Friday 3 August 2007

UMNO Youth Accused Former Malaysian Deputy PM Anwar Ibrahim,"A Puppet of the US and Jews"


"Anwar (Ibrahim) is a puppet of the United States and the Jews, thus he must be hounded until there is no more place for him to run to.

He wanted to abolish it (New Economic Policy) simply because he wanted to win the support of the non-Malays.

The (coming) general elections is NOT about politics, but THE FUTURE OF THE MALAYS."
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-Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth Deputy Chief

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Umno Youth has labelled Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim – who was once head of the (UMNO Youth) movement – a TRAITOR to the Malay cause.

In making the declaration, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaludin said: “The (coming) general elections is not about politics
but the future of the Malays.”

“Anwar is a puppet of the United States and the Jews, thus he must be hounded until there is no more place for him to run to,” he told a state Umno Youth gathering on Wednesday night.

Among the 5,000 people present were the wing’s former chief Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, who is also Deputy Information Minister, and Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Tajol Rosli Ghazali.

Khairy said the movement was angered by Anwar’s persistence in wanting to do away with the New Economic Policy, a cause close to the hearts of the Malays.

“He wanted to abolish it simply because he wanted to win the support of the non-Malays,” he said.


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  • ".. I wrote in Pasquale's Magpie, who challenged Khairy Jamaluddin to prove his allegation that Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor and a puppet of the US and the Jews, that talk is cheap.

    At such a young age, Khairy is losing so much of the little credibility that he has.

    He's in a hurry to build himself up as a candiate at the next general election. He will contest in the safest of seats but he does not feel safe. Poor soul.

    People have not forgotten - will not forget - the "leg up" he got from Kalimullah. Now he's jobless but he's the de facto Umno Youth chief. he did not contest for the post.

    He needs to talk big.

    Anwar a foreign spy? We've heard of that one before. I've heard about the allegation made about Kalimullah, too. That Kalimullah used to work with the Straits Times Singapore convinced some people that he was a Singapore spy.

    Even Khairy has been lablled as a Singapore lackey. If cafe talk is to be believed, then Khairy is a seed planted by Singapore after meticulous planning with the help of Israel.

    My point is ....- talk is cheap. I still remember Khairy's big boast about Starbucks and how he was going to list out Malaysian companies that have links with the Zionist regime of Israel.

    Where the buck is the list Khairy?

    The more he opens his mouth, the more of the little crdibility that he has is lost. Which is good. Malaysians need to see this guy for what he is.

    P.S. I am still waiting for your
    Starbucks list, KJ.

    And, btw, KJ is not short for Khinzir Jantan.

    Read also Elizabeth Wong's
    No scrubs for Parliament [some bloggers are foreign spies, too?] and SK Thew's take here.

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  • "...According to PKR vice-president Azmin Ali, by labelling Anwar as a 'puppet' of the United States and Jews, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin was following the path of the former premier.

    “By calling Anwar an American stooge, he is parroting what Dr M (Mahathir) has been saying after the sacking (of Anwar) and nobody believes that anyway. He (Anwar) is close not only with the Americans but also with Middle Easterners, Asean leaders and European leaders. He’s engaged with all parties, and the world,” he said when contacted today.

    Meanwhile, party vice-president R Sivarasa described Khairy’s comments as “politically bankrupt and desperate.”

    These are the kinds of comments Umno Youth would resort to when they have no issues to present to the public. These comments show that deep down inside, Umno is very worried about the impact of Anwar on national politics,” he said when contacted.

    “This is their desperate attempt to contain his influence. This in a way shows that Anwar is a real threat to Umno. I would like to say to Khairy that if you are serious, allow Anwar to debate with any of the Umno leaders on whatever allegations on prime time national television. I'm confident they won't allow this to happen,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Anwar’s personal aide Nik Nazmi said the party de-facto leader is on a working trip in Turkey.

    “He doesn’t really care to respond to Khairy’s comments. What was said is beneath him,” he said.

    PKR vice-president Azmin Ali said the position of PKR on the NEP is “very clear.”

    “We do not protect based on race but we protect the poor irrespective of race. Our policy is very clear, we don’t protect based on race,” he added.

    Azmin Ali claimed that the NEP has been “hijacked” by the Umno elites and has resulted in a poorer Malaysia.

    “If you look at the figures, we are now five times poorer compared to Singapore. They would like to keep the Malays backwards and poorer.

    “Politically it would be easier for them to bribe them during elections and they would like to keep it that way. They have not moved on with more progressive programmes to protect the interest of the majority of Malays,” he said.

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    "...It doesn’t matter how highly-educated you are, or which side of the fence you’re on, if you are an Umno member, you’re prone to spout the same bullshit.

    He’s right about the “future of the Malays” thing, but maybe not in the way he sees or means it. The Malays need to decide whether they want to remain as sheep at the mercy of the wolves among them, or if they want to break free from servility.

    Anwar being “a puppet of the United States and the Jews” is another matter.

    If I have it correct, isn’t Malaysia now much better pals with the Americans than before?

    And here we go again with the Jews.

    Let’s see what the Americans say about Khairy’s statement, and then, if we wanted to engage in some gutter politics, decide who is whose puppet. Shall we do that, KJ?
  • From Hizami Iskandar "Locus Standi" - Read here for more
  • "... Saya seorang Melayu, seorang Muslim, seorang rakyat Malaysia, dan saya tidak sanggup hidup dan tidak bersuara sementara ketidakadilan dan kezaliman sebegini berlaku atas nama bangsa saya sendiri.

    Saya bangga dilahirkan seorang berbangsa Melayu, dan saya menentang DEB bukan untuk menghapuskan bangsa sendiri, tetapi kerana sebagai seorang Melayu, saya diajar supaya sentiasa adil, dan DEB bukanlah satu polisi yang adil.

    Saya ingin membantah sekeras-kerasnya dakwaan saudara Khairy bahawa menyeru untuk DEB digantikan itu merupakan satu pengkhianatan terhadap bangsa Melayu.

    Pengkhianatan yang sebenar ialah apabila penduduk kampung yang miskin 30 tahun sudah masih miskin hari ini, sementara kroni-kroni Melayu dipandu dalam BMW745i dan hidup dalam mahligai tersergam indah.

    Pengkhianatan yang sebenar ialah apabila bantuan DEB melahirkan satu kelas Melayu yang tidak mampu bersaing, yang tidak mampu berdiri atas kaki mereka sendiri, hamba kepada kuota dan impian ketuanan.

    Pengkhianatan yang sebenar ialah apabila kita diajar tentang keadilan, apabila kita dididik menjadi manusia yang beradab dan berakhlak mulia, tetapi tidak dibenarkan menyuarakan satu hakikat yang tidak dapat dinafikan - bukan keadilan namanya apabila seorang anak Cina dari keluarga yang daif lagi miskin mendapat tawaran dari Cambridge, tetapi tidak mendapat biayaan kerana satu polisi bernama DEB.

    Saya menentang DEB bukan untuk mengkhianati masa hadapan segala saudara sebangsa yang masih miskin lagi daif, tetapi kerana DEB sendiri tidak membantu mereka, dan penggantiannya akan membawa perubahan kepada ratusan-ribu rakyat Malaysia yang masih dibelenggu kemiskinan, tidak kira bangsa dan agama, termasuklah saudara-saudara sebangsa itu.

    Dan saya menentang DEB kerana saya juga seorang rakyat Malaysia, dan saudara-saudari Penan dan Cina dan Bidayuh dan India dan Negrito dan Punjabi dan Serani semuanya rakyat Malaysia jua.

    Inilah perjuangan saya, dan inilah perjuangan ratusan ribu rakyat Malaysia yang lain.

    Jadi, buat saudara Khairy, janganlah berdusta dan janganlah menghina perjuangan kami dengan menggelar kami pengkhianat. Jika hendak berlawan, lawanlah dengan logik dan fakta, bukan dengan kata-kata yang tidak bermakna.

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