly and even waived charges for poor rural folks who called on him. Tun Dr. Mahathir was known as the “UMNO Doctor” by many.

  4. He did NOT flaunt his wealth.

  5. He was elected as member of UMNO Supreme Council through democratic means.

  6. He often spoke about the under development state of the Malays. He talked about the serious lacking of the Malays in education and business and entrepreneurism. He criticized the UMNO President and Prime Minister for the latter’s non chalant and complacent attitude towards the problems of the Malays, the majority of the country and also Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra’s obtuse lifestyle which is not reflective of the hardships of the people that he represented.

  7. When Dr. Mahathir was Khairy’s age, people within UMNO gave him support because he had nothing else to offer them but his leadership. Dr. Mahathir had no contracts to award, no clout to provide and the support the UMNO people provided him is genuine .

    In short, Dr. Mahathir stood for the people.

Khairy Jamaluddin

  1. He did NOT contest for the UMNO Youth Deputy Head seat which was almost handed down to him when many UMNO Youth Divisions were “advised” to nominate him during the 2004 party elections.

  2. He left his job as Deputy Principal Private Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office to buy RM nine million worth of shares in a public listed pseudo investment bank wannabe.

  3. He flaunts his wealth and influence indiscriminately.

  4. He dashed around the land gallivanting in a USD 20 million helicopter, officiating and meeting one UMNO Youth Division after another (surprisingly, the other UMNO leaders who are also Cabinet ministers DON'T do that).

  5. His MOTHER recently bought a RM five million (Rm 5 million) old bungalow in Damansara Heights and tore it down so that it can be rebuilt again.

  6. At that age (31), he is the most powerful 31 year old man in the country. Most of the senior aides to the Prime Minister kow-tow to him.

  7. HIS people’ are now special function officers in most strategic Ministries.

  8. He has tentacles outreached as far as he can anywhere within important decision making process in this country.

  9. Despite of being married to the daughter of the Prime Minister, he has been gossiped to be in close company of some of the most popular artistes in the country.

  10. In an OIC meeting last year on the Israeli aggression into Lebanon, he organized a rowdy demonstration at the KLCC Convention Centre and broke through a police cordon.

    In short, Khairy Jamaluddin sounds like an unscrupulous leader.
Chasing the hantu out from the haunted house” (Read here for more)

UMNO people do not talk about “chasing the hantu out from the haunted house” what happened to Pemuda PJ Selatan meeting on Saturday.

    "...Ketua UMNO Petaling Jaya Selatan, Kapten (B) Dato’ Zahar Hashim) menyifatkan bahawa Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO ini adalah umpama sebuah rumah “berhantu” sehingga ketua rumah ini ingin meninggalkan rumahnya. Beliau mengesa agar “hantu” dalam rumah ini dihalau sebaliknya.

    Jelas, Kapten Dato’ Zahar berkias “hantu” itu ialah orang no. 2 dalam pergerakan itu. Ini mendapat reaksi seronok dari para perwakilan yang hadir.

    Beliau mengimbau sejarah dimana seorang di”parachut”kan kedudukan Ketua Pemuda UMNO ."

    So how on earth can that ‘political insider’ equate Khairy to being the “political son” to Dr. Mahathir? .

    This narrow attempt to equate Khairy as a “political son” to Dr. Mahathir is an INSULT to the latter’s legacy.

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi already equated himself to be Tun Razak’s “political son” two months ago and so many people thought its distasteful.

    Is this another Wong Chun Wai game to spin?


  1. From "Rocky's Bru": Read here for more
  2. "... In fact, it's an insult to the former PM that Joceline would let pass such a shallow and narrow argument by her "insider".

    By the way, (Jocelyn Tan), in her article in the Sunday Star today, wrote: "Khairy is being called all kinds of names on the Internet, from monyet to racist."

    Where have you been, Joceline?"
  3. From "Zorro": Read here for more

    ".. Stabber #4: Jocelin 'Jostling' Tan stabbed us common folks when she consoled Khairy: "Khairy is being called all kinds of names from monyet to racists."

    Jostling Tan, have you too been bitten by the tsetse fly that brings about the sleeping sickness?

    Anyway, the whole (Jocely Tan's) column smacked of a souled-out."
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