Tuesday 7 October 2008

Tengku Razaleigh Proposes Barisan Nasional-Mark II

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Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says if he win the UMNP Presidency, he plans to turn the Barisan Nasional coalition into a single multi-racial political party with direct membership and an elected leader.

Explaining the reasons behind the radical reforms he was suggesting, the Umno veteran said it was because he sees "Umno heading down." "I do not think Umno can survive the next elections. People are simply going for material gains now for themselves and their supporters. People are becoming more corrupt.This is not the purpose of the party. It is for serving the people and it must be in tip-top condition to do that."
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The Star reported veteran Umno politician Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has discussed with PAS, DAP and PKR leaders the possibility of forming a national unity Federal Government as a way out of the current political and economic stalemate.

He said a national unity government could be formed together with the Barisan (Nasional).

As a precedent, he cited former premier Tun Abdul Razak Hussein’s Barisan Nasional model that came from the original Alliance coalition of Umno, MCA and MIC.

According to Tengku Razaleigh, Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had requested for the meeting to discuss a perceived national crisis reflected by low confidence in the existing political and economic situation.

Tengku Razaleigh said he had explored with them the possibility of formulating a minimum basis for a national front, a Government formed out of a sincere need for national unity. Read here for more

We Say,

It is a bad idea, even if the intentions of Tengku Razaleigh were good.

Why now?

Why NOT BEFORE, when everybody else knew, except UMNO leaders including Ku Li himself, that the country for the past decade was going to the dogs with corruption at high places, nepotism, arrogant abuse of power by the UMNO-led BN government, blatant manipulation of the electoral process, the disrespect to our Malay rulers, the disregard for the fundamental rights in the Federal Constitution, the emasculation of the judiciary and, particularly, the polarisation of races caused primarily by the racially-biased policies of the Government machinery and the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional?

It is ingenuous for Tengku Razaleigh to call NOW for a unity government when the UMNO-led Barisan Nasional saw its worst defeat in Malaysian political history.

Umno has always been an opportunistic party that has concern only for its own political survival and its interest of the wellbeing of the nation is secondary.

UMNO believes in winner-takes-all.

UMNO has a very poor history of treatment of its component parties to a point that these component parties in Barisan Nasional are rendered useless and powerless to their respective constituencies.

Eversince the formation of the Barisan Nasional in the 70s, national unity was NOT enhanced, it in fact became WORSE, due primarily to the arrogance of UMNO as the dominant party in the coalition.

As long as UMNO remains a dominant party in ANY coalition, it is bad news for other political parties in the coalition.

If history is any judge, Barisan Nasional-Mark II as proposed by Tengku Razaleigh will be more of the same. It is UMNO's strategy at making Opposition politics irrelevant, and to destroy Pakatan Rakyat as a political entity.

Tengku Razaleigh's proposal to follow the current Barisan Nasional model is hypocritical. This coalition model with UMNO as a dominant partner had failed the nation and was the cause for the rise of the Pakatan Rakyat in the 2008 General Election.

It was obvious from the start of the formation of Barisan Nasional that UMNO had never intended to fulfill its promise to govern for the whole of the Malaysian society nor it had intended to meet its part of the bargain to other coalition partners.

For any unity government to work this time around, UMNO must NOT to be allowed to be the DOMINANT partner.

For a Unity Government to be meaningful to the nation, the reins of government must be EQUALLY shared. There should be a rotation of the Prime Ministership between the leaders of the coalition parties and there should at least be TWO Deputy Prime Ministers, coming from component parties other than that of the sitting Prime Minister.

But, then, we also know the leopard will never change its spots.

Thus we say, it is a BAD idea to start with.
-Malaysian Unplug


Fazrulls said...

Dear Sir,

Yaa.. why not even the bad idea will become a better one someday.. heee...

Yap Chong Yee said...

"Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah says if he win the UMNP Presidency, he plans to turn the Barisan Nasional coalition into a single multi-racial political party with direct membership and an elected leader."

This is the most sensible idea that has come along for 50 years. I advise our Malaysians that western democracy is mere sloganizing and no two so called democracy is the same. Democracy in Thailand is different from that of Malaysia and is different from that of the Filipines. It is suffivient to say that democracy covers everything including democcracy in China, Cuba & Russia. I WOULD FORGET ABOUT DEMOCRACY !

I "UNITED FRONT" like what Ku Li will eventually lead to dictatorship, but as I said what is a dictatorship ? Is China a dictatorhsip ? But the most imporatnt thing that we must consider is, will the system deliver a dictator who is beneficent; and is he sincere to want the best for his nation. Will it surprise any of you that the President of the People's Republic of China gets paid for less than US$1000 per month? The point that I want to make is that even a nation like China the leaders are wrongly tagged as dictator, but they are truely sincere in their mission to make the lives of all Chinese citizens decent and comfortable.

Is Tengku Li and Dato Seri sincere in their mission to create a happy and harmonious Malaysia for all Malaysians. A nation divided is not a strong or happy nation. I have always said that Malaysia has a population of 28 million; of which Chinese are 5 million, but since 1957, there were just 5 million Chinese and Malays were then merely 6 million. What had happened to the Chinese in Malaysia that for all of 50 years we remained the same number? It is not exaggeration to say that a happy people will propergate and multiply. so why are there a mere 5 million Chinese and 22 million Malays ? The answer is the Chinese have taken to MIGRATING TO SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, THE USA, CHINA HONG KONG AND BRITAIN AND OTHER DESTINATION. Is it not credible for me to say that our Chinese are not happy living under the regime of UMNO ?

I believe that the idea that is touted by Tengku Li is a very goos one because there must be an attempt to integrate all the communities that make up the fabric of Malaysian society. This is the only solution; tear up all this bullshit about "Ketuaan Malayu", that is as crony an idea as what the Nazi under Hitler perpetrated for the Germans; and like Mahatir, Hitler was not German. He was Austrian; and Mahatir is Indian.

I hope that this idea will take root. Good luck Ku Li and dato Seri Anwar; You are both good men. I believe Najib is not the man for the job, He is not big enough.

Yap Chong Yee said...

First I wish to correct a mistake. I meant to use the word "SLOGANEERING" and not sloganizing.

I like to point out a truth that has escaped the Malays for 50 years that every race of people and every society that is known to man and is structured on the basis of one section of society is deemed to be superior to another HAS FAILED WITHOUT EXCEPTION. To name just a few, Arpatheid, the Indan caste system, Malaysia's BUMIPUTRA POLICY, the Irish separation between catholics vs Church of England, Every one of these societies have failed, including Malaysia because the testament of Malaysia's failure is the success of Singapore; "two sides of the coin.

Good governance is all about success to give the people the best good life that the resources that the nation has; to be shared fairly amoung citizens of the nation.

The ONE truth that has eluded the Malays is the law of nature that prescripes "THAT TO ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULT, ONE MUST PUT THE BEST BRAIN ON THE JOB". This is a LAW OF NATURE, and there is no possible way to beat this Unfortuately at the crucial point of Malaysian history we had the tragedy of giving power to Mahatir, a man who learned from Hitler how to exploit the fears of the people to take absolute power for himself. I see the mind of Hitler and Goebbels under-pinning the work of Mahatir, and this began from the RIOTS OF "513"; the rise of Kutaan Melayu, the persecution of the Chinese. The much debated "social contract" is just so much bullshit. In the first place who made Tun Tan Cheng Lock or who among those in the MCA has the mandate of the Chinese community to commit the Chinese to this bullshit of Katuaan Malayu ? Who among our Chinese even heard of this bullshit 'SOCIAL CONTRACT". mAHATIR HAD EXPLOITED THE WEAKNESS OF THE mALAYS TO GRAB ABSOLUTE POWER. WHO AMONG THE MALAYS CAN DISPUTE THE TRUTH THAT A NATION DIVIDED IS A BAD THING ? Unity among all Malaysians is a good thing and it will bring harmony and prosperity for all Malaysians regardless of race or religion. This truth has escaped the Malays. However Malaysian society has so fractured by the ruthless machinations of Mahatir that Malaysia is like the tale of humty dumpty; Malaysia is beyond putting together again UNDER ANY UMNO LEADERSHIP. To save Malaysia from self destruction, UMNO must be dismantled because UMNO has got a death grip on the most destructive force that holds Malaysia from sensible development and progress. While UMNO holds the nation in a vise, and the prevalence of Ketuaan Malayu bullshit, Malaysia will loose human capital to migration.

Malaysia need to discard the devil's work of Mahatir and the Malays must have the courage to admit that the present NEP is a force for a spiraling descent into the bottom rung of Asia's community.

I support Tengku Li's proposal because his thesis is the same in substance to that of Dato Seri Anwar's, that eventually Malaysia will become a united nation made up of all Malaysians. To Achieve this objective Malaysia needs a one party state. If I may be allowed to say this, Malaysia needs to be more like China than like the USA. Malaysia needs a democratic "dictatorhsip". Is there such a thing ? All the same you need it !

Yap Chong Yee said...

I will finally pose the most hurtful truth that has for 50 years lost on the Malays; that Malays NEED CHINESE MORE THAN CHINESE NEED MALAYS.

This is a truth that is so obvious that it really takes an idiot not to see this. Yes ! it is fun for Malays to claim Kutaan Melayu but are you Malays really "Ketuaan"; are you really superior in real terms ? Do you and did you produce great minds that has demonstrated a record of achievements ? The most demonstrably VISIBLE evidence that in spite of 50 years of plander of national resources through cronism, unrestrained doling out of funds to wholly Malay projects in education and mega projects that only benefits Malays, you Malays have failed to make any headway towards improvements. For 50 years the Chinese have thrived on our own devices; and the Malay Government more than non-support for the Chinese have instead DONE EVERYTHING TO STYMIE THE EFFORTS OF THE cHINESE. Why such stupidy ? We ask nothing from the government and we wish to make a living so why suppress the Chinese ?

In 50 years of Malay suppression which states of the Malaysian Federation ARE THE ENGINE OF GROWTH and the heartland of industry ? Penang, Selangor, Perak, and these are the states that the non Malays have finally gained control; these are non Malay states. If there could have been any if at all, PROGRESS THAT HAVE BEEN ACHIEVED BY THE MALAYS OVER 50 YEARS OF BULLSHIT, THE MALAYS WOULD HAVE MADE KELANTAN, JOHORE, PAHANG, PERLIS, THE ENGINE OF GROWTH, INDUSTRY AND DOMINANCE. 50 years of unrestricted waste has produced no CHANGE TO THE LOT OF THE MALAYS !


Anonymous said...

In response to Yap Chong Yee

Generalising and spouting negative racial stereotypes don't progress a debate substantively. As much can be said about the negatives of the Chinese or Indians or any other race that matter.

Racial superiority complex ( which you have implied in your posting)is an attitude bereft of adequate life-experience and bigoted upbringing.

You can start reading about the "Ugly Chinaman" written by Bo Yang ( download here using Bit-Torrent -http://www.torrentz.com/e06e6a7ba0f6cc39d7aeddfe7798c6cc9cf3191a) for a change.The core of Bo Yang's views are still valid for overseas Chinese in SE Asia.

The progress of this country is not a Malay-Chinese-Indian issue as you attempt to put forward your thesis.

The crux of our problem in this country here is the deterioration of the social fabric and the dangerous polarisation of races of this nation caused by the racial politics of UMNO as a dominant Malay party in Government.

There is a clear distinction between UMNO and Malay. It would seem you have fallen into that trap of UMNO propaganda to equate all Malays with UMNO.You have fused between the two, the very intent of the UMNO ultra-Malays.

You gave too much credit to non-Malays for the development of this country. That is only one side of the story.

Until the entry of the Mahathir regime to rule Malaysia for 21 years of DIRTY racial politics, the governance of the country can be said to be under good and fair Malay political leadership. Malaysia had not gone into some of the worst communal bloodshed we see in countries around us in recent years.

During 1969 racial riots, Kelantan in particular under PAS and the northern Malay states were not affected. For minority communities in a mutiracial country, their security and safety is a preferred choice than the greed of economic growth anytime. By the way, the Chinese have no squabble even today with the Malay-led goverment of PAS since 1955 (except of the 10 years when the UMNO-BN ran Kelantan).

Despite the wrongs of UMNO over the last two decades in racial politics, Malaysia will not be what it is today without Malay leadership. It is not perfect but it could have be worse given the racial mix.

To say the last 50 years is "bullshit' is uncalled for.

We believe you have a very skewed of the truth and with deeply race-coloured spectacles

We think uou have barked on the wrong tree for the ills of this country.

In summary, we don't buy your thesis at all.

Malaysian Unplug