Wednesday 8 October 2008

UMNO Logo Used as a Template for UiTM (Universiti Technology MARA) Logo

Shameless politicisation of a Malaysian institution of higher learning -the UMNO Way

Take a good look at the UITM Logo? Looks familiar, isn't it ? NO?

(The UMNO-led Government approved this logo for a reason)
- see below for the reason why.

The UiTM Logo is a stylised version of the UMNO logo.

UiTM should have been named as UMNO Institute of Technology Mara (UiTM), to be consistent with its sublimed message in the logo.

Read HERE how UiTM website explains the meaning of UiTM's logo. It did NOT explain the DESIGN itself. Readers can interpret the placement of the various symbols in the logo such as that representing, quote, "the sovereignty of the Malay kings".

Universiti Technology MARA (UiTM)

In August 1999, the then Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad announced the change of name of Institute Technology MARA to Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

According to its website, UiTM today (2008) has 3 satellite campuses, 15 branch campuses, 9 city campuses, 19 affiliated colleges and a smart campus , and a workforce of 15 000. The university offers more than 250 academic programmes and home to almost 120,000 students. It boasts, " ..... a reputation as being one of Malaysia's innovative and entreprenuerial universities through its research, innovation and links with business and industry. The diversity of its research spans the fields of medicine, nanotechnology, photonics, bio-molecular science, mechatronics and linguistics, to name but a few. .." Read here for more

The 10% NON-Bumiputra Intake Controversy in 2008

Universiti Technology MARA or commonly referred to as UiTM, was recently embroiled in the controversy when the Selangor Menter Besar proposed that UiTM should consider having 10 % of NON-bumiputera intakes.

The Vice Chancellor protested and thousands of the UiTM students went onto the streets to demonstrate against the proposal. Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi intervened and said UiTM would EXCLUDE NON-bumiputra students. Read HERE and and HERE and HERE and HERE

Not surprising that the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat's Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim's proposal was received with hue-and-cry by the UMNO-backed students and UiTM faculty staff and ridiculed by the UMNO President-cum Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi.

Vice Chancellor Ibrahim Abu Shah's illustrious UMNO Credentials

Read here and here

(Note: The following information was later removed from his personal website after the 10% non-bumiputra intake controversy when he was seen as an UMNO-lackey. It is only published in the Malay version of his website)

1. UMNO Member (1968 - present)

2. Youth Leader, UMNO Kg. Pulai (1981- 1983)

3. Committee Member, UMNO Youths Jasin, Melaka (1982 - 1983)

4. Chairman (Founder) UMNO Club, Carbondale USA (1983)

5. President, UMNO USA Club (1985 - 1987)

Below extracted from Vice Chancellor Ibrahim Abu Shah's Malay-language website

  1. Ahli UMNO sejak tahun 1968 hingga sekarang.

  2. Ketua Pemuda Cawangan UMNO Kg. Pulai, Melaka (1981- 1983)

  3. AJK Pemuda Bahagian Jasin, Melaka (1982 - 1983)

  4. Pengerusi (Pengasas) Kelab UMNO Carbondale USA (1983)

  5. Presiden Kelab UMNO USA Washington D.C. (1985 - 1987)

  6. Exco Kelab Alumni UMNO Luar Negara (1995 - 2006)

  7. Penasihat Kelab Alumni UMNO Luar Negara (2006 - sekarang)

  8. Ahli Biro Penerangan UMNO (2006 - sekarang)


Geronimo said...

UMNO is definitely out of date, using the keris as a logo. If the PR take over, the logo could be changed to using the "EYE" (PKR) to reflect that a student's mind must be able to see beyond the horizon or the "ROCKET" (DAP) to reflect the university entering the space age era = advancement. An institute of higher learning with a low mentality, tsk tsk. Anyway I hope no UiTM students are going to apply for jobs with my organisation. With their selfish attitude, they are simply no hopers! Give me those from USM, UKM or UPM anytime.

Rauff said... what else about the Fat Pirate? His tracks are covered so well... but perhaps time will unravel on how UiTM expanded to so many satellite campuses. Remember..... where there is UiTM there is always a thriving Malay Business.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time with UiTM.....the paper is worthless...the 10% non-bumi quota is to protect cronies, academic handicaps and under-achievers.

This explains why Malaysia is in a such pathetic state.

Anonymous said...

dont talk about uitm if know nothing..

i'm uitm graduate n now i'm proud coz i dont need a help from Cina Pendatang to feed me..

AzieYassin (Raveneye) said...

So what if the logo is similar to UMNO? You dont have the right to talk about UiTM. UiTM is the saviour of Malays. Go home, read article 174, article 153 and study about ketuanan Melayu and kontrak sosial, some deals between Malays and Indians and Chinese. UiTM students are among the best students in Malaysia and UiTM is the largest university in Malaysia. Keris is another logo of Malays and dont talk about it. These issues are sensitive to Malays and if you dont want to be tracked down, you better stop talking about them. You should study too about the meaning behind every item in the logo and dont just talk rubbish

Nabila said...

I'm a UiTM student. So?

Just because I came from that university, people judge me for being selfish. What???

I go there to study.

Not because of some political issue.

I don't understand why some people are racist. It's the 21st century for crying out loud!!

In my opinion, all parties are whacked! They only want the power to control and earning as much money as possible. Not the power to help people.

I'm not a Malay. I'm a Malaysian.
What about you?

p/s: Malay and Islam are two different concepts.

Ellanna Bernard said...

Hey Billy, if you have no knowledge you better be quiet. Don't go around blabbering trash when it just bring shame to yourself. Judging people or an institution is the work of a loser. Wake up man, don't think you'll get all the privilege and tolerance you get here if you go to other race-oriented country. When you say things like that, keep in mind that what goes around comes around. You'll understand what I mean if you got the really functioning brain. Don't stay in this country like a shameless person if you can't even tolerate the ketuanan Melayu. This is formerly Tanah Melayu man, take it or leave it.

By the way, I'm a UiTM student as well, proud to say.

Anonymous said...

Uitm or not, saying something without facts based on biased political views just show that how desperate some political parties' lackey in finding fault of others. Guess thats what your organisation does, eh Billy?

Anonymous said...

All of you are STUPID.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey billy, i'm a uitm student. and you know what? i generate income more than rm5000 per WEEK. i'm a product of uitm and i'm proud of it. study in uitm have made me to this level. how about you??? the best thing is, my university have thought me how to respect other people.. not like you... shame on you....

Murky said...

Stupid blogger .. do a research before u write about uitm .. over 90% UITM graduate got job compare other other universities

Anonymous said...

why nk guna mata(eye) sbgai logo..
not stupid but stupig...
ni mesti kes xdpt msuk itm la yg buat comment mcm nih..

Anonymous said...

why nk guna mata(eye) sbgai logo..
not stupid but stupig...
ni mesti kes xdpt msuk itm la yg buat comment mcm nih..

Anonymous said...

damn the comments are all hilarious.. you earn rm5000 a week? good for you then.. but how many percent of uitm graduates earn rm5000 a week eh?
oh and to anonymous who wrote in here on 15th october 2009, you really are reflecting the truth. you have BROKEN ENGLISH and yet claim uitm produces the best and excellent student? excellent student my ass..!

Anonymous said...

yes, uitm may be based on politics. however, an institution does not in any way reflect its students. you can't judge a race or an institution by only a percentage of what you see. if i see a chinese person peeing by the roadside will i say all chinese are dirty and shameless ? no. i will say THAT PERSON is dirty and shameless. unfortunately, not many people can differentiate between individuals and the groups they belong to. some people go to UiTM simply because they can't afford other universities. not everyone in the country is able to afford higher education. however, even though it is cheap, it also has quality. i'm a UiTM graduate and I believe I'm doing well for myself. Not because I believe in the system (not even some of the lecturers believe in the system!), but because of what I have personally learned.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid post... Every logo has meaning. Previously it was ITM then becoming UiTM. Malay who establish the UiTM, and Keris is Malay symbol. So, that is their business, same as PKR why they used Cresent huh? Maybe symbol of Anwar punched in the and that the idea for their symbol.

Dahlia said...

How come UiTM's logo can become an issue? As one of its graduates, I can assure you that none the students are being "systematically politicized" at all, at least not my friends and I, and I have studied there for 5 1/2 years.

Yes, our VC is an UMNO member, is there any rule that says a VC is not allowed to be a member of any political party? And he never preaches politics to us, FYI.

Keris? It's a traditional Malay cultural attire. Even Bridegrooms nowadays don a keris, does not mean violance at all. I think a kitchen knife is more violant than a keris. A keris is always kept safely as an heirloom, not used (as a weapon) at all for hundreds of years in most cases.

UTAR was founded by MCA, and I don't think the students there are being politicized either. So are they supposed to join MCA after they graduate? No..!

Students go to Universities to study, that's all. Whatever they do in their past-time are at their own discretion.

So, please chill off, won't you?

Anonymous said...

lawak betul dengan penulis nie..
payah kalau ada orang yang buta sejarah & nak menegak kan keadilan dengan fakta yang salah..
bayangkanlah kalau benda macam nie pun boleh sonsang, salah, tak tepat n bercanggah.. bayangkanlah kalau dia menulis tentang politik negara..lingkup jadinyer.. bagi pendapat saya..penulis ini adalah warga cina atau india.. kalau melayu pun..memang bangsat la..penulis nie time skola dulu2, tido je time kelas sejarah..tu yang jadi bodoh..bile bodoh x dapat masuk u. bile x dapat masuk u salahkan kerajaan.tu la pembangkang..
kalau aku jadi kerajaan..aku halau je orang macam nie.. udahlah perosak..bodoh.. kalau hidup kat malaysia nie pun menghabiskan beras mak bapok die jew.. bebal..haha